Pick Me Up! Special October 2020

Published by TI Media Limited Pick Me Up! Special Series is your monthly feast of the best real-life stories from Pick Me Up! The series comprises of nine ‘Seasonals' and four ‘Best Ofs', featuring the best of Pick Me Up! Each bumper issue is crammed with a variety pack of true stories, your favourite features, money-saving tips, laughs, health ideas, great looks, budget beauty, food ideas to put a smile on your face and 12 puzzles. A fun package to keep you truly entertained!

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october special

It’s been quite a rollercoaster of a year so far, but there’s always something to look forward to. This month, we’ve got all you need to get ready for Halloween! Trick or treating may not be the same as it once was, but we’ve got the ultimate spooky guide on page 12 to prove that staying home can be just as fun. Learn to paint pumpkins and impress your guests, and head over to page 66 for some frightfully delightful buys. This month, we’re all about giving back to others. Moniqe (pg34) faced every mum’s worst nightmare when her little boy stopped breathing. She never expected the reason behind it, but today, she and her husband are on a mission to save children’s lives by teaching life-saving skills to others. Even animals need a lot of…

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your pick me ups

Girls night I made this gorgeous platter for my birthday in the garden! Rose, Newquay Dream meal Reunited with a Wagamamas and it felt so good! Shannon, Liverpool What vegetables do sailors hate? Leeks! Christening cake My daughter's gorgeous christening cake made by a baking friend! Francesca, Swansea First McDonald's My grandchildren enjoying a burger and chips! Flora, Portsmouth Happy graduation! My granddaughter at her graduation. So proud! Shirley, Cornwall Back in the office Couldn't help myself! Had to get a coffee on route to my first day back. Lucinda, Salisbury Beautiful Rome On holiday with my girlfriend last year! Amy, Lincolnshire Want a pizza this? Our first meal out after lockdown and it was delicious! Dee, Southampton Staycation A weekend away in a lodge with my partner was lush! Joline, Bath…

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watching you

Finding myself giving in, I finally agreed to go on a date with the handsome guy from work. Tom, 36, and I got to know each other when I worked at a recruitment company and I interviewed him for a lorry driver position we were hiring for. He’d got the job and kept pestering me to meet up, but I refused until he’d moved on to a different company. After taking him up on his offer, we met for lunch and the conversation flowed freely. Tom was just as cheeky and charming as I remembered. We quickly became a couple and I introduced him to my son from a previous relationship, Adam, 15. The pair of them getting on was a deal-breaker, and I needn’t have worried about it as they hit it off straight…

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two wombs, two babies!

As I totted up the dates in my head, I gasped. ‘I’m late,’ I thought to myself. It was my time of the month, but my period still hadn’t arrived yet. Rushing out to the shops, I bought a pregnancy test. ‘I’m probably not,’ I said to my partner, Andrew, trying not to get his hopes up as I shut myself away in the bathroom. ‘Fingers crossed though,’ he said through the door as I peed on the plastic stick. We waited with baited breath for the result. After a few minutes, two blue lines appeared. ‘I can’t be!’ I cried. ‘You are!’ Andrew grinned. ‘We’re having a baby.’ Delighted, we’d been hoping to add to our family. I already had my daughter, Millie, nine, from a previous relationship, but we were desperate to give her a sibling and…

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foxy lady

Foxes rule the roost where we live in Basildon, Essex. It's never a surprise to see orange fur darting from garden to garden. ‘They strut around like they own the place!' my husband Russell, 45, jokes all the time. And there's not much that we can do about it! It's their home, too. Tenants we won't forget! One minute we'll be relaxing in the back garden with the kids, and the next minute, the foxes will be joining in on the fun. ‘Hello Mr Fox,' my six-year-old Olive calls, greeting them. Usually, it's rare to find an afternoon where our girls, Olive and Annie, 10, aren't interrupted by the creatures. We don't tend to mind – they're our neighbours after all! Then one morning earlier this year, they decided to claim our land as their own. Opening the kitchen blinds,…

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water sight!

These sweet photos show a family of minks playing by a canal, as the mum leads the way for her two kits between dens. So cute! The family of American mink were spotted living by the Rochdale Canal in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. The photos capture them moving from place to place along the canal in a little huddle, in search of food and shelter. While adorable, mink are considered invasive as they eat endangered water voles. Their thriving population is a cause of concern for many environmental and conservation groups and societies. This summer, mink have even been spotted in York city centre with footage showing them playing by the River Ouse. American mink were first imported to the UK in 1929 for commercial fur farming. But by 1956, they had escaped or been intentionally released into…