Plane & Pilot December 2021

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automation creep

It wasn’t long ago that I made my way to Olathe, Kansas, to go flying with Garmin on an airplane, a Piper M600, that could land itself in an emergency with no input from the pilot. None. The technology performed flawlessly. I watched. One of my favorite games is to try to figure out what Garmin is up to. And lest you think the company gives me its roadmap years in advance, which I do know exists, by the way, I am not privy to its future plans. If Garmin has a blockbuster product coming out, I often learn about it a month or two in advance and, even then, under a strict embargo. Garmin has pioneered automation in light GA, most notably with the introduction of extensive envelope-protection capabilities built into…

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how much flying stuff pays/costs

Becoming a pilot, whether as a hobby or a career, is a dream shared by many, and rightfully so—defying gravity in a big metal bird is incredibly fulfilling! Unfortunately, achieving that dream can often require deep pockets and, for some, the costs are prohibitive. Earning a private pilot certification can run the average flight student well over $10,000, a number quadrupled, or more, for a commercial certificate. While scholarships and grants are available, they are generally reserved for those on the career track and aren’t easy to come by. As a result, fewer people are taking to the sky these days, and some small airports are being forced to close up shop. Even the airline industry is suffering, with current predictions that it will be short more than 12,000 commercial pilots…

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rolls-royce electric speed record-seeking plane flies!

Rolls-Royce has made the first flight of its all-electric Spirit of Innovation experimental plane, with which it intends to establish an all-out speed record for an all-electric piloted aircraft. The program is chock-a-block with acronyms, many of which are about the company’s desire to promote its green initiatives—Rolls-Royce is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fossil fuel-burning large-jet engines. Spirit of Innovation took off from Boscombe Down airfield and flew for “approximately 15 minutes,” a length of time that was once common for first flights, though today they tend to be much longer, allowing the test pilots—the pilot of this single-place plane was not named in Rolls-Royce’s release—to complete tasks on the flight test card. In this case, the short first flight, not much more time than to do a…

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the two missing planes that helped create the bermuda triangle theory

THE MYSTERY What happened to the British South American Airlines (BSAA) flight that disappeared on Jan. 17, 1949, and could its fate be tied to that of another BSAA flight that vanished almost exactly a year earlier? BACKGROUND It was an otherwise lovely Monday morning when Captain John Clutha McPhee prepared his Avro 688 Tudor Mark IV aircraft, Star Ariel, for a flight from Kindley Field, Bermuda, to Kingston, Jamaica. The weather was idyllic across the planned route—calm, clear skies with no incoming storms. Star Ariel was supposed to be grounded that day, but the plane originally scheduled for the flight, BSAA Star Lion, had suffered an engine failure on its approach to Bermuda, though it had landed without incident. With 13 passengers and six additional crew onboard, the Avro departed Bermuda at 8:41…

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Coffee Aloft The Wacaco Minipresso GR is a perfect companion for all your early-morning (or, really, any-time-of-day) flights. It’s a portable espresso machine that’s compact and lightweight, allowing you to enjoy quality java wherever your flying adventures take you. With an innovative semi-automatic piston at its core, it injects small quantities of water into the coffee adapter. After a few pushes and optimal extraction pressure, you’re rewarded with a rich and bold espresso. Measuring 6.89 inches and with an attractive and versatile carrying case, the Wacaco Minipresso GR is a welcome addition to any pilot’s flight bag. Price: $54.90. Available at Yes, You Need Another Coffee Mug …especially if it’s this stylish! A great gift to yourself or an aviator in your life, it shows off the classic silhouette of a Cessna 172…

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cross check

ACROSS 1 Vintage military planes 6 DA 40 Tundra ____ 9 Expert flier 11 Lockheed’s P-80 ____ ____ (2 words) 12 Any lighter-than-air craft that is powered and steerable 13 Sun Devils’ school, abbr. 14 Popular 15 Light wind 17 Gee or Bumble plane 19 In a crosswind or tailwind, this can be tricky 20 Hinged metal cover over an engine 24 Coat or soup 25 Electric urban air taxis 27 Aviation acronym for required 28 Instability in the atmosphere DOWN 1 Apple state, abbr. 2 The document stating the level of required achievement, abbr. 3 Bring back on board in a company 4 Mechanical horizon enabler (2 words) 5 Bounce, in basketball 7 Japanese aviation company offering a multicopter kit aircraft 8 Send a plane to a different airport, for example 10 A stern captain might be accused of being one of these 12 In aviation, it doesn’t make perfect but can improve proficiency 16…