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Issue 4 2021

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why you should rotate your shoes

RW+ member G_Revers asked:“When rotating different running shoes, some with significant drop differences, is it better to rotate them daily or weekly? Or is it not a good idea to rotate?” We’ve long advocated that runners should have more than one pair of shoes in their closet—even if it’s just to have a dry pair to slip on the day after a rainy run. You also want to use the right tool for the task at hand—lightweight speedsters for track day, and thicker, cushioned shoes for long runs. And alternating between a couple pairs of shoes can dramatically reduce the chances of you getting injured. Altra’s co-founder Golden Harper learned this as a kid working in his family’s running shoe store, Runner’s Corner, in Orem, Utah. “My father, Hawk Harper, would often tell…

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how to choose the best pack to stay hydrated and be prepared on long runs

When you’re heading out on a long run on the trail, or training for an ultramarathon, a hydration pack is essential to carry not only all the water you’ll need but also the fuel and gear required for the conditions you’ll encounter. Today’s packs vary in features and are designed with different purposes in mind—from minimal, ultralight vests for shorter runs to high-capacity backpacks for multiday efforts. To help guide you in deciding what type of pack fits your running needs, we enlisted the help of Runner’s World video producer and ultramarathoner Pat Heine, who uses both minimalist packs for shorter training runs and higher-capacity models for multiday events. Here, he offers advice on how to choose the right pack, which features to consider, what essential equipment (if any) you might…

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emergency gear

If you plan to do a multiday run with the risk of finding yourself alone or lost, it’s important to be prepared. For his FKT attempt, Heine stuffed his pack with a headlamp, vest, hat, gloves, phone, a map, a space blanket, and, of course, plenty of snacks. He recommends equipping your pack with these essential items so you don’t find yourself in an emergency situation without a solution. SOL EMERGENCY BLANKET / $5 Yeah, it’s that standard space blanket you’re used to seeing after races. It weighs almost nothing and could save your life. If you get injured, lost, or stuck in bad weather, wrapping up in one of these will reflect body heat to keep you warm. It’s always easy to throw one in the pack—just in case. KATADYN BEFREE COLLAPSIBLE…

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linda sadler, 71

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE RUN THE MILE YOU’RE I N GREATEST RUNNING ACHIEVEMENTS Being more knowledgeable about the sport, becoming an RRCA-certified coach in 2014, finishing over 200 races of various distances, and placing in my age group in 60 percent of them. INSPIRATION FROM MY SHERO My most special run/walk was the first time I attempted a distance of more than 13 miles. I joined my running “shero,” Angela Ivory, who walked 44 miles for her 44th birthday while battling breast cancer. I accompanied her for 22 of those miles. If Angela could do this, I was going to be there with her. ADVICE FOR NEWBIES Learn the sport and determine what works best for you. There’s more to running than just running. It also helps to join a club or a Couch-to-5K training program. My local Black…

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asics metaspeed sky

NOTES, OPINIONS, USEFUL TIPS, AND THE COOLEST GEAR FROM IN SIDE THE WORLD’S MOST RIGOROUS SHOE AND GEAR TESTING LAB PRICE: $250 | TYPE: Road Racing WEIGHT: 6.8 oz (M), 5.5 oz (W) DROP: 5 mm BACK IN 2016, when Galen Rupp wore a prototype of the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly 4% and captured bronze in the Olympic Marathon, nobody outside Nike knew the footwear revolution to come. The Vaporfly upended the sport and, since then, most runningshoe companies have rushed to catch up to Nike and release their own super shoe for road racing. For what it’s worth, the same equipment gap has opened on the oval in this Olympic cycle, too—Brooks is allowing its athletes to wear any competitors’ track spikes they feel will give them the best chance for success at the…

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how to apply your results to your training

Get to know your zones This is when the fun begins. Wear a chest strap for a few weeks during your key training workouts: a shorter easy run, a long endurance run, and a hard tempo run—heart rate is less helpful on short intervals. Tempo runs are executed at a “comfortably hard” effort or slightly below your lactate-threshold heart rate. This is the effort level just outside your comfort zone—you can hear your breathing, but you’re not gasping for air, and you can hold that effort for at least 20 minutes. Aim for your new personalized heart rates, taking note of how each feels mentally and physically. You can repeat this practice as many times as you like to get a clear feel for each zone. Roche says these zones are not…