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Plane & Pilot July 2019

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the disruption begins

Piper’s introduction of its pared-down training model, the Piper Pilot, attracted some negative commentary from folks who’ve been around the training industry for a while—okay, for a long while. Their gripe was predictable: Piper had done this before, and it didn’t work. Only thing is, they’re wrong pretty much on both fronts. As I’ve mentioned before, my family ran four mom-and-pop (literally) flight schools when I was growing up, and I’m old enough to remember the tail end of the production life of Piper’s bare-bones trainer, the Cruiser, which was actually not an attempt by Piper to make an econo version of the PA-28 but the actual first vision of the PA-28 period. From the early ’60s to the early ’70s, the two-seat (a couple extra seats were an option), two-windows-per-side…

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First military use of ground controlled approach (GCA) radar: 1943 Range: 20 miles Altitude range: 10,000 feet First civilian use: 1945, LaGuardia Airport Landing rate prior to implementation: 5 planes per hour Landing rate after implementation: 15 planes per hour Transponders introduced for aviation: World War II Worst friendly fire incident of WWII: July 11, 1943 Occurred during: Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily Reason cited for incident: “Need for better preparation in aircraft identification” Aircraft involved: C-47 Skytrains, C-53 Skytroopers Planes shot down: 23 out of fleet of 144 American soldiers killed: 300+ Technology developed to prevent friendly fire: Identification, Friend or Foe (IFF) radar receivers/transmitters IFF transponders: Transmit code signal when interrogated by military radar Modernization of ATC began: 1956 Sparked by: Grand Canyon mid-air collision Fatalities: 128 Civilian Aeronautics Authority (CAA) dissolved and became Federal Aviation Administration (FAA): 1958 GPS development project launched: 1973, U.S. Department…

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lawn chair larry

What’s the story behind Lawn Chair Larry Walters and his infamous balloon flight? BACKSTORY If you were a pilot in the early 1980s, you likely know the story of Larry Walters, aka “Lawn Chair Larry,” the man who tied over 40 weather balloons to a lawn chair and quickly gained ATC and FAA attention by ascending into controlled airspace over Los Angeles at 16,000 feet. Larry, a truck driver out of California, always had a dream to fly. He spent his childhood fantasizing about planes and, as soon as he was of age, enlisted in the military to jumpstart his career as a pilot. To his dismay, the military informed him that his eyesight was too poor to serve behind aircraft controls and, instead, he spent his days in service as a…

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cross check

ACROSS 1 The Navy’s spectacular demonstration team, 2 words 6 State where much of the transport is by light aircraft 8 ADF’s counterpart 9 Nurses, abbr. 11 ____ K-Max helicopter 13 Initial setting on some gauges 14 NDB’s counterpart 16 Its cowl flaps give it away 19 ____ and out 20 Bad ones can cause accidents 23 What we depend on our engines to do 24 Where many airliner switches are located 25 The “O” in AOG 26 Stability system used in the Boeing 737 Max, abbr. 27 Successful LSA from CubCrafters 30 Regret 31 ____ E1000 plane 32 Dangerous dive when flying DOWN 1 What happens with a lateral lift component 2 The port for techie pilots 3 Word before plane and nautical 4 System subject to jamming 5 Where Linder International is 7 The first word in radio and air 10 Warbird place for art 12 Provide staff for 13 Deployment __ resources 15 First word in…

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news of note

DIAMOND CHARTS NEW COURSE FOR DA50 The single-engine DA50 now will be powered by the 300-hp Continental CD-300 Jet-A engine, Diamond Aircraft announced at Aero Friedrichshafen. The company says the airplane, which has undergone a number of design iterations since its introduction in 2006, made its first flight with the new engine in March and is targeting EASA certification in the summer of next year. TECNAM UNVEILS NEW AIRCRAFT Tecnam announced it is adding three new models to its fleet, including a new iteration of the long-running P92 high-wing two-seater that features a carbon fiber fuselage. The additional two models include an IFR-certified P2002 and a Sierra MkII that falls under the European Union’s 600 kg ULM category. STUDY SHOWS LINK BETWEEN ADS-B IN, LOWER ACCIDENT RATE A recent study released by systems engineering firm…

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accident briefs

BEECH 35A33 Jacksonville, Alabama Injuries: 1 Fatal, 1 Serious The airline transport pilot and his daughter were on the return leg of a cross-country flight in night, visual meteorological conditions. While in cruise flight, the pilot saw smoke in the cockpit, so he began turning off electrical components. The engine then sputtered and lost total power. He set up for a forced landing, felt heat from the engine compartment, and then saw flames coming from the same area. He discharged a portable fire extinguisher. At the first indication of heat, his daughter left the right cockpit seat and climbed into the aft cabin; the pilot did not believe she fastened her lap belt. While crossing a ridge, the airplane collided with trees and came to rest on the side of a hill…