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Practical Boat Owner February 2018

Published by TI Media Limited Practical Boat Owner is Britain's biggest-selling boating magazine, trusted and respected by all its readers. A source of useful and helpful information for both power and sail boat owners, PBO helps you get the most from your boat acting as a forum for interacting with like-minded individuals.

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waiting for the tide

with the editor To receive the editor’s monthly email newsletter, go to our website: www.pbo.co.uk Flying the flag Christmas has come and gone – time to reflect on 2017 and look forward to the coming year. I hope the cover shot of the Hunter Minstrel flying a burgee as well as a fine ensign has you looking forward to next season. The choice of image is of no relevance to any of the stories in the magazine, by the way – we just loved it! Speaking of which, the image below is also a stunner. To find out why that one is here you will have to turn to page 78 – our dramatically titled story ‘Race against time’ that pits the ingenuity of skipper, photographer, PBO forum user and all-round adventurer Tim Good…

13 min.
eu cracks down on antifouling

News and current affairs from the world of boating SEND US YOUR STORIES Email news editor Katy Stickland at pbo@timeinc.com, tel: 01252 555213 EU guidelines governing the use of biocides in leisure boat antifouling look set to considerably reduce the choice of coatings available to boat owners. The Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) stops well short of an outright ban on biocides, but it is possible that some products could be withdrawn from sale as early as June 2018 and that the efficacy of certain types of coatings currently allowed on boats will be reduced. A guidance document issued in November by the British Coatings Federation (BCF) states: “The objective of this legislation is to create a level playing field of effective and safe products throughout Europe. “Under the BPR all antifouling paints need to undergo an…

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regional news

News from your cruising area Send us your local news stories. Email PBO news editor Katy Stickland at pbo@timeinc.com, tel: 01252 555213, or write to the address on page 5 SOUTH SUNSEEKER HEADLINES AT POOLE AGAIN Sunseeker International will be the main sponsor for the Poole Harbour Boat Show for the fourth year running. The British luxury motor yacht manufacturer will also be returning with the ‘Sunseeker Sessions’ live music stage, which will feature musical talent from across the region at the 2018 show. Around 30,000 people attended last year in what is the South Coast’s biggest free boat show. The three-day event will take place at the Poole Quay Boat Haven between 8-10 June and will showcase a variety of yachts and equipment and have ‘Try a Boat’ taster sessions. SOUTH-WEST LUGGER TO RETURN TO CORNWALL HOME The last…

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section letters

Email pbo@timeinc.com or write to us at the address on page 5. Photos are appreciated, letters may be edited. Calling all West Wight Potters Having read the December issue of PBO from cover to cover I am, as usual, intrigued by the passion sailors have for their acquisitions. After a great deal of research I eventually found the ideal project boat last winter to amuse myself on the River Dart in Dartmouth. Sitting in a cosy garage in Dorset I found Isla, a West Wight Potter that I subsequently purchased. Mine is a practical day sailer made by Martin Pook, I believe in the 1980s, but the original Potters were built by Stan Smith in the 1960s. Isla is number 14 of the 16 potters built in Dorset so I would appreciate hearing from…

4 min.
angle of perplexity

Mad about the boat Dave Selby is the proud owner of a 5.48m (18ft) Sailfish, which he keeps on a swinging mooring on the picturesque Blackwater estuary in Essex Of course, nautical English is mainly designed to confuse and impress and works best when it does both at once. They teach this on courses, which garner certificates to impress non-sailor friends when they come round for dinner, but confuse those with any intention of going sailing. The solution to this is to do more courses, which eventually stops normal people coming for dinner. To achieve this, all you need to do is respond accordingly when they ask the way to your toilet where are all your certificates are arranged at eye-level – both for men and women. Here is an example of a student’s…

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sleeping tight

Flotsam and jetsam Sam Llewellyn writes sea thrillers and edits The Marine Quarterly. He is currently patching up a thirty-foot ketch. The other day between storms of rain we went wandering round the yard, shaking our heads at the derelicts and feeling mildly hopeful as we took the cushions out of the new project boat, which still looks bloody awful but now has a new red engine that works. At teatime the conversation, never very technical, rolled round to upholstery. Torquil, who wears the huge khaki shorts known as Bombay Bloomers and takes young people sailing for the good of their characters, said he reckoned you could not beat a hammock. The Royal Navy in its sailing heyday, he pointed out, allowed 14in of hammock-width per man. Torquil reckoned this was great for…