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cross check

ACROSS 1 Required annually or every 100 hours 5 Where Continental Aerospace Technologies is and what it uses, abbr. 7 A bear of a plane 10 Continuous broadcast of pre-recorded weather information, abbr. 12 Companion of “avoid” 14 Approximate ETA suffix 16 Garmin Pilot competitor owned by Boeing 20 “Born,” in some announcements 21 Used for starting a bank 23 Unit that could be agl or msl, abbr. 25 Hospital professional, abbr. 26 Word before “of descent” and “overhaul” 28 Emergency egress 31 Do to your watch or watch for in the forecast 33 Compass direction 35 The A in the FAA’s AD 38 A real letdown 39 Locks might be installed in case of this DOWN 1 Agrees to, as a contract 2 The horizontal tail contributes to this area 3 State where BNA (airport) is based, abbr. 4 What some probes measure, abbr. 6 The L in LTA 8 Over, poetically 9 Back then 11…

6 min.
a funny thing happened on that flight…

“If you wonder why you ride the carousel…you do it for the stories you can tell.”—JIMMY BUFFETT As we move beyond the end of an entire calendar year unlike any other, I find myself searching through my memory banks using the keywords “weird pilot stories” that feature a few friends of mine who perhaps were removed from the cosmic oven a bit too soon. For instance, a buddy of mine once had an encounter with an FAA maintenance inspector who took him to task when a cable fitting that he had installed came loose, allowing a sudden retraction of the flaps on an airplane. This happened on short final, announced by a sudden “bang” as the flaps slammed home, and the airplane dropped suddenly before resuming normal flight. No accident resulted, but…

13 min.
how fast a plane do you need?

“The big question remains: What does speed mean in real terms? What kind of advantages do those fast movers enjoy, and is it worth what you have to pay to get it?” When we look to buy a new plane, well, at least a plane that’s new to us, we often look first and longest at how fast it is. Our love of speed, and I’m right there with you on this one, is a complicated one. Planes that go really fast are really expensive to buy and drive. What’s my dream plane? Well, for going places, I’d say it’s probably the Gulfstream G650. But at a cool $70 million, that continent-hopping beauty is just outside my price range, so I’d have to aim a bit lower. A more pertinent question…

10 min.
piper navajo crashes after fuel starvation

On March 12, 2019, a professional pilot flying a twin-engine Piper Navajo for a large commercial survey company starved the left engine of fuel, causing it to quit. Declining air traffic control’s offer of vectors to a nearby suitable airport, he continued on the sole remaining working engine toward his original destination (which was also his departure), the Cincinnati Lunken Airport (KLUK) in Ohio. It was 30 miles away. He almost made it. Before we get into the disturbing details of the crash, let’s note the cause wasn’t fuel exhaustion but, rather, fuel starvation. The former is when there’s no fuel to be burned. The latter occurs when there’s fuel onboard, but for some reason, the pilot can’t or doesn’t get it to the engine, resulting in a loss of power…

8 min.
7 ugly light planes that only their owners find beautiful

Our list from a few years ago of the 10 most beautiful light planes of all time focused on, well, beauty, and we highlighted planes that were sleek and graceful. If there were an airplane equivalent to the golden ratio, said to define human beauty, then those planes were all about that thing. The planes on this list, not so much. Indeed, if there’s any guiding rule in their design, it’s impossible to discern, and if anyone does figure it out, we sincerely hope they keep the secret to themselves. Almost all of these aircraft were designed the way they were for purely practical reasons. Which makes sense. Otherwise, why would anyone intentionally adopt the aesthetics represented here? After all, the 747, which is not on this list, has the hump for…

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airworthiness why it’s the biggest check ride gotcha

When I’m asking questions on a practical test, most applicants have trouble waiting until I finish the question before they unleash a torrent of memorized facts about a particular subject—except when I ask, “How did you determine the airplane you brought for the test today was airworthy?” The only thing that breaks the deafening silence is the sound of crickets. In short, this is probably the weakest subject area I see on all practical tests, Private thru ATP, CFI thru MEI. When I see an applicant opening up Book #1 of 3 of the maintenance logs and start reading at page one, it’s going to be a long day. How would I answer the question above? Something like this: “The aircraft documents are in the aircraft, all the inspections are current,…