May - June 2020
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Scouting magazine offers original content that is a mixture of information, instruction and inspiration, designed to strengthen readers’ abilities to better perform their leadership roles in Scouting and also to assist them as parents in strengthening families.

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Boy Scouts of America
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big changes ahead for scouting — and scouting

THE MISSION OF the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law. The words might have changed some over the past 110 years, but the meaning of our mission is clear: The BSA is in the business of building better young people. For 107 of those years, Scouting magazine has been the flagship publication for adults of the BSA. Note how the mission of the BSA and the mission of this magazine support each other: … to support all Scouting adults through content that is a mixture of information, instruction and inspiration, designed to strengthen readers’ abilities to better perform their leadership roles and enrich their experiences in Scouting and…

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scouts deliver impressive recap to congress

In 1913, women’s suffragists marched in the streets of Washington, D.C., demanding the right to vote. Thousands of spectators attended, but some did not support the cause. Marchers were heckled and assaulted; police struggled to maintain control. That’s when 1,500 Boy Scouts stepped in, not only to handle the crowds but also to render first aid. Fast forward 107 years, and Scouts — now boys and girls — are still jumping in to help when they see problems arise. A 13-Scout delegation submitted the BSA’s Report to the Nation to our country’s leaders, highlighting Scouting accomplishments in 2019. These included 13.2 million service hours, 1.7 million merit badges earned and 5 million camping nights. Needless to say, everyone to whom the Scouts presented the report was impressed. “Our youth — what they’re up…

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meet the eagle scout sportswriter who saved a life at a baseball game

Somewhere in Colorado, there’s a merit badge counselor who can smile with pride. When he was a Scout, Derrick Goold earned the Emergency Preparedness merit badge while attending summer camp at Ben Delatour Scout Ranch in the BSA’s Longs Peak Council. “I learned the importance of reacting calmly, with purpose and assuredly,” Goold says. “I remember something that one of the counselors said that day: ‘If you’re looking around for someone to act in a moment of need and don’t see anyone, then you’re the person you’re looking for.’” Some three decades later, Goold was that person. An Eagle Scout and award-winning baseball writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Goold was preparing for postgame interviews in the dugout after a St. Louis Cardinals game when he saw videographer Mike Flanary collapse in front of…

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scouting brings brother and sister closer together

They’re in separate troops, but make no mistake: Charlotte and Alex Beatson are on this Scouting journey together. They’ve worked on merit badges together, were inducted into the Order of the Arrow at the same time, and have even attended some of the same camporees and service projects. “It is full of friendly competition,” says Charlotte, a 15-year-old Star Scout from girls Troop 114. “This drives us to work our hardest and enjoy all we can learn.” Alex, a 12-year-old Life Scout from boys Troop 361, agrees. “It’s been fun to work on some merit badges together,” he says. “It’s been cool to see my sister finally get to do and be recognized for the things I have been doing in Scouting for years.” Families like the Beatsons out of Littleton, Colo., illustrate why the…

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scouts split up big job for three eagle projects

Tyler Henry wanted to help Memorial United Methodist Church in Summit Point, W.Va., where his grandmother had attended and where Troop 421 met. As a tribute to his grandmother and a thank-you on behalf of his troop, Tyler decided to take on multiple challenging tasks for his Eagle Scout project: replacing the church’s speakers, upgrading the sound booth and building a table for the sound equipment. It seemed too much for one Scout. But for three Scouts? You betcha. So Tyler encouraged Eric McClaflin and Andre Yates to devote their Eagle projects to helping the church, too. Tyler decided to take on the sound booth portion of the massive project. He and fellow Scouts first removed a pew and radiator. The floor was raised so the sound booth operator could have a…

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scoutmaster completes seven summits quest

There’s a reason it’s called the “death zone.” At 29,029 feet, the lack of oxygen atop Mount Everest seriously limits how well a person can function. Risks of fatigue, frostbite and stress to the heart and brain skyrocket. Bruce Terry, Scoutmaster of Troop 181 in Gladwyne, Pa., was able to unfurl three flags up there: a custom flag thanking his family, a troop flag and a National Eagle Scout Association World Explorers flag. The 58-year-old’s May 23, 2019, ascent completed his quest to climb the tallest mountains on every continent. “It was by far the most technically and physically challenging peak I’ve done,” Terry says. “It was like a compilation of all the other climbs I’ve done in one.” Terry, an Eagle Scout, began his mountaineering journey in 2004 when his wife, Susan, urged…