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Practical Boat Owner May-2018

Published by TI Media Limited Practical Boat Owner is Britain's biggest-selling boating magazine, trusted and respected by all its readers. A source of useful and helpful information for both power and sail boat owners, PBO helps you get the most from your boat acting as a forum for interacting with like-minded individuals.

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waiting for the tide

with the editor To receive the editor’s monthly email newsletter, go to our website: www.pbo.co.uk Tiny transatlantic boats The news this month that perhaps most caught my attention, apart from the disastrous events at Holyhead Marina, is the film documentary on the voyage of Robert Manry. Manry was working as a copy editor at a regional newspaper near Pittsburgh, USA, when he bought Tinkerbelle, his 14ft dinghy. He then set about building a cabin for her and hatching plans to sail from Falmouth, Massachusetts to Falmouth England. He set off in early summer, 1965, alone, having taken a sabatical from work, but arrived in the UK 90 days later something of a hero and becoming the latest record holder of the smallest boat to sail the Atlantic. His book is extraordinary, but I cannot wait…

3 min.
catastrophic damage to holyhead marina after storm

SEND US YOUR STORIES Email news editor Katy Stickland at pbo@timeinc.com, tel: 01252 555213 A major clean-up operation is underway at Holyhead Marina in Anglesey, north Wales after around 85 boats were destroyed or damaged during Storm Emma. Gales of up to 70mph left yachts and boats either sunk or beached on 2 March. Polystyrene from the marina’s pontoons washed up, chest deep in places, and booms were brought in to contain diesel and other debris, which has since spread along miles of the Anglesey coastline. A significant amount of fuel had to be pumped out of some of the larger vessels. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) said it was ‘unclear’ how long the clean-up would take. Jonathan Fox moored his Fiskars Finnfire 33, Mikki Finn at Holyhead Marina. Speaking to PBO just days after…

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suhaili denied place on historic ships register

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston says he won’t appeal a decision by National Historic Ships UK (NHS-UK) to exclude Suhaili from the National Register of Historic Vessels. Boats on the register have to be a minimum of 33-foot overall. Suhaili is seven inches too short. Sir Robin said he was “not particularly surprised” his beloved Bermudian ketch didn’t meet the requirements. “They have their rules and Suhaili does not fit within those. That’s it,” said Sir Robin, although he highlights that the register’s earlier rules excluded boats built outside the UK, although exceptions have been made for HMS Fordroyant and Sir Alec Rose’s 36-foot Lively Lady, which were both built in India. “It’s not for me to decide whether there should be a change in the rules and I am not appealing their decision,” he…

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mandatory co detector call for inland boats

There are new calls to make carbon monoxide detectors mandatory on all cabin boats that use inland waterways. The BoatCOSafe campaign is being run by Niki Molnar. She wants the UK government to make it compulsory for alarms to be fitted. Under the Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulations 2015, all rented properties must have at least one CO alarm, and Molnar wants this extended to all closed-cabin boats on inland waterways. “Boats are naturally enclosed spaces where carbon monoxide can build up very quickly – and as you can’t smell or see it, you can be affected by it before you realise what has happened. Alarms are so reasonably priced these days that there is no reason why every boat owner should not have a suitable CO alarm installed,” stressed Molnar, who…

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sailing the english and welsh islands

Last year, he raced to Scotland in his RS Aero, sailing from Land’s End to John o’Groats. Now Ken Fowler is preparing for a new adventure – to sail around all of the islands in England and Wales. So far, the air traffic controller has identified more than 145 to visit when he starts in April. “While doing the Race to Scotland I really regretted every day that I had to go on and I couldn’t stop and explore more because of the time constraints,” stated Fowler, who said this, and his desire to continue to raise money for two charities – Cancer Research UK and the Oakhaven Hospice Trust in Lymington – are the motivations for his challenge. For the purposes of the adventure, Fowler has defined an island as “a land mass…

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new route for arc channel islands

Entries are now open for ARC Channel Islands, which will feature a new route for 2018 starting from Dartmouth. The ‘South West Edition’, which runs from 11-19 August 2018, aims to give West Country sailors the chance to expand their cruising horizons. A social programme as well as boat safety checks, passage-planning guidance and a skippers’ briefing will be held at Darthaven Marina before the start. Dartmouth Yacht Club is also supporting the event, which is limited to 25 boats. Places are available on a first come, first served basis. “ARC Channel Islands has increased confidence in our sailing abilities,” noted Geoffrey Higginbottom, who took part in the 2017 edition For 2018, the rally will make landfall after the Channel crossing at Guernsey, and Jersey will be included in the route before the ARC…