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Residential Tech Today January - February 2019

Residential Tech Today merges news and best practices industry leaders need, innovator profiles, exclusive interviews, and product reviews. With Jeremy Glowacki as the Executive Editor, the award-winning editorial staff from Innovation & Tech Today, and partnerships with leading organizations, this bi-monthly publication is injecting energy into the smart home market.

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from the editor

“I think that the appeal of voice-controlled technologies stretches across all generations and will continue to influence the connected home market in 2019.” Predictions can be pretty unreliable, but that didn’t stop us from asking a collection of notable home technology professionals what product or tech trends they think will drive residential installations in 2019. There wasn’t room to include all of the responses on page 12, so I’ll mention some of them here. First, it’s hard to disagree with my good friend John Sciacca, a home tech pro out of Myrtle Beach, SC, who had a more cynical outlook, saying that he thinks the market is “pretty evolved at this point,” and that he can’t see any new product having a massive impact next year. With that, he still felt that…

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Jamie Briesemeister owns a custom integration firm in St. Louis, MO, providing design-minded home and business owners technology solutions that simplify life. At Integration Controls, she leads sales and marketing and is actively involved in business development, including industry outreach and education. In addition to local, community-focused CEU sessions and seminars, Jamie also speaks nationally about the smart, connected home at events such as The Remodeling Show/Deck Expo, IBS/KBIS for Design & Construction week, The Remodeling Leadership Conference, and at CEDIA Talks and Expo panels. She is a passionate volunteer for CEDIA and advocate for technology collaboration within the design/build community. Dennis Burger is a native Alabamian whose passion for AV and home automation technology is matched only by his fascination with the weather and his love of Star Wars. His…

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by the numbers

In the smart speaker market, Amazon got a running start, with Google taking on the role of fast follower. And, while Apple has been unable to gain much traction, it is a category with more potential to disrupt the connected home, as the technology continues to evolve. What happens next for smart speakers depends on the further evolution of voice recognition science and new developments in artificial intelligence. Here’s a look at smart speaker market share and revenue statistics, as well as notes about what content is being played on these devices. SMART SPEAKER SALES GOING TO INCREASE BY UP TO 50% IN 2019 32% OF CONSUMERS IN U.S. OWN A SMART SPEAKER 19 MILLION HOUSEHOLDS USE SMART SPEAKERS STREAMING IS THE WAY 75% OF PEOPLE LISTEN TO MUSIC, UP FROM 2016 (50%) Sources techcrunch.com/Socialmediaweek.org/Business…

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we ask industry insiders one question

This year we will see even more work toward conversational speech recognition by our devices. If we don’t get past the canned way that we have been communicating with our devices and allow it to become more conversational, I believe consumers will lose interest. – Bill Skaer, President, Bill Skaer Home Theater & Technology Cord cutting has accelerated over the last few years, but the promise of Ultra HD/4K (even 8K), wide color gamut, and object-based audio from ATSC 3.0, free of charge, makes antenna installations compelling. Beyond ATSC 3.0, antennas have the unique ability to eliminate the threat of carriage agreement disputes between broadcasters and MVPDs (aka satellite and cable). – Dave Pedigo, A/VEC Voice control will continue to grow in the home in 2019. I’m often reminded of how many consumers don’t…

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streamlining the smart home

“Removing complexity is always key to what we are doing.” This quote from NEEO Co-Founder and CEO Raphael Oberholzer perfectly exemplifies the mission of his company. While the devices that make up the modern smart home have undoubtedly improved over the years, housing the sheer number of different pieces of technology can result in a jumbled mess for any tech-savvy homeowner. Game consoles, smart speakers, smartphones, tablets, and smart appliances make up just some of the devices of the connected home, with each potentially having their own method of control through specialized applications and remotes. After 15 years of creating smart home experiences for a litany of customers, Oberholzer wanted to expand to a wider group of users in 2014. He did this by assembling a team of talented engineers that had…

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a logical extension

For more than 30 years, homeowners, architects, and building professionals have turned to our New York-based home technology integration company, InnerSpace Electronics Inc., to simplify the complex technology in their homes and businesses. Over the years, the company that I co-founded with my husband Barry has installed lighting control systems as part of our overall mix of offerings. It was only recently, however, that we began to add lighting design services, after our buying group, HTSA, established an exclusive training and certification program with the American Lighting Association (ALA). We’ve even hired a marketing director, Jennifer LaBollita, to lead our lighting design promotion, putting together presentations, leveraging available continuing education unit (CEU) courses, and partnering with various lighting vendors. Here are five things that we have observed so far about…