QuizFest August 2019

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why are you worth a follow?

“MY OWN STORIES ARE MY favorite!”— Emma MOSTLY YELLOW YOU HAVE AN ARTISTIC EYE! You’re all about getting that perfect shot. The pics in your feed flow together flawlessly — it’s just one stunning photo after another! People follow you to feel inspired. You deserve those double taps! MOSTLY PINK YOU’RE HILARIOUS! Memes, jokes, witty puns — your Instagram has it all! You’re not afraid to let loose and get a little silly, which keeps other goofballs like you coming back for more. Your posts = instant laughter. MOSTLY BLUE YOU’RE #OOTD GOALS! You have celeb-worthy style, and your Insta is proof! Your followers love that you share your closet on the ‘gram and always let them know where they can snag your amazing pieces. DAVID LIIVINGSTON/GETTY; INSTAGRAM/CHAMBERLAIN…

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how do you spoil your squad?

With your sense of humor! The LOLs never stop when you’re around! When your friends are going through a rough patch, they turn to you to cheer them up with your killer wit and hilarious jokes. With your fashion advice! You keep your crew looking fierce! Nobody can solve a style crisis like you can — just ask your BFFs! They love your fresh takes on the latest trends. With your loyalty! You’re 100% dedicated to your squad! You always put your friends first. Your buds know they can count on you whenever, wherever! You’re a friend for life. INSTAGRAM/LEBLANC; RODIN ECKENROTH/GETTY; JASON LAVERIS/GETTY; FERNANDA CALFAT/GETTY…

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could you fall in love at first sight?

THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR HITS THEATERS ON MAY 17! Yes, for sure! Like Daniel, it doesn’t take long for a romantic like you to fall for someone. You trust your heart completely, so if you have strong feelings for someone, you don’t care if you just met or if you’ve known each other forever — you’re all in. Maybe! Love at first sight isn’t something you’re against. While it might not be something you’ve experienced before, you’re willing to give into your feelings if the right person comes along and sweeps you off your feet. Not Likely! Girls like you are realistic. You need time to process things, and you usually think with your head before your heart, like Natasha. For you, jumping into love at first sight doesn’t make sense. Slow and steady…

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discover your ultimate lazy day!

You never make plans before noon on the weekends. You could spend hours scouring You-Tube for makeup and skin care hacks. You live for sleepovers with your friends. You definitely wouldn’t call yourself a “morning person.” You’ll light a few candles whenever you want to feel zen. You have a subscription to basically every streaming service. You get excited when you don’t have to set an alarm to wake up in the a.m. Your dream vacation itinerary includes a day at the spa. You’re the movie buff of your crew. You have a favorite pair of PJs. You participate in #SelfCareSunday. You love recommending new shows for people to watch. You’re worried you’re not getting enough Zzzs. You feel burnt out! There’s nothing more relaxing than a warm bubble bath. You’d rather order a pizza than go out to a restaurant. You sleep best with…

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you’ll spend your lazy day...

MOSTLY PINK CATCHING UP ON ZZZS! Hello, sleeping beauty! You may be a girl on the go, but remember: Sleep is important! On your next free day, slip on your softest pajamas, tuck yourself into bed and shut those eyes. You’ll wake up feeling recharged and ready to take on the rest of the week! MOSTLY PURPLE PAMPERING YOURSELF! Time to unwind! Grab your robe and pour some cucumber water — you’re in need of a spa day! As a beauty buff, you spend most of your time helping others look great. Now it’s time to focus on yourself! Do your nails, take a bath and soak in some alone time. MOSTLY BLUE LOUNGING AROUND! No need to change out of those sweats! You know the best lazy days involve Netflix marathons, drool-worthy grub and comfy clothes. Call…

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what’s your “it” factor?

EMBRACE WHAT MAKES YOU, YOU! “Everyone has something that makes them special,” Zendaya says. “It’s all about just being you!” You’re funny! You’re known for having the best sense of humor, hands down! Whenever you’re around, everyone in your presence is giggling. You not only make people laugh in person, but you also make them smile with silly texts when you’re apart. You’re the LOL queen! You’re innovative! Innovative thinkers like you are super creative! Your mind is full of amazing ideas, and you’re always daydreaming about your next move. Your buds love that you’re a go-getter. There’s nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it! You’re fashionable! Hello, style star! You‘re someone who always dresses to impress. Whether you’re having a cozy night in or a girls’ night out, you make sure your…