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Explore lace up for your next adventure It’s prime time to hit the trails, and we’re here to help with a roundup of the best hiking boots at You’ll be glad you did after checking out the mind-body benefits of hiking. Discover get this issue and beyond on Apple News+ Subscribe to Apple News+ to flip through digital versions of Shape delivered monthly. Sweat follow @shape for do-it-all moves Need fresh ideas for reps on the regular? Shape’s Instagram feed includes some of our favorite trainers, like Lauren Boggi, doing their go-to full-body exercises. Shop unwrap our beauty loot Click here to preorder our limited-release Shape Beauty Lab box ($34.99) in collaboration with SwearBy, featuring 15 editor-selected products worth over $295. Holiday gifting: wrapped!…

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brain trust

BE WATERPROOF NEAL SCHULTZ, M.D. Dermatologist DENDY E. ENGELMAN, M.D. Dermatologist MONA GOHARA, M.D. Dermatologist ELIZABETH K. HALE, M.D. Dermatologist MICHELLE HENRY, M.D. Dermatologist MELISSA KANCHANAPOOMI LEVIN, M.D. Dermatologist ELLEN MARMUR, M.D. Dermatologist RON ROBINSON Cosmetic chemist GITA BASS Makeup artist PORSCHE COOPER Makeup artist NUNZIO SAVIANO Hairstylist BE STRONG + WELL JEN WIDERSTROM Consulting Shape fitness director, trainer, life coach ADAM ROSANTE Strength and nutrition coach NICOLE KEITH, PH.D. President of the American College of Sports Medicine CEDRIC X. BRYANT, PH.D. President of the American Council on Exercise JORDAN METZL, M.D. Sports medicine physician MICHELE OLSON, PH.D. Clinical professor of sport science SHAUN T Celebrity trainer ALEX SILVER-FAGAN Nike Master Trainer HARLEY PASTERNAK Celebrity trainer JAY WRIGHT Trainer, studio owner CARRIE PAGLIANO Clinical specialist in orthopedics CHRISTINE CARTER, PH.D. Sociologist ANATE AELION BRAUER, M.D. Reproductive endocrinologist MARK A. MOYAD, M.D. Complementary medicine expert PURVI PARIKH, M.D. Allergist and immunologist with the Allergy & Asthma Network FRANK LIPMAN,…

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letter from elizabeth

Elizabeth Goodman Artis, Editor in Chief SHAPING THE FUTURE OF WELLNESS Recently, I met someone who asked me the best way to work out. I get this question often, considering what I do for a living, and I delivered my usual response: whatever makes the most sense for your body, your lifestyle, your age, and your bank account. I’m not a certified trainer who can prescribe exercise plans, but I am an editor who’s been working in the wellness content space for some time, and I’m certain there’s no single “right” way to exercise or to be healthy in general. Good health journalism, what we excel at here at Shape, requires constant surveillance of news reports, academic studies, cutting-edge products, and trends, then curating it all in a way that’s clear, engaging, and…

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well tech awards 2020

CARDIO EQUIPMENT YOU CAN TOTE It’s twirl and go with Tangram’s SmartRope Rookie ($40,, thanks to magnetic sensors in the pleasingly light handles that do the counting and time-keeping for you. Sync it to your phone or smartwatch to see your calories burned, time spent jumping, and progress over time, and choose one of its interval training sessions to keep you on your toes. SHOP IT! Click here to shop products on these pages. TWO FOR TEA TECH Here’s a combo that can level up your brew: Remotely set the elegant Stagg EKG+ Kettle Electric Pour-Over ($199, via Bluetooth so the temp of the water is to your liking. Then take your pick of SuperDigest Tea from the Republic of Tea ($14 each, to dunk when ready. SuperDigest is the first probiotic…

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check your neck

The rise in video calls has meant a lot of hours spent straining—and staring at—our necks. Plus, we bow our heads over our phones and laptops many times a day. This causes the horizontal wrinkles aptly called tech neck, says David Shafer, M.D., a plastic surgeon in New York. Yet as we dutifully apply serums and lotions to our face, we tend to skip the area right below it. With neck concerns front and center—and some interesting new products and treatments—perhaps we’re ready to give this neglected skin its due. THE ESSENTIAL SKIN CARE The neck’s skin is thinner than almost anywhere else on the body (except for undereyes and the backs of hands), and it has almost no hair follicles and oil glands. This makes it susceptible to dehydration. Plus, gravity,…

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kristin cavallari

Nothing in my life is perfect, the mom of three begins. “That just seems exhausting. The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve let go of perfection. I’m happier when my outfit, makeup, and home are a bit undone, lived in, and effortless,” says Kristin Cavallari, who moved into a new house in Tennessee a few months ago, after announcing that she was getting divorced. “It has the best energy, and I’ve gotten to make it my own—it’s become a sanctuary,” she says. Two things that contribute to that: At 5 a.m., she wakes up to work out. “I lift weights and do other muscle-building moves, like lunges, squats, and pull-ups, while my kids sleep. It’s the alone time I need before the chaos begins,” she says. Then, often at the…