Popular Woodworking April 2018

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strut your stuff

I have the great privilege of ringing the opening bell for this year’s PWM Excellence Awards – and the joy of telling you that your work will have a chance at winning the $1,000 grandprize. Submissions will be accepted from April 1 - June 16, at popularwoodworking.com/2018excellence. Entrance to the contest comes at no cost – all you need to enter is photos of your work, a title and a short description, including the materials used in its construction and its dimensions. This year, we’ve revamped the categories. They are: • Casework, Cabinets & Bookcases • Seating • Tables • Boxes, Smalls & Miscellaneous • Best Beginners Let me clarify the last two categories: The “Boxes, Smalls & Miscellaneous” category is where the object you’ve made that isn’t furniture will fit in – these can be turned ornaments,…

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dishwasher-safe finish for wood?

We have wood-handled silverware, which gets washed in a dishwasher. In the past I have refinished the wood using General Finishes Salad Bowl Finish. That worked well in the beginning, but now years later it has totally worn off, and the handles are back to bare wood. The salad bowl finish seems to wear off evenly without flaking. We want something that lasts longer but doesn't end up flaking off and looking unsightly, maybe a finish that cures in the wood, not on the wood. What finish do you recommend for this application? I was thinking to use boiled linseed oil, or do you think I should just stick with the salad bowl finish and reapply every few years? If nothing holds up to a hot, soapy dishwasher – is there a…

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staff favorites

Like many of our readers, the staff of Popular Woodworking Magazine and I look forward every issue to seeing what our readers and authors will send our way for the “Tricks of the Trade” column. So this month, I put the call out to our staff for their favorites tricks from the past few years. We all have reasons to love ours – it may be a trick we’ve come to love through usage or one we just think was a great example of thinking outside of the box. As for my favorite trick – it’s the amazing talent of our illustrator, Martha Garstang Hill, whose work you see on these pages. Enjoy her drawings, and enjoy your work! Brendan Gaffney, interim editor Sander Circle Jig I love this trick – and when David Lyell…

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shaper origin hand-held cnc

Up to now, CNCs were large, heavy, complicated tools that took up a lot of space in a shop. The Shaper Origin is something quite different. It’s a hand-held, easy-to-use CNC that you take to your work, instead of the other way around. All CNCs need to know their precise location within their work space. Conventional CNCs work on their own platforms, with rails and guide systems that keep track of their position. The Origin (assembled in the U.S.) takes a different approach. On the front of the machine is a high-resolution camera that scans for domino-like position markers printed on a special paper tape that the user lays out on the work every 3"-4" in front of the machine (two 150'-long rolls are supplied with the machine, and additional rolls can…

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yost m9ww 9" rapid action woodworking vise

Before I admitted I was a woodworker, I accomplished all of my woodworking in a Craftsman bench vise. I remember buying my bench vise as a young man who wanted to give the heaviest (and therefore, the most meaningful) gift to my father for Christmas that I could. Having spent some time with wood, I’ve come to see that bench vises are not a total solution to workholding for woodworking. They do, however, work well for a variety of tasks around the shop – and are straightforward to install. The Chinese-made Yost M9WW delivers solid design at a fair price – the MSRP is $99, but it’s frequently on sale from online retailers (I picked mine up for $64). The solidity of the castings and hardware are apparent, and the buttress threads…

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ray iles large drawknife

In October of 2017, I took a chair-making class with Larry Barrett, a student of Jennie Alexander’s who has built on the beautiful designs and methods used in the Alexander-style ladderback chair. When I was looking through my tool kit in preparation for the class, one tool needed replacing – that rusty old drawknife I had only ever used to debark logs. I had a number of recommendations on what drawknife I might enjoy most – but in the end, I went with this tool from Lincolnshire toolmaker Ray Iles. If you’ve bought tools from Ray before (as I have many times, through Tools for Working Wood) you know the deal – they are no-nonsense tools. In keeping with the Sheffield tradition, this drawknife is no different – great steel, simple design…