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Sew News

Fall 2021

Sew News magazine is a complete resource for sewers of all skill levels. Each issue of Sew News magazine is packed with practical sewing information, how-to guides and the latest on fashion, fabrics, books and new products.

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DEAR READERS, Okay, you may want to sit down for this issue, friends. We have a lot going on! First up, you’ve probably noticed that this issue includes a heavy dose of denim. Is there a more iconic or beloved fabric in existence? Denim is versatile, easy to sew, wears in well . . . it’s a whole vibe, and we love it so much! Whether you’re working with yardage or scraps (our favorite!), we have multiple projects for you to showcase your love for this amazing fabric. Grab your denim stash and sew up these projects! • Throwback Bucket Hat with cool, decorative topstitching (page 50) • Jean Genius Coat (page 57) with a scrappy pieced facing • Easy upcycled accessories so you can be Adorned in Denim (page 73) Plus, learn to embellish denim with…

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reader tips for happy fall sewing!

PLEAT PERFECTION Keep painter’s tape in your sewing room! It’s a great guide for any kind of project that requires straight lines. It also holds pleats in place for sewing, but be careful not to sew over it and gum up the needle. Linda J., Facebook BUTTON BUNDLE Keep similar buttons together by threading them onto large safety pins. Use this tip to organize buttons by color, size or both! Gail P., email NEEDLE NEST Fill a salt and pepper shaker with steel mesh for long needle storage and sharpening. Amy F., email HAMMER TIME When sewing jeans, pound the seams with a hammer to flatten them to a thickness your sewing machine can handle easily. Paula L., Facebook SMOOTH OPERATOR When working on a project that calls for narrow twill tape, use a thin fabric selvage strip. It’s convenient and almost always…

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staff picks

1. What can make you smile more than sewing? Perhaps a machine with pretty floral designs that can tackle everything from heavy quilts to a skinny jean hem. The new Joann-exclusive Brother CP2160W and CP2160P Computerized Sewing Machines are just as beautiful as they are affordable, and they’re available in two different garden designs. You’ll enjoy stitching the night away with 60 unique built-in stitches, as well as a two-step needle threading sidekick to make it a breeze when you want to start a new project. Any questions? With Brother at Your Side support, get free technical support online or via live chat or phone for the life of your machine so you are never sewing alone. www.joann.com 2. Never be in the dark again with Reliable’s UberLight Flex Task Light so…

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katie parrott

SN: Describe your perfect day. KP: It starts with a cup of milky Earl Grey tea and involves zero interruptions as I sew an entire garment from start to finish, and then sit down to watch TV while knitting in the evening. The dream! SN: What’s your must-have tool in your studio? KP: My LDH 10" Fabric Shears. I have the midnight colorway, which was a Christmas gift from my mother, and there is no way I would tackle a sewing project without them! SN: Where do you find inspiration? KP: I'm constantly finding inspiration on social media, both from ready-to-wear fashions and also from other makers. I think particularly since so much of my fashion experience has been that I can’t find items in my size, lots of my inspiration comes from garments and…

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buttonhole basics

BUTTONHOLE TYPES Select the correct buttonhole for the chosen fabric and project type. Box (Standard): Light- to mediumweight fabrics, such as those used for blouses, trousers and shirts. Rounded: Medium- to heavyweight fabrics, such as those used for shirts, jackets and coats. Keyhole: Heavyweight fabrics, such as those used for jackets and coats. The keyhole provides extra room to push larger buttons through the opening. Stretch: Stretch fabric, such as knits, used for shirts and skirts. BUTTONHOLE LENGTH Learn how to accurately measure different button types to achieve precise buttonhole lengths. For flat buttons, measure the button diameter, add 1/8" and record. For large or shank buttons, measure the button diameter and height; add together. Add 1/8" to the measurement and record. For rounded, ball or oddly shaped buttons, wrap a tape measure or narrow strip of paper around the…

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on the button

Use these tools to create precise buttonholes. A. Buttonhole spacing tape is a lifesaver when creating perfectly spaced buttonholes, such as on a shirt placket. Simply adhere the tape to the garment according to the chosen button diameter, and then stitch directly over the tape according to the tape markings. B. Buttonhole rulers have a narrow window with a measuring guide to easily mark buttonhole lengths. Some buttonhole rulers are combined with a seam ruler for the ultimate multipurpose tool. C. Buttonhole cutters cut precise buttonholes into the fabric before or after stitching. A small chisel is handy for buttonholes, and a small eyelet punch usually comes with the set to cut precise keyhole buttonholes. Some sets also come with a wooden block or mini plastic healing mat to cut on to prevent…