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October 2021

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from the desk of…

I WON’T BORE you with the reasons why, but this issue required a slightly quicker turnaround for us than usual. That’s both a blessing and a curse—a curse because we have a shorter editorial lead time, and it’s tougher meeting our print deadline. But it’s also a good thing, because it means we can react more immediately to what’s going on right now. Because of our print schedule, for instance, we were able to provide in-depth coverage of AEW’s Double or Nothing event, while Al Castle’s “Hotseat” interview with Britt Baker was conducted after her recent world title victory. Even with the shorter lead time, there are bound to be things that happen after press time. Not to peel back the curtain too much, but Harry Burkett’s “Ringside” is typically one of…

5 min.
righteous wrap-up

JEROME YOUNG, AKA New Jack, is quite possibly the most controversial pro wrestler of all-time. Throughout his 29-year career, until his recent untimely death, he was one of the most feared opponents in wrestling. From day one, New Jack was unapologetically himself, never once conforming to be what someone else wanted him to be. He was unpredictable, mysterious—fans never knew what to expect, as, at any moment, things could always take a turn for the worse. With that, New Jack left a legacy of carnage and violence all around the world. Until the end of his run, he made sure that anytime he was on a show, his match would be unforgettable… some a little too unforgettable. New Jack was the child of a traumatizing home. Losing both of his parents…

7 min.
long live allie katch

EVERYONE CAN’T BE special. It’s one of those cruel truths that we pretend doesn’t exist. Because, by definition, if everyone’s special, no one is. We tell people they’re unique to boost their confidence, to contribute to their success, and really just to be nice. And yet, we know special when we see it. It triggers our interest, support, and emotions. What happens when someone’s uniqueness causes pushback? What if someone decides to dial back what made them stand out to push toward a greater goal? Allie Katch happens. “Things were always trending this way,” says the former Allie Kat, fresh off a decisive win over AAW Pro’s Heather Reckless. “People need to know what I’m working for, and what I deserve.” Validation wasn’t always Allie Katch’s primary focus, but it’s very much…

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punching up

WE ARE ALL aware of the general consensus that humans don’t deserve animals, but that will never stop us from trying to earn them! Over half the world’s population has a furry (or not so furry) companion in their lives, and wrestlers are no different. Our fur babies keep us grounded, give us a responsibility beyond ourselves, and allow us to be loved and give love unconditionally. But how do wrestlers manage their travel schedules while giving their pets all the love and affection they need? I asked a few of my colleagues, and this is what they had to say. ECW legend and current IMPACT star, Tommy Dreamer, has three hardcore canine sons, Jake (7), Kalani (1), and Timer (5). He told me, “Your pets are your kids. I always make…

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ricochet vs. ali

"THESE ARE TWO men who have known each other long before their days here in WWE,” said Byron Saxton, as Ricochet hurled Mustafa Ali to the ropes during an epic battle on WWE’s Main Event. The statement might have rattled some more than Ricochet’s Irish whip shook his opponent. Longtime viewers know alluding to a Superstar’s past outside the company is a big World Wrestling Entertainment taboo. In the case of Ricochet and Ali, though, it read like a calculated effort to remind audiences of what once was. Considered undeniable athletes when they first arrived in WWE, both men were far from reaching collective expectations when they opened Main Event, in April. Traditionally a vehicle to bring casual viewers up-to-speed on its “big two” broadcasts, the show has long been considered the WWE…

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smooth's court

WELCOME TO THE first edition of “Smooth’s Court: A Global Wrestling Experience,” a continuation of a column those familiar with my work have seen several places on the internet. It is great to bring the column to Pro Wrestling Illustrated, where I can offer insight into what is going on around the wrestling world. “Smooth’s Court” will provide a look at the global wrestling scene, dive deeper into my interviews, and give hints about several things I’m currently working on related to wrestling journalism. To begin, rumors of conversations surrounding a possible New Japan Pro-Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment partnership began stirring recently, without much to the report other than a talk was had around March. At face value, the rumor seems highly unlikely to happen, as it would require NJPW…