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Plane & Pilot September 2017

Plane & Pilot is the ultimate resource for active pilots who desire an information-rich magazine with timely and entertaining content. Get Plane & Pilot digital magazine subscription today for pilot reports on the newest LSA, certified piston-engine and light-turbine aircraft, expert tips on flying techniques, product reviews of the latest gear and seasoned aviator stories from the sky.

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what we love and who we are

This is nothing new to pilots. The perfect combination for us is a plane, people we care about, faraway places and the experience of all we see and do there. When you get familiar with something important to you, it’s easy to forget its substance and focus on its form. That’s true with brands like ours, Plane & Pilot. It’s probably not something you think about beyond the fact that it’s a name you know and hopefully trust and maybe even love. I know that’s how I always viewed it. But then on a flight one warm evening recently I thought about it some more and came away looking at it completely differently. I realized that not only is our title descriptive of what the brand stands for; it is in fact…

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aviation training

First military flight training: 1908, Fort Myer, Maryland First students: Lieutenants Frank Lahm and Frederic Humphreys First trainer aircraft: Signal Corps #1 Reported dual time before solo: 3 hours each First Civilian Flying School: Wright Brothers Flying School, Montgomery, Alabama Started business in Montgomery: March 1910 Moved out of Alabama: May 1910 Current site of the school: Maxwell Air Force Base New school location: Huffman Prairie, Ohio Number of aviators trained there: About 100 Noteworthy alumni: Hap Arnold, Commander of U.S. Army Air Forces Other noteworthy alum: Thomas DeWitt Milling, first rated pilot in the Air Forces Milling’s second instructor: Orville Wright End of Operations: 1916, with the onset of World War I Current status: Open to the Public as Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park Number of trained U.S. pilots entering World War I: Approximately 100 Number of flight schools: 3 Number of pilots needed for the…

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Brimstone Laptop Fire Containment Bag These days, nobody leaves their personal electronic devices at home. While uncommon, the lithium-ion batteries powering many devices have been known to catch fire. The Brimstone Laptop Fire Containment Bag ($595) provides protection in case that happens in the cockpit. Just put the overheating device into the bag and seal it shut. The heavy-duty containment bag is multi-layered, including a carbon layer that will withstand up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit and a Kevlar layer to protect against shrapnel in the event of a battery explosion. The bag comes with a set of gloves for handling a hot device. Each bag has an individual serial number to help keep track of recommended yearly maintenance inspections. Brimstone Fire Containment Bags are made of FAA-certified materials. The bags are intended for…

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shoes just to fly in?

Lift Aviation recently launched a lineup of aviation-specific shoes engineered especially for piloting. We tried out the top-of-the-line Dakota model in the airplane and came away with an answer to the question, why would anyone need an aviation-specific shoe? The idea of a shoe specially made for flying probably sounds strange to most of you. After all, we’ve all been wearing our regular footwear for flying for many decades, so why would we need an aviation shoe now? As it turns out, aviation is an outlier in not having specific shoes associated with the activity. It actually wasn’t until I started working on this story that I thought much about it. I’ve got activity-specific shoes for running, hiking, rock climbing, riding horses, riding motorcycles and playing tennis. Aviation is the exception…

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a portable air conditioner: we fly with b-kool

It gets hot early in Texas, both early in the day and early in the year, so when Bob Stephens called and asked if I wanted to try out one of his B-Kool ice chest air conditioners, I was in the perfect place. I also have the perfect plane, a Cessna Skylane that was built perhaps before air conditioning was invented. Okay, I exaggerate, but the point is still true, that my plane is one of many out there for which the installation of an aftermarket AC is an option that is either not available or not financially practical. Or both. The B-Kool is an air conditioner built on the bones of a large, not an extra-large, ice chest. The unit features a blower motor that takes the cold air that’s…

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myskyforce flight training app

Learning the basics of aviation is anything but easy, especially for people coming to aviation with little to no knowledge of how our complex corner of the world works. Don’t believe it? Just crack open the FARs for a second and discover how much you’ve forgotten or never knew. Taking all of that knowledge and putting it into a form that lets folks new to aviation understand is no mean feat. Doing it in a way that helps them understand how every part of the puzzle relates to the other pieces is even harder. MySkyForce pulls off both of those feats. The app is a little different than the competition, and some very good competition, too, in a number of ways. MySkyForce incorporates some of the features of top-of-the-line video or online…