Shooting Times & Country 16-Dec-2020

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nothing to hide

Occasionally in the Shooting Times office, usually an hour or so before we go to press, I get a call from one of my contributors: “That piece, by the way… well, some of the people in it…” It’s a conversation I’ve had enough times that I can quickly get a sense of where it’s going. “…They don’t want their colleagues to know they shoot, so would it be possible to have a look at which pictures you’ve used and could you cut some names out?” In the moment, it’s a nightmare but usually, a few hours after it’s happened, I find myself wondering what the consequences could possibly be of those at work discovering a person enjoys harvesting a few pheasants over dogs. Certainly, it’s up to them and we always do…

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courser threatens to shoot farmer at point-blank range

As politicians debate how to tackle the problem of coursing and poaching gangs, there has been a potentially deadly escalation. A Wiltshire farmer, who has not been named, is believed to have challenged a group of men he suspected of coursing hares on his land when one of them produced a firearm. The man is then alleged to have held the gun to the farmer’s head and threatened to shoot him at pointblank range. Armed officers later raided an address on a traveller site, made three arrests and recovered two firearms. “The man produced a firearm and held it to the farmer’s head” This is not the first violent incident involving illegal hare coursers. Earlier this year, one of HM the Queen’s gamekeepers at Sandringham was stoned by an illegal coursing gang and,…

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eu game export law change

It will no longer be possible to sell game in feather direct to buyers in the European Union after 1 January, the British Game Alliance (BGA) has warned. The birds will instead have to go through an approved game handling establishment and be inspected by a vet. The BGA is advising that “if you are currently exporting birds in feather directly to Europe, you will need to make contact with a game processor to make alternative arrangements”. The BGA says shoots that are currently exporting birds in feather should contact the Alliance to discuss whether there is an opportunity to sell them on the domestic market instead. If they wish to continue exporting, a range of new requirements will have to be met. These include requirements relating to refrigeration, the presence of…

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emergency bird flu rules

Captive gamebirds must be separated from any contact with wild birds under emergency avian influenza regulations. Under the rules, all poultry must now be housed inside or separated from wild birds in some other way to help prevent the spread of the disease. The new measures, which cover the entire UK, came into force on 14 December. A joint statement from Great Britain’s three chief veterinary officers said: “Whether you keep just a few birds or thousands, from 14 December onwards you will be legally required to keep your birds indoors, or take appropriate steps to keep them separate from wild birds. We have not taken this decision lightly, but it is the best way to protect your birds from this highly infectious disease.” The rules around captive gamebirds and some other species,…

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to do this week

CONTROL RATS Give your local rat pack a call. Many areas now feature a rat pack of terrier enthusiasts who would be delighted to help you reduce your rodent population. Cold weather generally concentrates the pests around buildings and provides the ideal opportunity for the terriers to get to grips with them. Find your local rat pack on Facebook. SPOT TRACKS Take advantage of snow. Not only does the white stuff tend to encourage wandering birds to come home, it also lets you see if you have any nocturnal visitors. While fox tracks should be easy to spot, even smaller animals like stoats can be tracked with care.…

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keepers to help hares start new populations

Gamekeepers have offered to provide hares from managed moorland to areas where numbers have declined. Under the proposal, hares could be live-trapped from abundant populations on grouse moors and relocated to nature reserves and other areas where the species has declined. The offer follows the announcement of an effective ban on the lethal control of mountain hares by the Scottish government (News, 9 December). Mountain hares have declined across Scotland and have almost completely disappeared from some parts of the country, which has led to them being given an ‘unfavourable’ conservation status. New forestry planting has long been identified as the most important factor in driving hare declines and has led to their almost total disappearance from southern Scotland. With the Scottish government setting ambitious new tree planting targets and climate change altering…