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Plane & Pilot May 2017

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9 min.
basicmed: a huge disappointment

As the details of the new third class FAA medical came to light, I made the mistake of letting my enthusiasm for the overall concept color my reaction to the actual rule. The new regs, BasicMed, were supposed to represent the FAA’s regulatory translation of what we really wanted: to get rid of the Third Class medical and replace it with our driver’s license as proof we can safely get around in a small transportation vehicle. I think we all wanted to do away with the FAA medical altogether, never think about it again, and just go flying. Like most of you, I was fine with there being limits on the new non-medical, including the size and speed of what we fly, as well as how many passengers we carried.…

2 min.

Average yearly cost of severe TS damage, U.S.: $10 BILLION Number of TS worldwide/year: 16 million Average number of TS in progress at any given time, worldwide: 2,000 Number of TS U.S./year: ~100,000 Most likely time of year: SPRING/SUMMER Most likely time of day, Gulf Coast, Southeastern and Western States: Afternoon Most likely time of day, Plains States: Late afternoon/Night State with most days with thunderstorms: Florida Average TS cell diameter: 15 miles Average duration: 30 MINUTES Average TS max wind speed: 34-40 mph Average TS tops: 40,000 feet Max recorded TS top: 75,000 feet Associated aviation dangers: LIGHTNING, TURBULENCE, WIND SHEAR, DOWNBURSTS, ICING, HAIL, ENGINE WATER INGESTION, REDUCED VISIBILITY Severe storm qualifications: hail 1”+ diameter, winds 58 mph+ (50 kts), tornadic activity Percentage of storms that classify as severe: 10% Lightning temp: UP TO 30,000°C (54,032°F) Temperature of the sun: 5,778K (5,505°C) Lightning speed, leader: ~136,000 mph Length of…

3 min.

Smart Anchor Tie-Down Kit Securing a plane off the tarmac can be a bit of a hassle without the right equipment. At just 8 pounds, the Smart Anchor Tie Down Kit ($79.95) provides a lightweight, easily portable solution. The three-pin anchoring system and unique swivel design enable the user to set tie-down points either vertically or at a 45° angle. The kit comes with three anchor hubs, nine spikes and three 10-foot nylon ropes. In addition, it includes a carrying bag and a 16-ounce hammer. The anchors are made of hi-carbon steel alloy. When installed, they sit just one inch above ground to help reduce the risk of tripping. The spikes, also steel alloy, are 12 inches long and designed for easy removal with a standard hammer. Altogether, the Smart Anchor…

3 min.
accident briefs

AERONCA 11AC CHIEF Ishpeming, Michigan: 2 Fatal During a personal local flight, the private pilot made a low pass in the airplane over the runway and turned left to enter the traffic pattern for landing. A witness stated that the airplane “looked mushy” when it made its left crosswind turn. Another witness reported that the airplane appeared to enter a “close-in” traffic pattern at an estimated altitude of 100 to 150 feet above ground level. He further stated that the airplane’s airspeed seemed slower than normal. He stopped watching the airplane until he heard a change in its engine noise. When he looked back, the airplane was in a left bank turning from the base leg to final approach, and the engine stopped producing power. The airplane immediately went into a left…

10 min.
this is your captain speaking

If you made a list of the audible wonders of the ancient world, the theater of Epidaurus, on the Argolid Peninsula of Greece, would probably come first. Even today spellbound audiences of around 14,000, wherever they’re seated, can easily hear the unamplified voices of actors. The science behind all this was a mystery until a decade ago, when Georgia Institute of Technology researchers concluded that it’s the theater’s array of limestone seats that make the unique acoustics possible. Limestone seating sounds classy, and it’s certainly durable (the Epidaurus theater was largely built in the fourth century BC). Sadly, though, stone seating is a bit too heavy to use in aircraft cabins, and so pilots who wish to speak easily to their customers have come to rely on more modern technology. In…

9 min.
the top rudder remedy

“Attempting to raise a lowered wing under these conditions by using ailerons only is a potentially dangerous practice predisposing to inadvertent aerodynamic stall-spin and loss of control.” Inflight loss of control (LOC), unintended departure of an aircraft from controlled flight, is regarded by the NTSB and the 25 Joseph T. Nall Report from the AOPA Air Safety Foundation as a significant flight safety issue. Over 40% of fixed-wing general aviation accidents occurred because pilots lost control of their airplanes. NTSB and AOPA Air Safety Foundation have determined that takeoff and climb, landing, and maneuvering are the deadliest phases of flight for LOC accidents. A precipitating factor of LOC accidents may be a pilot’s incorrect use of ailerons only to raise a lowered wing, rather than correctly applying top rudder pressure combined…