Quilters Companion Issue #104 - 2020

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editor’s journal

It is with a sigh of relief, and a dose of fear, that Australians have entered the phase of relaxed COVID-19 restrictions that have been in place for the past few months. Good hygiene and physical distancing measures are still in place, however some states are revising restrictions on public gatherings and travel. Hopefully, this will mean we can go to quilt shows again, local group and guild meetings and workshops, and start visiting local patchwork shops. Perhaps it’s time to pack our bags and go to visit friends and family in regional and coastal areas? Check the list of patchwork, sewing and craft shops and businesses on pages 132-136 and stop by and say hi while you are out and about — I’m sure shop and business owners around…

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quilty treasures

Clover Yo-Yo Makers Here is a quick little project to keep you busy and distracted at home. Visit Clover’s blog to find the free tutorial to make this little Tissue Box Holder by Dori Troutman. Visit Clover’s blog to find this free tutorial as well as many others: www.blog.clover-usa.com Bayeux Tapestry Pam Holland has been working on a recreation of the Bayeux Tapestry since 2005. She has been researching, filming, writing and creating. “It took me two years of research before I put a stitch in the fabric,” she says. “I have documented every stitch, every hour, every needle change, every thread, every lecture and event.” While being forced to stay home since March due to COVID-19, Pam has had many hours to ponder the best direction in which to move forward. “I’ve explored many…

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the 2020 international quilt show dubai

Runner-up, Best of Show Streets of Birgu, Svetlana Babic Artist’s statement: “This quilt is dedicated to my memories about the dreamy town of Birgu, Malta.” Source: Austrian/Maltese painter Clemens Hasengschwandtner First, Pictorial Quilts Boy with Boots, Susan van Goethem Artist’s statement: “Mud and puddles — every child’s delight! On this day, two-year-old little Anthony is captivated by his new boots, which appear to be looking back at him! The original picture from which I drew inspiration reminded me of my own children and how every bug, leaf or flower was to be examined, admired or wondered about. I tried to capture little Anthony’s fascination by keeping the background as simple as possible. I wanted our eyes to focus only on him and his boots. Perhaps this will remind us of a…

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carmen at the carnivale

Leanne has used the Kansas Troubles block in this quilt. To add movement to the quilt, she has chosen to make the larger triangle of each sub unit from two smaller triangles. Additionally, she has made the blocks with a combination of white and grey backgrounds — this adds movement and texture to the overall quilt design. Finished size: 203cm (80in) square Finished block size: 16in square Designer — Leanne Harvey Mount Vincent Quilts 0422 537 080 mtvincentquilts@yahoo.com Materials 25 squares, 9.in of bright print fabrics (large triangles) (Colour 1) 25 solid fabrics at least 5in x 10in (medium triangles) (Colour 2) 12 small-print fabrics at least 9in x 12in (small triangles) (Colour 3) 2m (2.yd) white fabric (background) 2m (2.yd) grey fabric (background) 70cm (.yd) black and white stripe fabric (binding) 2m (2.yd) extra-wide (275cm/108in) backing fabric Batting at least 240cm (95in) square Rotary…

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brilliance cushion

Add sparkles and sunshine to dreary winter days with this stunning geometric cushion. Sharon’s pre-cut papers for English paper piecing make the process portable and simple. Finished size: 45.5cm (18in) square Designer — Sharon Burgess Lilabelle Lane Creations lilabellelane sharon@lilabellelanecreations.com Materials Fat eighth each of three pink tone-on-tone print fabrics, three blue tone-on-tone print fabrics and three grey/black tone-ontone print fabrics. Sharon used the Speckled fabric range designed by Ruby Star Society for Moda Fabrics 15cm (¼ yd) black and white stripe print fabric (binding) 35cm (⅜ yd) print fabric (cushion back) 48cm (19in) square of thin fusible batting 50cm (20in) zipper to coordinate with the cushion back fabric Pre-cut papers for English paper piecing*. You will need 32 six-point diamonds with edges 2in long; and 52 Lilabelle/Liberty polygons with their longest edges 2in long (or template plastic, fine permanent-marking pen and…

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jen jones

Many of us use one end of the dining table for our quiltmaking. Others have been able to move into a spare bedroom once the children have grown up and left home. And the very fortunate have space in their homes for a purpose-built, dedicated, professionalquality studio. There are very few, however, who have not only a home filled with quilts, but an entire gallery space in which to house, display and exhibit their quilt collection. Jen Jones is one of those. She has become renowned for her superb collection of antique Welsh quilts and for playing a very significant role in the revival of interest in them in recent decades. Jen lived in a number of different countries during her childhood, with her family based in Massachusetts, and only moved…