Pick Me Up! Special May 2021

Published by TI Media Limited Pick Me Up! Special Series is your monthly feast of the best real-life stories from Pick Me Up! The series comprises of nine ‘Seasonals' and four ‘Best Ofs', featuring the best of Pick Me Up! Each bumper issue is crammed with a variety pack of true stories, your favourite features, money-saving tips, laughs, health ideas, great looks, budget beauty, food ideas to put a smile on your face and 12 puzzles. A fun package to keep you truly entertained!

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Although summer is still a few weeks away, there’s so much to look forward to in May. Sunshine, picnics and don’t forget your two bank holidays! As we ease out of lockdown, May is looking exciting, so we’re helping you to celebrate! It’s understandable that after a year at home, you may be feeling a little flat and lethargic. Maybe your anxiety is higher than ever? We know how you feel, so we’re helping you get your mojo back (pg12)! Vicks (pg34) knows how important it is to think positively. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, she was left worried for her future. However, with her optimistic attitude, she powered through and is now encouraging other women to check their breasts. It could just save your life. And she’s not the only one…

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your pick me ups

How funny! Which month can't make a decision? MAYbe. Tuk tuk time I've been planning my next trip to South East Asia, I can't wait to go back. Vic, Leicester Blooming gorgeous I love this pic of some crocuses I took, it's my lock screen on my phone now. Claire, Liverpool All you need is a little vitamin sea. Sea breeze I found the most gorgeous spot by the beach where me and my boyfriend go at least once a month now. Emma, Swansea How funny! I stayed up all night to see where the sun went But then it dawned on me Stormy sea I found this old pic from a holiday in the Caribbean, the sky looks so moody and I love it. Naomi, Glasgow Holey moley These glazed donuts made my week, they were mouthwateringly good. Jess, St Ives May the 4th be with you. Bake my…

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party terror

Connor Attridge, 26, and I were childhood sweethearts. When I first met him as a teenager, he swept me off my feet. We went on to have two children together, Connor Jr and Levi. I hoped that we would be one happy family, but the cracks started to show soon after I fell pregnant. Connor was paranoid and controlling. The romance quickly became rocky. After seven years, I finally found the strength to leave him. Despite us not getting along, I wanted Connor to be a part of his childrens’ lives. Whilst we didn’t work out, he could still be a good dad. So, when Connor Jr’s sixth birthday came around, I invited his dad to the party. ‘When will Daddy be here?’ Connor Jr asked, peering out of the window. ‘Soon!’ I smiled. ‘Let’s open some presents first.’ I had decorated…

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the truth

As my little boy crawled his way across the carpet, I couldn’t help but smile. ‘Well done,’ I cooed, scooping him into my arms. Macauley was six-months-old and had just started crawling. But as he started to be on the move, I noticed something strange - his skin was covered in bruises. ‘Where have these come from?’ I wondered, examining the purple and blue marks that were on his arms and tummy. Deciding it was best I got him checked out, I took him to see the GP. ‘It’s nothing to worry about,’ the doctor reassured me. We thought he must just bruise easily, but they kept on popping up. Macauley’s dad was also starting to get concerned. ‘Are you hurting him?’ he asked me one day. 'How could you that say ?!' ‘How could you say that?’ I replied,…

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top dog

Driving my car along a busy road, I spotted a black dog about to bolt from the curb and quickly pushed my foot down on the brake. ‘Watch out!' my partner Christine shouted. Luckily, I stopped the car just in time, and we pulled over to check on the Beagle. Scooping her up into my arms, I read the name on her collar: Dolly. ‘Where do you live, Dolly?' I asked her, looking up and around at my surroundings for clues. Next to me, there were two riders on horseback resting outside gigantic gates that led towards a grand house. Nothing seemed familiar, so I called the number on Dolly's collar and a woman called Sally picked up. ‘I've got your dog here,' I explained to her. ‘Dolly!' she said, panicking. ‘I'm coming right now!' Two minutes later,…

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a star is fawn

This rare Javan Chevrotain – also known as a mouse deer – has just been born at Marwell Zoo. The tiny youngster is one of the smallest hoofed animals in the world, and was brought into the world by parents Gus and Gwen at the zoo’s Energy for Life: Tropical House. Weighing approximately 370 grams at birth. Keepers say the youngster is doing well, though their interactions are minimal due to the sensitivity of the species. Tim Rowlands, Marwell Zoo’s Hoofstock Team Leader, explains: ‘There are very few zoos who care for any of the mouse deer species as they are so small in size, very secretive, and nocturnal, so any youngster born is great news for the conservation breeding programme ‘It’s vitally . important that we work to ensure these wonderful animals do…