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off the page

#SHAPESQUAD As you scroll to get your workout inspo, we’ve made it easy to find the pros who know their stuff. Head to to meet the fitness influencers who are certified trainers—like Lauren Leavell, who pairs a science-backed approach with inclusivity and body-positivity galore. You may recognize her from her #ShapeSquad workouts or her uplifting posts: “Showing yourself compassion is also a muscle that can be trained.” Count us inspired to rep! GET SHAPE ON APPLE NEWS+ Download the Apple News+ app, and you’ll get at-your-fingertips access to the year in Shape, including this issue, featuring cover star Eiza González. AN SPF THAT FITS Sun’s out, and you know the defense drill: Use your sunscreen daily—it’s a good habit year-round, actually. Check out the Shape Skin Awards on page 23 for the latest formulas,…

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brain trust

BE WATERPROOF NEAL SCHULTZ, M.D. Dermatologist DENDY E. ENGELMAN, M.D. Dermatologist MONA GOHARA, M.D. Dermatologist ELIZABETH K. HALE, M.D. Dermatologist MICHELLE HENRY, M.D. Dermatologist MELISSA KANCHANAPOOMI LEVIN, M.D. Dermatologist ELLEN MARMUR, M.D. Dermatologist RON ROBINSON Cosmetic chemist GITA BASS Makeup artist PORSCHE COOPER Makeup artist NUNZIO SAVIANO Hairstylist BE STRONG + WELL JEN WIDERSTROM Consulting Shape fitness director, trainer, life coach ADAM ROSANTE Strength and nutrition coach NICOLE KEITH, PH.D. President of the American College of Sports Medicine CEDRIC X. BRYANT, PH.D. President of the American Council on Exercise JORDAN METZL, M.D. Sports medicine physician MICHELE OLSON, PH.D. Clinical professor of sport science SHAUN T Celebrity trainer ALEX SILVER-FAGAN Nike Master Trainer HARLEY PASTERNAK Celebrity trainer JAY WRIGHT Trainer, studio owner CARRIE PAGLIANO Clinical specialist in orthopedics CHRISTINE CARTER, PH.D. Sociologist ANATE AELION BRAUER, M.D. Reproductive endocrinologist MARK A. MOYAD, M.D. Complementary medicine expert PURVI PARIKH, M.D. Allergist and immunologist with the Allergy & Asthma Network FRANK LIPMAN,…

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letter from elizabeth

We’re Serious About Skin In a year of upheaval, our skin suffered too. From stress breakouts to “maskne” to looking dull or dry, our exterior reflected the state of the world—and our own mental and emotional states. This makes our second annual Skin Awards issue even more relevant. Skin is where beauty and health meet, and giving yours the love it needs requires a multipronged approach. We offer advice every month from top experts on the best ways to do just that. In May, however, we blow it out and go all in on skin wellness. Turn to page 23 (“Skin Wins”) for the best of the best products, services, treatments, and pro advice. My new favorite sunscreen—Skin Award winner Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense Lotion—is the MVP every time I venture…

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the body shop

ONE-AND-DONE WANDS Glow-ups don’t get any more effortless: Creamy Byredo Colour Sticks ($30 each, are made to be swiped over eyes, lips, or cheeks. The chubby crayons come in 16 high-pigment shades with finishes that range from dewy to matte, a slight sheen to full metallic. SHOP IT! Click here to shop products on these pages. FOR GREEN GIANTS Houseplants are having a moment, and now it’s possible to welcome a ficus without fear. The self-watering Wet Pot System, a combo terra-cotta pot within a glass reservoir, comes in a super size that fits small trees ($148, The special clay lets a just-right amount of water soak through, so you don’t have to sweat when it’s time to feed baby. CUSTOM TLC FOR TRESSES Target’s new Function of Beauty hair-care line lets you play glam…

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skin wins

Have we ever been more focused on our skin? Many of us stare at it throughout the day’s video calls, constantly confronting the undereye circles or fine lines we otherwise might have ignored. Plus, we have new issues to fixate on, like “maskne” and flare-ups of stress-induced sensitivity. It’s certainly fertile ground for frustration. But one positive from this state of complexion obsession is that we’ve gained a real appreciation for the importance of a potent routine. Lesson learned: Treatments and skin care that offer proven, long-lasting results warrant the time, devotion, and investment. This year’s Skin Awards winners—chosen with the help of leading dermatologists—came together in response to the most important question: What’s worthwhile? Answers, ahead. NEXT-LEVEL SUNSCREENS The most impressive innovation is that there are now formulas that all women…

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body boosts

WE LIVE IN AN AGE when we can have agency over how our bodies feel, look, and fuel our confidence. Cutting-edge treatments let us decide if we want firmer skin or stronger muscles—and the timing is perfect, as more women are craving that control. “I’ve seen a big uptick in patients coming in for body treatments because during this past year, their workouts were affected, their eating changed, and they had more time to focus on themselves,” says Anne Chapas, M.D., a dermatologist in New York. Plus, the treatments—from fat-reducing energy devices to laser hair removal—have vastly improved, hurting less and offering more visible results. Here, your latest and greatest options. TARGET STUBBORN FAT “CoolSculpting Elite is the newest iteration of cryolipolysis technology, which freezes fat cells to kill them,” says Sabrina…