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Residential Tech Today January/February 2020

Residential Tech Today merges news and best practices industry leaders need, innovator profiles, exclusive interviews, and product reviews. With Jeremy Glowacki as the Executive Editor, the award-winning editorial staff from Innovation & Tech Today, and partnerships with leading organizations, this bi-monthly publication is injecting energy into the smart home market.

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from the editor

I knew this would happen. I waited forever to finally upgrade my family TV, and now there’s a setting on many of this year’s models that I really wish I could have. Called “Filmmaker Mode,” the setting effectively disables post processing such as motion smoothing and aims to give consumers the opportunity to view content in the way that the filmmakers intended, including with the original aspect ratio, color, and frame rates. The reason I hesitated for so long to replace my plasma TV (yes, it’s ancient; and it’s still an excellent option for a bedroom TV) was that I always hated the hyper-real, “soap opera effect” video images that I’d often see on so many newer TVs in the homes of family and friends (and even at trade shows from…

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Darryl Wilkinson is a veteran freelance writer in the consumer electronics industry, which includes work as editor-at-large for Sound & Vision. He’s written for Audio, Home Theater, Wirecutter, Home Theater Review, and others. This month Wilkinson explains why invisible speakers are the best option for homeowners and designers that want music without a single hole in the ceiling or wall. At St. Louis-based Integration Controls, Jamie Briesemeister leads sales and marketing and is actively involved in business development, including industry outreach and education. She speaks nationally about the smart, connected home at several events. This month, Briesemeister explains why the term “AV” confines the home technology industry because it binds its professionals to a particular slice of an extraordinarily large (and diverse) home technology pie. Henry Clifford founded Livewire in 2001 to…

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we ask industry insiders one question

As we utilize and depend on our residential networks in more and more areas of our life, network security has become very important. We recommend enterprise-level networking components to improve general network performance and coverage, as well as providing proper network security from “uninvited” sources. These security measures include provision and implementation of full featured routers/firewall appliances that can be configured to block unwanted access, along with managed Ethernet switches to provide controlled access and the option of multiple VLANs. – Barry Reiner, InnerSpace Electronics, Mt. Kisco, NY We always start with high-quality networking hardware from companies like Luxul or Pakedge. From there we recommend using robust passwords for accessing any network hardware as well as getting on the home’s Wi-Fi and then creating a separate guest Wi-Fi network to give guests…

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redefining the aesthetics of remote controls

SnapAV’s Neeo is a sleek remote control for the Control4 Smart Home OS 3, giving homeowners fast access to the things they use most – their favorite streaming services, most-watched TV stations, playlists, and room-level or household-level smart home scenes. Neeo is the first Control4 handheld remote to combine the benefits of hard buttons and a touchscreen. “The modern smart home needs simple interfaces to start a movie, select a playlist, or lock a door. Neeo was expertly designed to be beautiful, and with Control4 OS 3, it’s also the easiest way for a family to enjoy entertainment in their homes,” said Charlie Kindel, SnapAV chief product and technology officer. “Neeo is a reflection of our obsession for creating the most elegant and simple interfaces for the refined smart home.” Five Important…

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restoring independence

For the past 13 years, U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Chad Watson (Ret.) has proven the resiliency and toughness of U.S. service members by creating a new life for himself after he lost half of his right leg in a 2006 IED explosion in Iraq. In recognition of Watson’s sacrifice and determination throughout his difficult recovery, the Gary Sinise Foundation’s R.I.S.E. (Restoring Independence, Supporting Empowerment) program selected him to receive a new smart home in Illinois, complete with security, automation, and entertainment technologies from Nortek Security & Control LLC. James Galla, owner of local electronics integration firm EOC Audio, designed and installed the home’s digital infrastructure, providing Watson and his family with powerfully simple technologies that enhance comfort, security, and control over house-wide systems. “Any injury that limits mobility introduces obstacles to common…

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building the next generation of residential technicians

Over the course of last summer, CEDIA headquarters in Indianapolis hosted the inaugural CEDIA Electronic Systems Integration Technician Training program, an immersive occupational skills training program that stretched over 12 weeks. The students – recruited from trade schools, vocational, and community colleges, and a variety of other sources – are new to the industry. The pilot program is an integral part of CEDIA’s strategic commitment to workforce development. Jeff Gardner, a longtime CEDIA volunteer and primary instructor for this program, summed up the issue that integration firms are facing: “These smaller companies have people that are qualified to move up and take on more responsibilities and become designers, engineers, lead technicians. But you can’t move them up unless you’ve got somebody to replace them. So, we need people with some basic…