Pick Me Up! Special April 2020

Published by TI Media Limited Pick Me Up! Special Series is your monthly feast of the best real-life stories from Pick Me Up! The series comprises of nine ‘Seasonals' and four ‘Best Ofs', featuring the best of Pick Me Up! Each bumper issue is crammed with a variety pack of true stories, your favourite features, money-saving tips, laughs, health ideas, great looks, budget beauty, food ideas to put a smile on your face and 12 puzzles. A fun package to keep you truly entertained!

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april special

With the Easter break coming up, we’re sure you’re all stocked up on chocolate eggs – we certainly are! This month, sit back and relax with your sweet treats and learn all about how to make fun Easter crafts with your kids (pg12). Or, if you feel like getting out during the school break, we’ve got a handy guide to some brilliant family days out (pg26). This month, we’re also recognising the strength of a mother’s love. Sheila (pg8) always had a special bond with her daughter Jeanette – the pair were inseparable. When a cruel twist of fate came speeding around the corner, Sheila’s life was shattered to pieces. Now she wants to share her daughter’s legacy with us all. A mother’s love is unbreakable, but so is a daughter’s love for her mother.…

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your pick me ups

Fan girl My partner and I stumbled across this Harry Potter spot in Edinburgh. It was such a good spontaneous find! Hannah, Leicester Brunch date My daughter and I love going to Carluccios for breakfast together. They do the best scrambled eggs! Helen, Cardiff And.relax! I recently signed up to a gym that has a spa, and it's safe to say I will be going to the gym much more! Lauren, Plymouth Cocktail club My friend and I went for a drinks night and had the nicest passionfruit cocktails in The Florist! Yasmin, Bath Cheesy delight This was my amazing lasagne when I went out for a pub lunch recently! Krissy, Halesowen First date This is me in the First Dates restaurant in London! I love the programme. Hayley, London Cutie pie Rose looks so sweet with her colour coordinating outfit! Hollie, Bristol City of love This is me on a break…

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horror in the hotel room

It was a gorgeous summer afternoon, and the offer of a drink after work sounded too good to resist. ‘Go on then!’ I said to my colleagues. I’d just moved towns for work, and was enjoying getting to know my new work mates. We headed to the pub after another long day in the office. I went for a drink after a long day But on 16 August 2014, ‘a drink’ turned into a fair few more. My colleague James and I were soon stumbling out of the bar and onto the pavement. I’d had a great night with my new colleagues. ‘How did it get to 4am?’ I asked, looking at my watch in disbelief. Drunk and far from home, we decided to check into a nearby hotel for the night. It was easier than getting a taxi…

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road to tragedy

Peeling my eyes away from my favourite morning show, I almost didn’t notice the time. ‘It’s already gone 10.20am,’ I exclaimed to my husband Bryan, 69. ‘We need to pick up Jeanette soon.’ I was so absorbed in the latest episode of Jeremy Kyle, I forgot we were picking up our daughter Jeanette, 42, to go shopping. Jeanette and I had a special bond Getting up from the sofa, Bryan handed me the house phone, and I quickly dialled Jeanette’s number. ‘Hope you didn’t forget about me,’ she laughed down the phone. ‘It’s just such a good episode,’ I exclaimed, giggling. It was Monday morning, and every week, Bryan and I would drive Jeanette to the big supermarket so she could do her weekly food shop. She only lived five minutes down the road in Worksop, Nottingham, so it…

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big in japan

These adorable pictures show the real Hello Kitties – rescue kittens that travel around Japan in their owner's arms, bike basket and leads. Daisuke Nagasawa, 50 and his faithful furry pals Daikichi, 13 and Fuku-Chan, seven, have spent the last three years travelling the land of the rising sun together. The trio have visited all 47 regions across Japan including major landmarks like Mount Fuji, the cherry blossom gardens of Kyoto, and the ‘Floating' Torri gate in Hiroshima. The rescue cats used to become frustrated with Daisuke's long absences during his business trips. After several complaints from cat sitters regarding their bad behaviour, Daisuke – who runs a tech company – devised the idea to take them along with him. Daisuke enjoyed travelling with his cats so much that he started the Instagram page @the.travelling.cats…

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for the chop!

As I gave my opponent a sharp wallop to the ribs with my foot, my karate coach cheered from the side lines. ‘Well done, Kate,’ he said, smiling. I loved going to my training sessions and taking up karate had really helped me get my confidence back. Instinct soon took over me I’d suffered with terrible anxiety, and at the age of 15 I left school because of it. Now, aged 17 I was back in the classroom and feeling better than I had in a long time. Karate had given me my mojo back and some handy self defence techniques, too. By now, I had a brown belt and was fighting fit! After training, I took my new puppy round to see my friend Cian, 18. Mia was a Border Collie Labrador mix and was quite the little…