Popular Woodworking October 2018

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all this stuff

This summer, my girlfriend and I moved from our one bedroom apartment, where we lived for eight years, to a big old house on the other side of the city. Moving in and of itself is stressful – renting a truck, calling in favors to friends and family to help move and doing all of the fixing and cleaning and updating that happens when you move to a new place. But on the other side lies more space, a spot for a dedicated shop and a charming old house. Moving into that first apartment together felt very adult. It meant combining all of our stuff, making choices about what stays and goes and getting furniture that fit our new space. It’s that last one – getting furniture – that still gnaws…

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dowel joints for chairs

I build furniture as a hobby and have used dowels for some projects and mortise and tenons for some projects. I use a Dowelmax and have found it to be much easier and faster than making mortises and tenons. The dowel joints produced with this jig are often more accurate than the mortise and tenon joints I make. I would like to be able to confidently use dowels on my next chair project, and the Dowelmax website even has plans for a chair using dowels for all joinery. However, books and articles I have read dismiss the dowel joint as being inferior and insufficient to withstand the stress endured by a household chair and the authors of these articles suggest avoiding the use of dowels for any joints in a chair. I…

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our favorite router tips and tricks

Router Jointer You can use a router to joint two boards at once. This is a really handy trick if you don’t have a long-bed jointer or you don’t have a jointer at all, and you’re working with really long stock. The trick is to rout both boards at the same time, so the edges mirror each other. Bowed or not, they’ll always fit tightly. To set this trick up, mill three spacer blocks to 11/16" thick. Clamp the boards to a pair of sawhorses with the spacers between them. Chuck a 3/4" bit in your router. Clamp the guide board so the bit takes an equal amount off both boards, about 1/32". Ride the router tightly against the guideboard, removing the spacers as needed. Any deviation or wandering from the router will…

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milwaukee cordless chainsaw

I made the switch to battery-powered chainsaws for my tree service work in 2011 when pro-duty models first became available, and I never looked back. Battery power has replaced 2-stroke fuel on my jobs for all but the largest removals, and also replaced corded electric power at the shop for all but the longest rips when milling. As with many other tools, the grab-and-go convenience of cordless makes the choice easy. And compared to gas, there are appreciable benefits with reduced noise, toxic exhaust fumes, small engine maintenance and fuel hassles. It’s also nice to have a saw you can use indoors when needed. Milwaukee is the latest manufacturer to come out with a battery-powered chainsaw, and it’s part of the same 18-volt platform as their most common cordless tools. The…

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bosch cordless palm edge router

There’s something to be said about the form of a tool that impacts your desire to pick it up and use it – especially when the form has been designed to address a particular process. And that’s what initially caught my eye with this Bosch router. The Bosch 12-volt palm edge router is designed for edge work, with its elongated base plate and a grip that centers your hand directly over the bit. The form provides a degree of balance that is uncommon to most other trim routers in this category. The traditional barrel shape of routers predisposes the user to tip the tool when uneven pressure is applied. In my testing, I had no issue with irregular edges due to tipping and found the micro adjust to be convenient and simple.…

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morakniv wood carving set

If you’re looking to jump on the Slöyd bandwagon and start carving spoons and other wooden objects, this set of two knives is a great starting point. And they’re made in Sweden, where Slöyd is still a part of the school curriculum. First, you get a straight carving knife (Morakniv’s wood carving 120 model). Its thin blade is about 2 1/2" long and made from laminated steel. It comes razor sharp out of the box and held its edge well through a variety of carving tasks in both green and dry hard wood. It’s stout enough to do some roughing work, but it really excels at detailing and refining shapes. The hook knife (model 164) has a 1/2" internal radius that works well for spoons, refining bowls and shallow surface carvings. Its…