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Plane & Pilot December 2019

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6 min.
reflecting on the crash of b-17 nine-o-nine

Two days after the tragic early October crash of the Collings Foundation Boeing B-17 known as Nine-O-Nine, I wrote a piece for Plane & Pilot online in which I called out the comments of some of our fellow pilots in the aftermath of the crash. The post seemed to resonate with pilots, especially those who fly warbirds. Every airplane crash is one crash too many, but some just get to me. This one did. And I didn’t even know any of the people aboard the WWII-era bomber, at least not directly. Regardless, the aviation universe is small enough that there are only one or two degrees of separation between us all. I didn’t know the pilot of the B-17, Mac McCauley, but I have dozens of friends who did. And while I’ve never…

1 min.

First aviation headset: 1910 Number sold to U.S. military: ~100 Main problem with early models: Heavy, little to no noise reduction First lightweight, over-the-ear headsets: MS-50, 1961 Developers: Pilots Courtney Graham & Keith Larkin Company founded by Graham and Larkin: Pacific Plantronics Inc. Historic first use: NASA’s 1969 Apollo 11 mission Modern headset types: Passive Noise Reduction (PNR), Active Noise Reduction (ANR) First commercially available PNR headsets: David Clark, 1975 Nickname given to David Clarks: “The Green Domes” Average noise reduction: 17-20 dB Noise level in Cessna 172s: 100 dB Jet engine: 130-160 dB Level ear rupture may occur: 140 dB Noise level exposure limit set by OSHA: 8 hours @ 85 dB Average hours pilots exposed to cockpit noise: Airline Pilots: 900-1,000 hours; Private pilots: 80-100 Short-term side effects of continuous noise exposure: Fatigue, vertigo, anxiety Long term: Hearing loss, tinnitus, hypertension, cardiovascular disease Active noise reduction…

5 min.
the disappearance of antoine de saint-exupéry

THE MYSTERY What really happened to famous author and pioneering aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who disappeared during WWII while flying a reconnaissance mission for Allied Forces? BACKGROUND “It is here that the little prince appeared on Earth, and disappeared. If you should come upon this spot, please do not hurry on. Wait for a time, exactly under the star. Then, if a little man appears…send me word that he has come back.” – The Little Prince, 1943 Born June 29, 1900, in Lyons, France, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is best known for his writings, some of which took on aviation subjects, such as Wind, Sand and Stars, and others, like The Little Prince, that were whimsical and lyrical. But Saint-Ex, as his friends called him, was also an accomplished aviator, flying for many years as a…

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cross check

ACROSS 1 Small dynamo 5 ____ air, used for anti-ice 7 ___ flying, barnstorming 9 Ramps 11 Luggage label 12 On climbout, three in this color 13 Venue for games 14 French device for making rolls 17 Concorde was one 19 The dreaded DME __ 20 Prefix with byte 23 Cry of mock horror 24 The Navy calls one a UAP 25 Assisted 29 Cloud or plane type 30 Nickname for the autopilot 33 “There you have it!” 35 Tube used on carburetors and airspeed sensors 36 Nothing 37 Abbreviation for ground 38 Geek’s field of expertise DOWN 1 Aviation’s Midget _____ 2 Dashboard indicator 3 More than one 300-S 4 What an old NOTAM is 5 Break up into turbulence (of airflow) 6 Slice of history 8 Ramp surface in popular thought 10 Props on twins should be in this 15 Famed Brit. fliers 16 Italian for gold 18 Partner of avoids 21 Portmanteau for Burrell and Kao 22 It thins up top 26 Corrosion-susceptible…

5 min.
news of note

CIRRUS LAUNCHES SR TRAINER LINE As the number of institutions around the globe using Cirrus aircraft for training purposes continues to rise, the company recently announced it will be offering a new line of variants of its popular SR series aircraft that is uniquely tailored for the student pilot market. The new TRAC series will blend the SR line’s tried and true flight capabilities with the tools and interior needed to ensure each aircraft can stay in the training environment for the long haul. Among the modifications included in the TRAC aircraft is a rear seat push-to-talk button along with a revised interior that features an all-weather floor liner as well as wear-resistant seats. The TRAC line also features a landing gear simulator to help prepare pilots for the possibility of moving…

8 min.
accident briefs

RV-10 Sun Lakes, Arizona/Injuries: 1 The private pilot reported that, during the en route climb, he smelled antifreeze and realized that the engine was overheating. He then reduced power to idle and turned the airplane back toward the departure airport. As the airplane descended, the pilot added power, but the engine did not respond. He decided to land at a nearby closed airport; however, when he realized that the airplane would be unable to reach it, he performed a forced landing to a desert. During the landing roll, the airplane struck several bushes, which resulted in the nosewheel and left main landing gear collapsing and the left wing and fuselage sustaining substantial damage. The airplane was powered by a modified automobile engine, which was equipped with two alternators and a water pump to…