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First bombing: 1911, just eight years after the first flight by the Wrights Place: Libya (Italo-Turkish War) Payload: specially designed steel bombs containing picric acid. Casualties: zero First purpose-built bombers: 1913, Bristol T.B. 8 (British) and the Caproni Ca. 30 (Italian) First use in war: November 25, 1914 Maximum Payload: 120 pounds First strategic bombing: WWI, city of Antwerp, Belgium Other WWI bombers: 1915, Zeppelins, which dropped bombs on towns near London Deaths from these attacks: 557 Max payload: approximately 8,000 pounds Loss rate for Zeppelins: 40 percent Casualties from bombing in WWII: as many as 5 million on all sides Most-produced bomber WWII: Consolidated B-24 Liberator, 18,482 built Top speed: 290 mph Number of airworthy B-24s remaining worldwide: 2 Most famous WWII Allied Bomber: Boeing B-17 Liberator, 12,731 produced Top speed: 287 mph Bomb payload: 4,500 pounds (long range) to 8,000 pounds (short range) Most produced Axis bomber:…

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100ll crisis

There are things to love about flying and there are things to hate about it. Turbulence, ramp fees and mid-TBO overhauls make the not-so-nice list. As do fuel prices. One thing that doesn’t make the list of things most pilots hate about GA is our contribution of lead to the environment. The use of just a tad of lead in our avgas is the leading contributor of lead to the environment, but given the relatively small size of the GA fleet, we don’t take much heat for it. Which is a good thing, because there aren’t any good options available just yet. In a very real way, we are addicted to 100LL. I’m halfway joking, of course, because none of us want to use the stuff. It’s expensive, it costs a lot and…

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what new traffic pattern rules mean to you

The FAA has released updated guidance on how we pilots are expected to fly traffic patterns, and the updates are fairly extensive and for the most part really smart, too. Here’s a breakdown of some of the biggest changes contained in the new document, Advisory Circular 90-66B. Altitudes: The FAA has long given license to airport operators to set their traffic pattern at non-standard heights. Most patterns for piston planes were 1,000 AGL (or thereabouts) but many were 800 feet and some were even lower than that. The new rule calls for those patterns to all be 1,000 ft AGL unless there’s a good reason for them not to be such as obstacles or competing airspace. Turbines would be at 1,500 feet AGL with similar caveats, and ultra-lights are to be…

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malaysia 370?

THE MYSTERY On March 8, 2014, a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 that had departed from Koala Lumpur was bound for Beijing, China, when the captain got the radio handoff from Malaysian air traffic control to Vietnam’s Ho Chi Min Center. The captain of the 777 replied simply, “Good night. Malaysia Three Seven Zero.” Those were the last words anyone ever heard from anyone aboard the flight. Soon after that final radio call, Malaysia 370 changed course, turning from a northerly heading to the southwest, continuing across the Malaysia peninsula and then west, and then south, out over the vast, empty Indian Ocean, where it rests today, based on analysis of satellite data. We have found some wreckage, verified pieces of the 777 that have floated ashore on distant islands. But the location…

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cross check your aviation crossword

ACROSS 1 Makers of the SR22 4 The L in LSA 8 American Air fighters, abbr. 9 Adding ____ increase stall speed, 2 words 11 Snoop 12 Pulled off 13 How to pull out of a high speed dive 16 It’s measured in knots 18 Alien flier, in film 20 Where every aircraft flight terminates 22 What an “Iron” instrument does 26 Pilot’s medium 27 Specially made for one client 28 Aircraft landing area, for short 31 What most “jet” engines use 32 BRM ____, a carbon fiber sport plane 34 Communications authority, abbr. 35 Once around the course 36 Sudden increase 37 A tower controller might tell you to “keep them square” DOWN 1 Useful safety feature on small aircraft 2 Indicates, as a gauge on the instrument panel 3 Where planes are designed to go 4 Needed info for W&B 5 Travel in a plane without power 6 Machine for moving heavy planes on the…

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news of note

JUST AIRCRAFT SHOWCASES ULTRALIGHT The company behind the Just 103 — a single-seat, sub 254-pound aircraft designed to fall within the FAA’s Part 103 requirements for ultralights — put the airplane on display this spring. The bare-bones flier, which maxes out at a top speed of 63 mph, will be available in both kit and pre-built versions. SIEMENS TO POWER ALL-ELECTRIC SUN FLYER 2 A Siemens SP70D motor will serve as the power source for Bye Aerospace’s Sun Flyer 2, which seeks to use renewable energy to deliver lower operating costs for GA fliers. The electric motor offers a 90 kW peak rating (115 hp) and a 70 kW continuous rating (90 hp). GARMIN PILOT GETS NEW FEATURES Garmin Pilot 9.3 rolls out several new updates aimed at enhancing pilot safety and situational awareness in…