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Pip Permaculture MagazinePip Permaculture Magazine

Pip Permaculture Magazine Issue 14

Pip Magazine provides simple, positive, practical solutions to living a more sustainable life. With articles on growing your own food, natural building,wholefoods, keeping bees, backyard chooks, fermenting, design, natural parenting and much more. Pip has profiles on people, projects, gardens, farms, houses and businesses. There are ‘how to’ guides, recipes, reviews, a directory and a kid’s section.

Pip Magazine
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LAUREN AND OBERON CARTER Lauren and Oberon live waste-free with their three daughters in Hobart, Tasmania. They run their home-based business ‘Spiral Garden’ whilst home educating their kids, and spending as much time in nature as possible. They run family-focused e-courses on permaculture and zero waste living, and their book A Family Guide to Waste-Free Living was published in March 2019. They founded the community group, Zero Waste Tasmania, and run workshops and mentor on waste reduction to schools, businesses, households and community groups. DEBORAH BREARLEY Deborah is a Tasmanian based artist, maker and gardener. She believes that there is a creative spark in all of us that needs a little nurturing to fully develop. She believes that being involved in a creative process, whether cooking, gardening or the arts, is very much…

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pip permaculture magazine

Publisher, Editor and Art Director: Robyn Rosenfeldt Editorial Assistant: Emily Stokes Sub-editor: Samantha Allemann Advertising and Subscription Management: Tess Bertram-Jones Proofreader: The Expert Editor Designer and Illustrations: Grace West, North South Grace West Cover Art: Katherine Quinn Advertising enquiries: advertising@pipmagazine.com.au / 0458 286 071 or download our media kit at pipmagazine.com.au/advertising Directory listings and classifieds enquiries: advertising@pipmagazine.com.au Submissions: We would love to hear from you if you have ideas for articles. Send your pitch to: editorial@pipmagazine.com.au Stockist enquiries: If you would like to stock Pip contact: stockists@pipmagazine.com.au Writers: Samantha Allemann, Deb Brearley, Lauren and Oberon Carter, Jude and Michel Fanton, Terri Leahy, Beck Lowe, Hannah Maloney, Yemaya Oates, Adrian O’Hagan, Erin Rhoads, Philip Richards, Robyn Rosenfeldt, Anthony Smith, Steve Solomon, Emily Stokes, Silvia Volonta, Terry Williams, Stuart Muir Wilson. Photographers and Illustrators: Bonga, Helen Cameron, Thomas Dorleans, Freelanceman, Steven Hoepfner, Kongsky, Terri Leahy, Natalie…

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Hey people, When I put together an issue of Pip, I hope to create a beautiful publication full of ideas, inspiration and information about living more sustainably using permaculture principles. I hope that in each issue there is at least one idea that you can take away and implement into your life to help create positive change in the world. In this issue we are focusing on waste reduction. I put a whale on the cover because after reading about a dead whale found with 40 kilos of plastic in its belly, I thought it was a strong symbol of what our wasteful culture is doing to the environment. We look at not only reducing physical waste in our day-to-day lives (Waste Not: Reducing Waste in the Kitchen, page 42 and Waste-Free Pets,…

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permaculture around the world

SUSTAINABLE ORCHARD, MONGOLIA www.treesoflifemongolia.org Husband and wife team Marlene and Robert Founder started an NGO called Trees Of Life, with the aim of improving quality of life in the Mongolian countryside and giving people self-worth through horticulture and training using permaculture principles. Trees of Life is in the process of establishing a sustainable fruit tree orchard and vocational training centre in Northern Mongolia. They are actively building and investing in the people of the Sukhbaatar, Selenge community through the use of sustainable horticulture, permaculture teaching and relationship building. THE POLYCULTURE PROJECT, BULGARIA www.thepolycultureproject.com/about-us.html There is plenty of heavily funded research on industrial agriculture, yet there is a gap in the data when it comes to how small-scale biologically cultivated polyculture gardens can provide nutritious affordable food while increasing biodiversity. Paul and Sophie Roberts and their…

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pip picks: things we like

PERMACULTURE DESIGN DECK This creative card deck is designed to support your permaculture practice, learning, teaching, designing and consulting. This work is the culmination of 16 years of permaculture design study by Delvin Solkinson, sharing the largest collection of permaculture principles, strategies, attitudes, ethics and design methods, learned from permaculture’s greatest thinkers and educators including, Bill Mollison, Rosemary Morrow, David Holmgren, Geoff Lawton, Toby Hemenway, Larry Santoyo, Robin Clayfield, Starhawk and Looby Macnamara. Featuring permaculture illustrations by Brenna Quinlan The cards are divided into five suits: Design Principles, Ethical Principles, Attitudinal Principles, Strategic Principles and Design Methods. There are three bonus sets that include; 7 Ways to Think Differently, Design Web and Grounded Gardening Free download or $105 for hardcopy incl delivery www.visionarypermaculture.com/designdeck UP ON THE ROOFTOP WATERPORT ™ The folks at Up On The…

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AUSTRALIAN PERMACULTURE CONVERGENCE 19–23 April 2020, Brisbane, QLD Save the date! On Sunday 19th April 2020, the next APC will begin with a Permaculture Festival open to all at Northey Street City Farm in Brisbane. Then, for those who have completed a Permaculture Design Course (PDC), conference talks, workshops and more will be held from Monday to Thursday 20–23 April 2020 at Redland Bay South Moreton Bay (35 mins from Brisbane—accessible by public transport). Tours of Northern NSW and Southeast QLD will follow the convergence. APCs are held every two years with a changing location around Australia or New Zealand. Attendees from Australia, New Zealand and Asia come together to share their permaculture journeys, share best practise in sustainable living and share the positive change permaculture has to people’s lives around the world.…