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Pip Permaculture Magazine Issue 1

Pip Magazine provides simple, positive, practical solutions to living a more sustainable life. With articles on growing your own food, natural building,wholefoods, keeping bees, backyard chooks, fermenting, design, natural parenting and much more. Pip has profiles on people, projects, gardens, farms, houses and businesses. There are ‘how to’ guides, recipes, reviews, a directory and a kid’s section.

Pip Magazine
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‘thank you to everyone that helped pip grow.’

Alex Woodger, Zoe Ellis, Larissa Lovell, Orien Harvey, Fiona Taylor, Diana Watson, Adrian Rosenfeldt, Andrew Burbeck, Jenny Feltham, Carolyn Wells, Ruth Harvey, Very Edible Gardens, Wendy Rosenfeldt, Tony Marx, Megan Bailey, Lesley Motley, Alexis Harley, Celia Hill, Penelope Goodes, Fiona, Bec PM, Jay McMahon, Jo Staker, George Morton, Julie Goodchild, Alison Murphy-Oates, Rachel Lindsay, Gavin Palmer, David Matters, Justine McCarthy, Gabrielle Oldaker, Gavin Anderson, Caroline Wales, Nadja Osterstock, Vickie Goldsmith, Mark S Burgunder, Barry O’Connell, Helen Buckingham, Elizabeth Andalis, John Walker, Zara Pearson, Heather Kimber, Carol Rea, Sonia, Miriam Pepper, David Arnold, Linley Cormack, Sara Bear, Andrew Barr, Joanne Melville, Angela Booth, Dominique Northam, Beth Sandstrom, Jules Donne, Ben Brazer, Jaap Bel, Fiona, Murray, Athina Geordin, Samantha Cox, Lisa Brown, Narelle Clark, Jill Clarke, Goshen Watts, Denise Baldwin, Michael Cawthorn,…

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I am so happy that you are holding this magazine in your hands and reading it. It has been a long time in the making, growing from pip to peach, and here it is present in the world, sitting in your hands. The idea of doing this magazine first came up while I was doing my Permaculture Design Course a few years ago, when I was seven months pregnant with my third child. After much discussion and encouragement, I knew by the end of the PDC that this was going to be my contribution. Since then, I gave birth to my daughter at home in the converted shed we were living in; my partner and I have renovated our house, making it more sustainable; we’ve slowly started implementing the design I created…

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Ian Lillington. Writer Ian lives in Castlemaine, Central Vic, developing a food forest on degraded land, and teaching permaculture design. He’s involved the Growing Abundance permaculture/transition town project. Ian wrote the permaculture chapter in the Encyclopedia of sustainability, and is one of the editors of David Holmgren’s books. In 2007, Ian published The holistic life – sustainability through permaculture. Ian has worked at CERES and for the National Centre for Sustainability, and with Greener Houses, a project that has carried out eco-retrofits of suburban neighbourhood houses Melbourne. ian.lillington@internode.on.net Erika Hildegard. Photographer She is a photographer of people and stories. While earning her BA in photography at Columbia College Chicago, she focused on photojournalism and capturing life on the streets of Chicago. After university she did freelance photography for a few Chicago newspapers and also…

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Djanbung Gardens 20th Anniversary Celebration 7-9 June, 2014 In 1994 Robyn Francis acquired a compacted cow pasture to create permaculture’s first purpose-designed education centre and demonstration farm as a living learnscape of permaculture in practice. Djanbung Gardens has trained, inspired and empowered many thousands of students and visitors from around the world. The team at Djanbung invite you to come and celebrate, 7—9 June. Program includes the annual open day, a permaculture symposium, tours, workshops, lots of music, fun, local food and special guests. Former students are invited to give workshops and short presentations on their work. More info www.permaculture.com.au International Permaculture Day Sunday 4 MAY 2014 It’s time to think global and act local in all things permaculture through celebrations, demonstrations and networking with local as well as international allied organisations. Come see…

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permaculture groups

Permaculture Australia In 2011 the long established Permaculture International Ltd registered the business name Permaculture Australia (PA) to allow it to transition into the role of representing permaculture on a national level. PA is already operating as a national body in three ways: Permafund — a nationally registered deductible gift recipient fund that can receive donations and offer grants. Last year Permafund dispersed small grants to 13 groups in Australia and overseas and a 2014 grant round is underway. Permafund also provides practical advice and mentoring support for aid and community projects. Accredited Permaculture Training (APT) — these courses (from Cert 1 to Diploma of Permaculture) were developed by a team of dedicated volunteers over many years. APT is a competencybased training package that builds on the contents of the PDC. APT courses…

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pip picks

Cecilia Macauley’s pearl of wisdom #1 Permaculture design is about solving whatever real problems people have. My clients are mostly mainstreamers, so their problems aren’t of a vegetable nature. They are; ‘My children don’t listen to me’, ‘I’m always rushed’, ‘Life is such a chore’. If good design creates cared-for, surplus-sharing people, Bill Mollision would be pleased. Our houses could be our cheer squad and support crew, but so often, they just defeat us. We intend to do something lovely: wrap a present, shine our shoes, make a cake. But we end up stuck. ‘Where is the sticky tape?’ ‘Who took the scissors?’ ‘Do we have any white laces?’ Create household guilds. Make families of objects so that they are able to fulfill their purpose when they are in each other’s presence.…