QuizFest November 2018

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2 min.
where do you stand in your squad?

DIRECTIONS: Add up your birth date (the month and the day) to get your magic number. Keep adding until you get just one digit. For example: Kendall’s birthday is November 3, so she would add 1+1+3=5, making her magic number 5. Use that number to learn your squad status! 1 You’re the nurturing one! There’s nobody with a bigger heart than you! You have a special way of thinking of people and looking out for them.Your buds know that and value you for it! 2 You’re the social butterfly! Juggling a ton of plans for the weekend? That’s no problem for you! You’re good at bringing people together and making sure your crew is having the best time! 3 You’re the problem solver! You’re wise beyond your years, which explains why you’re always the one in…

3 min.
does he have a secret crush on you?

Your crush randomly compliments you all the time. He’s asked you to dance with him at a school dance. You’ve never met your crush’s parents before, but you want to. You and your crush are together so much that people think you’re dating. He tends to use a winky emoji a lot when you guys text. Sometimes he tells you that you’re like a little sister to him. People always tell you he’s flirting with you even when you don’t notice he is. Your crush always smiles extra-big when he sees you in the hallway. You guys mainly spend time together while you’re at school. Sometimes you catch him staring at you and smiling for no reason. Your crush is always trying to show off in front of you and impress you! You know he’ll come through for you whenever you…

1 min.
why are you a ball of fun?

“My happiness stems from music and being with family! “— Yara YOU’RE BUBBLY! Infectious personality? Check! You approach life with optimism, and you can befriend anyone.You light up every room — no wonder everyone wants you around! YOU’RE BOLD! Daring is your middle name! You never pass up an opportunity to do something thrilling, and your ability to overcome any obstacle is truly admirable to others! YOU’RE PLAYFUL! You embrace your lighthearted side! You always own your outgoing character with a big smile.You are also imaginative, which is where your big ideas stem from! YOU’RE FUNNY! Making people LOL is easy! You charm people with your witty humor and you always keep group chats full of funny content.You could entertain anyone for hours!…

2 min.
who is your disney alter ego?

Check! Pick your fave character to see what you two have in common! “Let me share this whole new world with you!“ Girls like you are adventurous like Jasmine! You’re feisty and bold in the best way possible and love taking on new experiences! “A dream is a wish your heart makes.” Hello, dreamer! It’s no wonder you’re like Cinderella — you’re always imagining what your future holds. “The heron and the otter are my friends!” If Pocahontas is your favorite, it means you love being outdoors! You’re a big animal lover just like her and have great intuition about things. “True that he’s no Prince Charming, but there’s something in him that I simply didn’t see.” Like Belle, you’ve got a big heart. No matter how hard it may be, you try to see the beauty in…

1 min.
are you ready for a boyfriend?

“We want Bughead to work out! ” — Lili You wouldn’t be embarrassed to Snap your crush a silly selfie. You would have no problem sending your crush the first text. The thought of being in a relationship with someone doesn’t scare you. If your crush asked you to hang out with their friends, you’d be down. A few of your closest friends are already dating someone. You wouldn’t mind showing some PDA around your friends or family. You’re not one to fall for a crush fast, you take time getting to know them. TOTAL: 17-21 POINTS Ready for love You’re relationship ready! You can’t wait to make it official and tell your squad.You also understand the inner workings of a relationship and aren’t afraid to speak your mind with your crush.Your love story begins now! 12-16 POINTS Almost there You’re in the process…

1 min.
are you a night owl or an early bird?

You’re a night owl! There’s no denying it, you’re your best self when the sun goes down. You like staying up late whenever you can and hate having to get up super-early. If it were up to you, you’d be able to sleep in until noon each day. You’re an early bird! You’re the earliest of all the early birds! And while you may always be the first one to fall asleep at a slumber party, your BFFs don’t mind. Instead, they love that you’re super-bright and optimistic, just like a morning sunrise.…