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Plane & Pilot December 2016

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plane & pilot platinum for 2016

It’s easy to listen to the naysayers in aviation, but by any measure it’s been a remarkable year for general aviation. From great new airplanes and technological advancements, to innovative companies and regulatory gains, aviation had a banner year in 2106. Here are our picks for the Plane & Pilot Platinum Awards. Piper M600 Piper knocked it out of the park with its next-gen turboprop single, the M600, which takes its place at the top of the company’s lineup. The ’600 is faster (275 knots), longer-legged (around 1,450 nm), just as comfy and better equipped than Piper’s popular Meridian, while coming in at just under $3 million, a bargain by fast-turboprop standards. And, to top it all off, the M600 is outfitted with the Garmin G3000 touch-controlled avionics suite, making it the…

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highs and lows

Best year for GA piston sales ever: 1946, 35,000 PLANES Estimated number delivered in ’46: less than 10,000 Planes built five years later: 2,302 (down 93% from ’46) Worst year for GA piston sales: 1994: 495 PLANES Number delivered five years later: 1,748 Best year for piston sales in modern era: 1979, 16,129 DELIVERED Singles built in the 22-year period 1959-1981: 218,881 Most singles during one year, 1959-1981: 14,398 in 1978 Singles built in the 22-year period 1989-2011: 26,894 Most singles in one year 1989-2011: 2,208 PLANES, 2006 Singles delivered in 2008: 1,943 Singles delivered in 2009: 893 FAA-certified pilots in 1980: 827,071 Percentage of those who were women: 6.4% FAA pilots in 2014: 593,499 Percentage who were women: 6.6% Recreational pilots in U.S. in 1993: 206 Recreational pilots in U.S. in 2014: 220 Private pilots in Rhode Island in 2014: 363 Sport pilots in 2005 (first year of…

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B-15 Bomber Worn by U.S. Air Force pilots and air crews in the 1940s, the B-15 jacket was designed for cold temperatures, with a Mouton fur collar, 100% wool knit waistband and cuffs (with a later move to nylon), and tabs to hold the pilot’s oxygen mask and to keep headset wires in place. Alpha Industries started making its B-15 bomber reproductions in 1993 and today offers the Injector jacket ($180), designed to B-15D specifications. A modern take on the classic military-style bomber, the mid-weight Injector is suitable for mild or colder winter climates from 25º F to 40º F. It features a 100% washed flight nylon outer shell and polyfill nylon lining, a removable faux Mouton fur collar, canvas tape trim details, interior/exterior pockets and tabs, plus metallic rings for…

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accident briefs

CESSNA 182C SKYLANE 1 Fatal The private pilot was conducting a short flight to his home airport after picking up his airplane following an annual inspection. There were no recorded communications between the pilot and air traffic control services. Radar data first showed the accident airplane about 20 miles east of the departure airport. The radar targets indicated that the airplane traveled toward the southeast with the final radar target about 11 miles west of the accident location. Several witnesses near the accident site reported hearing or observing the airplane flying in a low altitude and maneuvering to the north, east, and south. Witnesses described the airplane as flying about treetop level. Examination of the accident site indicated a high-airspeed, near-vertical impact with trees and terrain consistent with a loss of airplane control.…

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siriusxm wx aviation receiver

From SiriusXM, the people who created affordable weather in the cockpit for general aviation, comes a brand-new product, a compact, rugged and powerful rechargeable receiver that connects via Bluetooth to your iPad or iPhone. The new receiver has the catchy name of the SXAR1 Aviation Receiver, but like me, you’ll probably wind up referring to it as your XM weather box. I’ve been using the new receiver with my ForeFlight for the past couple of weeks now, and as much as I like ADS-B weather (especially since it’s free), SiriusXM has it beat hands-down. And it’s not even close. There are more and far better weather products with greater fidelity and associated data. And because the Aviation Receiver gets its data from a pair of satellites in a fixed orbit covering…

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into africa

Kenya occupies a special place in the heart of many of us who love aviation. It features some of the world’s most legendary landscapes and wildlife—much of which even today is best appreciated and accessed by airplane. No surprise, then, that it’s also been home to several of history’s most legendary early aviators. Perhaps the most famous is Beryl Markham. Markham was born in Britain in 1902 and arrived in what was then British East Africa when she was four. She became a bush pilot, helping to locate game for safaris, and in 1936 she became the first person to fly nonstop, from east to west, from England to North America. She was honored with a tickertape parade in New York City. Markham’s personal life was colorful. One of her lovers (and…