Shooting Times & Country 27-Oct-2021

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one for the pot

On Facebook, there’s a page I enjoy visiting called Giving Up the Game. The idea is that when people have more than they need, they can offload it on to foodies who find it hard to come by. There’s something heart-warming about seeing a conversation between a deer manager in Suffolk and a young guy in south London that results in some muntjac loin being served to people who’ve perhaps never seen a muntjac in their life. But occasionally I see posts that I’m not so sure about. Things like ‘10 teal — send me a message if you want them’ or ‘plenty of wigeon going spare’. I fully appreciate that someone might end up with a surfeit of Canada geese, but should anybody be banging away at amber-listed ducks if…

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mfha director ‘guilty of encouraging illegal hunts’

The sentencing of Mark Hankinson took place last week, with Westminster Magistrates’ Court handing out a £1,000 fine to the director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA). A guilty verdict was delivered in September in a damaging blow to the credibility of one of the UK’s most senior hunting advocates. He was found guilty of intentionally encouraging huntsmen to use legal trail hunting as “a sham and a fiction” for the unlawful chasing and killing of animals, and ordered to pay a £1,000 fine and £2,500 costs. The MFHA responded immediately to the sentence with a statement that suggested an appeal may be launched. “This raises concern over the perception of lawful hunting” “This verdict is hugely disappointing; however, we are considering an appeal,” said MFHA chairman Andrew Osborne. “The Masters of Foxhounds…

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no sea eagles for bbc site

A plan to reintroduce the UK’s largest birds of prey to Norfolk has been cancelled. The project was to take place at Wild Ken Hill — the estate that is home to the BBC’s Autumnwatch — and hoped to release 60 white-tailed eagles over the next 10 years. Local support seemed high but the project came under increasing fire from a combination of local sources. Estate managers were concerned about the impact of the new population on rare wading birds, while shooting estates had fears about the impact on their pheasant and partridge populations. Some local farmers were reported to be concerned about damage to livestock. Rob Wise, the National Farmers’ Union’s East Anglia environment adviser, said: “During an online meeting with the project proposers, farmers expressed concern about the impact these…

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morrisons customers to get a taste of feathered game

Game meat will have new outlets this season as British Game Assurance (BGA) fights to get assured game into more shops and homes. A ‘culinary arts team’ is now including game in its recipes and will be showcasing top-quality wild meat dishes at events around the world. Peach Pubs, Blackburn-based hotel and pub group Thwaites, and pub and hotel chain Young’s will all be offering assured game dishes on their menus. This means British pheasants and partridges will be on sale in almost 250 new locations. The most significant deal in terms of volume, however, is with supermarket chain Morrisons. Bought by a US private equity firm earlier this month, Morrisons has never stocked feathered game before. Now it will be trying six lines, including whole pheasant, and will provide ‘eat wild’…

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to do this week

SHOOT Make sure you are using the right chokes for steel shot. Steel shot patterns vary differently from lead, and if you are wounding an unusually high number of birds, you may need to reassess the chokes you are using. CHECK Conduct a security audit. Longer darker nights present more opportunities for thieves. Take some time to ensure locks are in place, working and are used, check camera coverage on entrances and exits and ensure high-value items such as quad bikes, ATVs and tractors are fitted with trackers.…

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red-list status change for ‘vulnerable’ snipe

Snipe shooting may come under pressure following a change to the wading bird’s conservation status. The UK is a major wintering destination for snipe, which are currently arriving in large numbers from their breeding grounds in Russia and Scandinavia. Snipe, which are famously challenging to shoot, form a small but important part of the bag for rough shooters and driven game Shots and are traditionally served whole and on toast. Now, the 2021 edition of the European Red List of Birdshas classified them as ‘vulnerable’. The red list organises all the bird species found in Europe into conservation categories. Thus far, snipe have been listed as being of ‘least concern’, indicating that their populations are broadly healthy and that their range is stable or increasing. ‘Least concern’ is the European status of…