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Plane & Pilot October 2019

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a legacy of a different kind

This summer, Cirrus Aircraft announced that CEO Dale Klapmeier would be retiring from the leadership of the company he co-founded and that he has helped guide for 20 years. Cirrus is the world leader in the light personal transportation aircraft market, and for good reason. The SR22 is a beautiful, comfortable and utilitarian ride that incorporates the best in new technology seamlessly. The SF50 Vision Jet is the world’s only civilian single-engine jet in production, and it’s arguably an even better plane than the SR22, which is saying a lot. In years to come, we’ll look at Cirrus’ history of leadership in this arena and finally get it. Despite considerable friction from old-school elements in aviation, the company was able to create a new sales paradigm by selling very high-end aircraft…

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Proper term: Empennage Primary function: Stabilization, control Most common design: Conventional % of aircraft with conventional tails: ~75% Other common tail designs: V-Tail, T-Tail, Cruciform, Dual-Tail, Inverted Y Popular in fighter jets: Twin Tail, aka Double Vertical Stabilizer Advantage: Redundancy in case of battle damage Stabilizers on first Douglas DC-4 model: 5 (three above, two below) Purpose of multiple stabilizers: Fit aircraft into DC-3 Hangar First flight: 1939 Last flight: 1939 Renamed: DC-4E, for “Extinct” Main problem cited: Stability due to tail design Stabilizers on second DC-4 Model: 1 World’s largest aircraft by wingspan: Stratolaunch Tails: 2 Tail height: 50 ft. Tail height of Sky Baby, world’s smallest airplane (1952): 5 ft. Tallest tail in service: 79 ft. Aircraft: Airbus A380-800 Tail width: 99.6 ft. Surface area of vertical stabilizer: 2,421.9 sq. ft. Horizontal stabilizer (each side): 2,314.8 sq. ft. Average size of U.S. house: 2,392 sq. ft. Tails on U.S. space shuttles: 0 First…

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a pilot’s last words: “stendec”

MYSTERIES What did the crew of BSAA Flight CS-59 mean when they sent and repeated the cryptic message “STENDEC” via Morse code seconds before crashing? BACKGROUND On August 2, 1947, the crew of a British South American Airways (BSAA) Lancastrian, an airliner version of the Avro Lancaster WWII bomber, sent a cryptic message. Operating as Flight CS-59, aka “Star Dust,” the big piston twin was en route from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Santiago, Chile, with 11 people on board. At 5:41 p.m., a Chilean Morse code radio operator for the Los Cerrillos Airport received a message. “ETA Santiago 17:45 hrs. STENDEC.” “The operator understood that Star Dust intended to land in four minutes, but the final word, ‘STENDEC,’ confused him. When he asked for clarification, the crew repeated it two more times, ‘STENDEC. STENDEC.’…

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cross check

ACROSS 1 Concept plane from Airbus that “flaps” in response to gusts and turbulence, 2 words 8 GPS picture, for example 9 It’s sometimes required for an approach 10 Route, for short 12 Large tree 14 What the pilot did during an autoland 16 Suffix for depend and cool 17 Instrument ____ 19 U.S.__, abbr. for military fliers 21 Automatic Flight Control System, abbr. 23 Disconcerting feature of some runways 24 Slip or crab in one 27 Roman 51 28 Some of these are split 29 Least-used control surface by newbies 30 Formerly known as, in high society 31 51 and Terminal Control, for example 32 A co-pilot’s chief duty? DOWN 1 Eviation’s electric-powered concept plane 2 Management of Heathrow and Gatwick, for short 3 Upward current of air used by gliders 4 Determines one’s position 5 None of these on 195 or 177 6 Silent agreement 7 Dry 11 Weight measurement 13 Albatros was an example, but…

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news of note

EXTRA UNVEILS NEW AIRCRAFT Extra spurred excitement at the recent AirVenture with the introduction of a new model, the NG, which opts for all-carbon-fiber construction over the company’s typical steel-tube skeleton. The new composite design results in a strong and light airplane that the company is marketing at $450,000. BOSE LAUNCHES NEW PROFLIGHT HEADSET Bose unveiled a new and improved version of its ProFlight headset a year and a half after the original model—aimed at the commercial pilot market—was introduced. The new lightweight headset, ProFlight Series 2, incorporates a number of upgrades based on user feedback, including a more flexible cable and a more responsive tap control, among others. STEVE DICKSON CONFIRMED AS HEAD OF FAA Former Delta Air Lines executive Steve Dickson was confirmed as the permanent leader of the FAA by the Senate…

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accident briefs

Swearingen SX300 Daytona Beach, FloridaInjuries: 1 Fatal, 1 Minor The private pilot and pilot-rated passenger were landing at the conclusion of a personal flight. The passenger stated that, during the landing approach, he noted that the wing flaps were down, and three green landing gear lights were illuminated; the airspeed was about 90 knots on final approach. Just before landing, he heard the angle of attack indicator alarm and knew that the airplane had stalled. The airplane landed hard and the left main landing gear collapsed. The pilot initially applied full power to take off again; however, he then reduced the throttle to idle and applied full braking. The airplane slid off the left side of the runway and collided with the precision approach path indicator lights. The airplane continued across the…