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Residential Tech Today July - August 2019

Residential Tech Today merges news and best practices industry leaders need, innovator profiles, exclusive interviews, and product reviews. With Jeremy Glowacki as the Executive Editor, the award-winning editorial staff from Innovation & Tech Today, and partnerships with leading organizations, this bi-monthly publication is injecting energy into the smart home market.

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from the editor

My home features an eclectic blend of technology. Over the years, I’ve built a modest basement home theater, added manufacturer-installed in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and a corresponding multi-room audio system around the house, then, most recently, had a Control4 TV system professionally installed to control my lighting dimmers, fans, and TV. Call it the perks of writing about the “smart home” for more than 20 years. The challenge realized by anyone with a professionally integrated home system of a certain scale, however, is that once the technology is installed, it’s almost immediately considered “outdated.” At least that’s how it seems to me, as new products are introduced each year, and even the way my family interacts with the system evolves over time. Fortunately, pro-level home tech these days is designed to be…

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Mark Moody has been with Legrand in Europe and the USA for over 25 years. During this time, he has worked on areas as diverse as lighting control, user interfaces, and network initiatives. He enjoys outdoor activities including dirt biking, skiing, and hiking in the Utah mountains with his wife and two teenage children. Moody studied computer-aided product design and marketing with honors. Gordon Isaac is a veteran sales leader with nearly 25 years of experience in the technology industry, including Core Brands and AVAD. He focuses on culture and building successful teams that get results and make companies grow. Based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Cody Crossland is vice president of sales and marketing at BlackWire Designs, a CE wholesale distributor that provides support for residential and commercial integrators. He also…

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by the numbers

When security and the smart home cross paths in conversation, cybersecurity is generally the topic that comes to mind. However, while keeping your IoT devices locked down is important, the physical security of your home and possessions is vital. Luckily, with smart home security devices such as connected cameras and smart alarms, it’s more convenient than ever to secure your abode. Let’s dive into the statistics that reflect the growth of smart home security tech and, as a likely cause-and-effect result, the decreasing burglary rates we’ve seen in recent years. 3/ 5 in the U.S. say security is the primary benefit of the smart home (2015 Lowe’s Smart Home Survey) FBI data says that Property Crime (Burglary, theft, car theft) has dropped % 50 between 1993 and 2017 pewresearch.org Day $ 2,383 Average Residential…

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we ask industry insiders one question

Our service standard revolves around Pakedge networks with BakPak and Panamax power with BlueBolt. All clients have that capability in their systems, and it interfaces with our ERP system, ConnectWise, for a ticketing platform. Clients can be remotely managed and serviced without even knowing it is happening! If a client requires onsite service, the ticket is escalated and assigned. Chris Smith, Cloud9 Smart, New York City We sell Parasol [24/7/360 monitoring service] for $600/year on systems up to $25,000, collecting yearly. On systems from $25,000 to $100,000, we sell a three-year Parasol package for a flat seven percent of the sale (divided over three years). From $100,000 to $250,000, it’s six percent. Sales over $250,000 are five percent (divided over three years). If a client doesn’t opt for our service plan, then…

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peeping mom

“Getting old sucks,” my mother muttered as we wheeled her up the driveway after her hip-replacement surgery. Aging can be frustrating. Changes in mobility, temporary disabilities, and the threat of a fall are sometimes all it takes to shift from independence to assisted living. As smart home technology catches up to the needs of older consumers, more people are choosing to “age in place.” Voice activation, sensor-based monitoring, and smartphone control systems are making it easier for elderly consumers to incorporate life-saving technology into their homes. The creators of the abode iota Smart Home Security System saw an opportunity and developed an approachable, easy-to-install monitoring system to help older clients stay in their homes. CEO of abode Chris Carney even installed the iota in his father’s condo. Carney explained why he wanted his…

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concierge sweepr the smart home

Our homes are becoming more connected with every year. The average home is predicted to have 50 connected devices by 2020. With more connectivity comes increased complexity. The average homeowner will need more support to manage their home, and it can’t be all via call centers. A new brand, called Sweepr, is poised to serve as a behind-the-scenes monitoring service to maintain all connected devices automatically. Using machine learning and emotional intelligence, Sweepr creates multiple personas for users based on their knowledge and acts as the technical concierge for the home, looking after seen and unseen incidents on behalf of the homeowner. It maintains an up-to-date store of all device-related content to help homeowners with any questions they might have about how a device works, why it has stopped working, or…