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#SHAPESQUAD See what a little decorating can do to make your space more happy and healthy by tuning in to Shape on IGTV in March. For our new Soulful Sunday video series—where we share tips from wellness experts on how to have a better week—we’ve teamed up with family therapist and interior designer Anita Yokota. “Colors and textures make our brains excited and happy, providing a tactile experience that can cue feelings of self-care,” she says. Tune in all month for her organizing tips. GET SHAPE ON APPLE NEWS+ Subscribe to Apple News+ on your devices, and unlock every better-body move in this issue and beyond—wellness inspo you can tap into wherever you go. DECODE AND DISARM THAT HEADACHE Hormones can be the sneaky cause of some of your most pounding headaches, but help is…

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brain trust

BE WATERPROOF NEAL SCHULTZ, M.D. Dermatologist DENDY E. ENGELMAN, M.D. Dermatologist MONA GOHARA, M.D. Dermatologist ELIZABETH K. HALE, M.D. Dermatologist MICHELLE HENRY, M.D. Dermatologist MELISSA KANCHANAPOOMI LEVIN, M.D. Dermatologist ELLEN MARMUR, M.D. Dermatologist RON ROBINSON Cosmetic chemist GITA BASS Makeup artist PORSCHE COOPER Makeup artist NUNZIO SAVIANO Hairstylist BE STRONG + WELL JEN WIDERSTROM Consulting Shape fitness director, trainer, life coach ADAM ROSANTE Strength and nutrition coach NICOLE KEITH, PH.D. President of the American College of Sports Medicine CEDRIC X. BRYANT, PH.D. President of the American Council on Exercise JORDAN METZL, M.D. Sports medicine physician MICHELE OLSON, PH.D. Clinical professor of sport science SHAUN T Celebrity trainer ALEX SILVER-FAGAN Nike Master Trainer HARLEY PASTERNAK Celebrity trainer JAY WRIGHT Trainer, studio owner CARRIE PAGLIANO Clinical specialist in orthopedics CHRISTINE CARTER, PH.D. Sociologist ANATE AELION BRAUER, M.D. Reproductive endocrinologist MARK A. MOYAD, M.D. Complementary medicine expert PURVI PARIKH, M.D. Allergist and immunologist with the Allergy & Asthma Network FRANK LIPMAN,…

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letter from elizabeth

Shape is all about being boundless. By reporting on groundbreaking research in the wellness space and providing strategies to achieve personal health and fitness goals, we are always offering advice to take care of yourself in better and more meaningful ways. In fact, we have a regular section devoted to living with No Bounds (“Ready, Set, Flow,”). In it, we encourage everyone to get out in the world and, to quote space scientist Natalie Panek, profiled in our column How I Eat Well, “see where your own two feet can take you.” Panek is one of a number of female pioneers celebrated in this issue, which puts the spotlight on women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Why STEM? These boundary breakers tap their curiosity, passion, and work ethic to continually…

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the body shop

SHOP IT! Click here to shop products on these pages. SHADES TO CHANGE YOUR OUTLOOK Futuremood’s Aura Sunglasses ($120 to $175, asks you to pair your UV-blocking eyewear tint with the state of mind you’re seeking: green to mellow you out, yellow to sharpen your focus, red to rev you up, or blue to give you a refresh. “The stronger the light around you, the stronger the therapeutic effects are,” says Futuremood cofounder Michael Schaecher. Stay Bright-eyed Your eyes could use some nourishment, especially if they’re working overtime on Zoom. That’s the idea behind Eyetamins ($30,, natural supplements developed by a neuro-ophthalmologist to protect your vision from too much screen time. The clinically proven formula in the Sea Berry variety (shown) has four types of omega-3s to keep your peepers hydrated. H₂O WITH A…

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the eyes have it

A Warm Gaze If you’ve gone without makeup for months, let us reintroduce you to its transformative powers. For the freshest eye look, set your sights on nature-inspired tones of canyon rusts, petal pinks, and shimmering quartz. “These shades create such a pretty sun-kissed vibe and are flattering on all skin and eye shades,” says Charlie Riddle, a makeup artist and Stila Cosmetics’s editorial director of artistry. To wear them, you have options depending on your mood: Create a simple, subtly mesmerizing wash by sweeping a rust or pink shade across the lid with a fluffy eye shadow brush, blending from lash line to above the crease. Or give your gaze more wow by starting with a shimmery champagne shadow, like Stila Trifecta Metallica Lip, Eye & Cheek Stick in Kitten…

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damage control

WHAT BREAKS OUR BONDS To understand hair strength, you need to wrap your head around some science. “Everyone’s strands are made up of proteins [keratin], which contain amino acids held together by three types of chains: disulfide, hydrogen, and ionic,” says Mark Curry, the lead chemist at and cofounder of the beauty brand the Inkey List. These bonds vary in their sturdiness and, therefore, what can break them. Hydrogen bonds are responsible for the shape of our strands—curly, wavy, straight—and are the most breakable, especially since you manipulate them when you style. Ionic bonds provide elasticity—they’re easily severed by pH changes from shower water or a hair product with an unbalanced pH (pH isn’t listed on labels, so it’s hard to tell what might do harm). Disulfide bonds are the strongest…