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Plane & Pilot July 2018

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aviation’s “female” pilot problem

Since the accident in April on Southwest Flight 1380, there has been a lot of discussion of the role of the captain, Tammie Jo Shults, who immediately became a public figure after air traffic control recordings of her cool and measured response to the emergency got the attention of observers inside and outside of aviation. But Shults’ place in the story is not without controversy, not because of the pilot’s actions in the cockpit that day but because of her gender. To recap and update the events, it was an absolutely uneventful flight for Southwest 1380 when, without warning, the number one engine on the Boeing 737-700 suffered a catastrophic, uncontained engine failure, and the debris the engine cast off broke through the housing and shattered a single window on the side…

4 min.
first supersonic pilot?

THE MYSTERY? Was Chuck Yeager the first to break the so-called “sound barrier?” Or did someone, or multiple people, beat him to the sonic boom? Well, this one isn’t so much a mystery as a debate. THE BACKSTORY For the past seven-plus decades, we’ve celebrated Chuck Yeager’s being the first human to fly faster than the speed of sound. The feat we fete is his flight on October 14, 1947, in the Bell-X-1 rocket plane. The X-1. The straight-wing rocket plane was carried aloft by a B-29 mother ship and dropped from its bomb bay. The plane accelerated up to Mach 1.07 (a “Mach number” being the speed value used for very fast aircraft) in level flight, and Yeager had achieved the first supersonic flight. CONTROVERSY Or did he? There are numerous theories that other pilots…

1 min.
cross check

ACROSS 1 Most popular GA planes (two words) 7 One of two things a VOR might be telling you 8 A portmanteau for Gary Burrell and Min Kao’s baby 9 A type of cloud or plane 10 Single-engine land, single-engine sea, helicopter, etc. 12 Optional for VFR 14 Purchase 15 Could be monocoque or welded tubing 17 Energy-saving light 18 Approached 21 Military rank grading 23 Key executive, abbr. 24 Southwest’s stock symbol 26 _____ ____ parachute system, 2 words—goes with 13 down 28 Aircraft’s nerve center 29 What parts use the brakes 30 Neat 31 Bombardment proponent, Le ___ DOWN 1 It appears in a bank 2 Not prepared for takeoff, say 3 They form the great blue yonder 4 Engine gauge 5 Areas hardest hit by airline mergers 6 GPS provides it, abbr. 7 Banking achieves this 10 Seating area 11 What you shouldn’t run 12 ___ flight checklist 13 See 26 across 15 What a tank did for…

2 min.
the ‘70s

Most popular car in United States, 1977: Chevy Impala Number built: more than 250,000 Cost: $4,876 Most popular airplane, 1970: Cessna Skyhawk Number produced: 759 Cost: $12,500 Average salary United States, 1970: $6,186 Average U.S. salary, 1979: $11,479 Cost of an hour of flight training w/instructor in 1970: about $100 (adjusted to 2017) per hour Average cost in 2017: about $150 per hour Planes produced in 1978: almost 18,000 First true single-pilot capable bizjet: Cessna Citation 500, 1971 Certificated Pilots in the United States in 1970: about 710,000 Certificated pilots in the United States by 1980: 827,071 Student pilots in 1970: approximately 200,000 Student pilots by 1980: about 210,000 Year of Susquehanna flood that wiped out Piper’s Lock Haven, PA, plant: 1972 Casualties of the flood: PA-24 Comanche abandoned, tooling for Navajo, Cheyenne, Aztec and Comanche destroyed First flight, single-engine pressurized Piper PA-46 Malibu: 1979 Percentage of pilots per…

3 min.
news of note

GARMIN BRINGS G1000 NXI TO PHENOM LIGHT JETS Hundreds of Embraer Phenom 100 and 300 aircraft will soon have the opportunity to upgrade to Garmin G1000NXi, which offers the advantages of visual approaches, runway monitoring and map overlay within the HSI. Flight testing of the $60,000 upgrade will begin this fall, with certification expected in spring of next year. BENDIXKING INTRODUCES BUDGET PFD FOR EXPERIMENTALS BendixKing officially branched out into the experimental market in April, when it unveiled the xVue Touch, a 10.1-inch PFD featuring synthetic vision and ADS-B weather. The $5,499 display integrates with the company’s KSN series as well as Garmin’s GTN/GNS series and Avidyne’s IFD navs. HOUSE PASSES FAA REAUTHORIZATION BILL A five-year funding bill that would provide $4.35 billion per year to the Federal Aviation Administration was passed by the House…

2 min.
here’s the greatest new feature in foreflight 10

ForeFlight’s latest app, ForeFlight 10, has dropped, and it raises the bar in the app game yet again with features that add real quality-of-life improvements for the user. We'll save the best for last, but these new features are so cool that there’s sure to be arguments about which is the best upgrade. 5. SEARCH Instead of having to know the inaptly named “three-letter” identifier for your intended airport, or the IDs for a VOR (yes, they still exist) or intersection, you can now search in FF 10 for what you want. You can search from any of the map views by name or, if you’re online, by city name or the name of the VOR or airport. And it remembers recent searches, too, which is handy. It’s what we’d always been wanting. 4.…