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Practical Parenting Australia December 2015

Practical Parenting is the leading parenting magazine in Australia introducing pregnant women to motherhood and offering insightful advice and support on pregnancy, new borns, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

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ah christmas s’ favourite time , everyone of ... year

... well, at least it should be, but instead most of us get burnt out by the seemingly endless Christmas shopping, family dramas, and hot and bothered kids! If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. That’s why this issue of Practical Parenting has your Christmas sorted. Not sure what to buy your nephew or niece? Then check out our fabulous Christmas gift guide on p55. Don’t want to break the budget by overspending on rellies, teachers and colleagues? Then take a peek at Louise Fulton Keats’ yummy treats to make and share with your loved ones, on p83. This time of year can be particularly stressful if you have a new baby in tow too. Our special feature on p50 will help you navigate the thrills and spills of Christmas with your…

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this month i’m loving…

Spread the joy The Smith Family’s Joyspreader gift options help young Aussies in need (from $19, www.thesmithfamily.com.au/joyspreader). Find out next month! We’re busy looking at all your Cover Cutie entries right now – it’s so hard to pick just a handful of finalists in each category! To find out which bubs or toddlers have made the final 10, check out next month’s issue on sale December 10. Oh deer! Give your home a fun and funky festive vibe with this ‘Starry, starry reindeer’ print (from $79.98, www.wallartprints.com.au). 25 days til... Count down the days until Christmas with this gorgeous Mozi advent calendar ($39.95, www.mozi.com.au) Practical Parenting is printed by Offset Alpine Printing (ABN 66 003 094 602) at 42 Boorea St, Lidcombe NSW 2141 under ISO14001 Environmental Certification and distributed by Gordon & Gotch Ltd (ABN 90 088…

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write to us

MAKING THE MOST OF PP! I have been a Practical Parenting subscriber now for almost 10 years and I am writing to say a huge thank you for the value my subscription offers me even though my children are now school-age. Here are the reasons why I love reading PP: 1) I adore Louise Fulton Keats’ amazing recipes each month. 2) I’m a children’s librarian in my professional life and I value the picture book reviews. 3) I’m a qualified breastfeeding counsellor and Simone Casey’s articles on breastfeeding support me in this. 4) I discovered Rhian Allen’s Healthy Mummy & Lose Baby Weight websites reading PP and I am sitting here now sipping a Healthy Mummy smoothie and am now a member of her 28 Day Challenge. And 5) the beautiful Babymel…

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what works for me

NO WATER WORRIES I don’t give my baby tap water, so to save keeping heaps of water in the fridge I fill and boil the kettle every night, then fill some water bottles with the boiled water and leave them on the bench for the following day. It’s brilliant as I no longer listen to her cry while I’m making her a bottle as I have it ready straight away. No more cold fridge water! Cathryn, via email WORDS OF WISDOM I have quite a few tips that have saved me over the years that I would love to share with your readers. Slow cookers for dinner means more time at night spent with your kids. Secondly, I always offer a choice to my toddlers - but both choices are generally what mummy wants…

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what’s on

monday 21 See the jolly man at the Sydney Santa Spectacular at Rosehill Gardens. www.sydneysanta spectacular.com tuesday 29 Head to the mountains for the Thredbo Family Adventure Festival, lots of fun for the whole clan. www.thredbo.com.au wednesday 9 A quirky musical makeover of The 3 Little Pigs begins in Sydney today. sydneyopera house.com.au 16 The Australian Ballet launches Storytime Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty in Melbourne (Sydney to follow), a ballet just for kids! thursday 24 Don’t forget to leave a glass of milk out for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph! 31 Where did the year go? Make some positive resolutions for 2016. Happy New Year’s Eve! friday 4 Take the kids to a night of cabaret, live music and face painting –The Rocks Village Bizarre is on in Sydney. saturday 5 The lovely South Coast township of Berry hosts the inaugural Fairgrounds festival,…

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we’re online www.practicalparenting.com.au

FIGHT CLUB Are your kids squibbling and squabbling with each other in the backseat of the car? Guide them through these conflicts with tips from our expert on the issue of sibling rivalry. For more, see the website, www.practicalparenting.com.au. You’ll also find plenty of other great articles to read, including... Tips from an expert on helping your bub sleep through the night. Healthy, kid-friendly Christmas meals. Families share their secrets on co-sleeping. The facts on postnatal depression. Calculating your due date – is yours right? Lunchbox ideas for busy parents. Join us on Twitter! Follow PP at twitter.com/PP_Mag We’re on Instagram, too! Follow us: @PP_Mag FIND US ON FACEBOOK! ON PP’ FACEBOOK PAGE, WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/PRACTICALPARENTING AUSTRALIA,WE HAVE OVER 689,000 FANS! WHY NOT MAKE IT ONE MORE? Recently we asked our fans if money wasn’t an option, how many kids would they have? Megan said: Two. Money can’t…