Popular Woodworking November 2016

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secret compartments

When I was a kid, my mom dragged me to antique malls and furniture auctions on what felt at the time like a daily basis (it was probably four times per year). I would entertain myself on these seemingly interminable occasions by searching the case pieces for hidden drawers and compartments. I’m sure the dealers loved having some snot-nosed kid poking around in their stuff. I knew early on that the most likely place for hidden drawers was in the center gallery section of a desk or secretary. I could usually tell if there was a “secret” by sticking my hand inside the central cavity to see if the assembly moved at all – a dead giveaway one could pull it out (also a quick way to get the owner to…

5 min.
what’s new in the new ‘workbenches?’

There is an article on the Knockdown Nicholson Bench in the November 2015 issue (#221); this bench is also in the revised edition of Christopher Schwarz’s book “Workbenches: From Design & Theory to Construction & Use.” My question: Is all the information in the book about that particular bench also in the article? I own the first edition of “Workbenches,” so would like to put off buying the second if what’s in the magazine will be enough to help me build that bench. Stephen Pinney, via email Stephen, There are many additional views of the measured drawings in the book, and some extra photos and words – but you can absolutely build the bench from the instruction and images in the magazine. (Note: You can download the SketchUp model for the bench to export…

4 min.
the winner: protect your hands from chisel lands

Many new chisels, especially most premium-quality chisels, have sharp lands (the beveled side edges). Some people wear cotton gloves to protect their hands when using these, but I don’t like the loss of feel and sensitivity with gloves. So I came up with a simple solution to avoid getting cut by these edges. I cut off the tip of a rubber finger pad (sold at office supply stores to guard against paper cuts) and slide it onto my index finger for use as a guard against the chisel edges. It doesn’t interfere with feedback and control, and I no longer suffer from cuts – even if I hold the chisel tightly. Charles Mak, Calgary, Alberta A Bench for Benchtop Tools I built the knockdown workbench that was featured in your November 2015 issue (#221).…

3 min.
bosch reaxx jobsite saw

As a retired safety professional turned woodworker, I want a saw with flesh-sensing technology, but I don’t have room for a cabinet saw. In 2015 SawStop introduced its jobsite saw. Shortly after, Bosch introduced the REAXX jobsite saw. I bought my REAXX saw in July. It took a few hours to get the saw ready and assemble the mobile base. The factory settings and alignments were right on. No adjustments were required. The saw includes both high- and low-tech safety features. For example, locating the push stick in a convenient front holster encourages you to use it. The throat plate, adjustable-height riving knife, guard and anti-kickback pawls are removed, installed or positioned without tools. The guard and pawls store under the table. (It takes only a minute to put them back on, improving…

3 min.
walke moore tools router plane

Router planes are the Swiss Army knives of joinery, cleaning out dados, leveling lap joints and trimming tenons with speed and surgical precision. The new Walke Moore Tools 2500 excels at all of the things you want a router plane to do, and a few you might not expect. While no tool is perfect, there are several things about the 2500 that set it apart in its class. To begin with, size matters. Drawing its DNA from the desirable but discontinued Preston 2500P router plane (patented in 1907), the Walke Moore 2500 offers a generous 8 1/2" x 3/2" rectangular footprint, giving it an expansive reach and rock-solid feel. The historic form is reimagined here in some innovative ways, beginning with a manganese bronze casting intended to add both durability and mass…

5 min.
designer’s workhorse

There is a saying among artists: Values (light and shadow) do all the work in a painting, while colors have all the fun. Though cobalt blue and crimson red may dazzle, light and shadows give meaning to our eyes. The same can be said of poetry. Words are the playthings of poets, while meter is the structure that makes a poem work. Woodworkers also have a number of toys to play with. We can have fun with carving, marquetry, figured grain, colored woods, stains, textures, finishes…the list can go on and on, but what really ties everything together is proportion. It’s the one factor that determines whether a design succeeds or fails. Looking back to the 18th century, we might think era artisans went overboard with carving and embellishment, but design…