Shooting Times & Country 23-Dec-2020

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video nasty

Last week I saw a video I wish I’d never seen. It was about 9.30pm and I was scrolling through Instagram when I came across it. Given the sun-scorched earth and the accents, it would appear to be somewhere in the southern US. High on a tower a man flings pheasants into the sky where they flutter towards Guns standing some 20 yards away. By the time they are shot, they are already dropping. The video has since done the rounds, and today I saw it had been posted on a popular Kazakh hunting community Instagram page. If you haven’t visited it, it’s fascinating — every picture is of men prepared to trek miles across forbidding landscapes to fish through the ice or to shoot grouse over their beloved dogs. A…

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do big bags hurt shooting, or do they build awareness?

Shoots must take a long, hard look at themselves and the way their approach affects all fieldsports, said Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, vice-president of BASC and chair of the all-party parliamentary group on shooting and conservation. “When you shoot a few birds per drive, you remember them all” “The numbers of gamebirds [shot] are enormous on some shoots and people have to think very, very carefully about that — as to what sort of image that is presenting of shooting,” Sir Geoffrey told industry bible Gun Trade News. “A 700- or 800-bird day — not that I’ve ever done it — is unnecessary. It detracts from the sport rather than adding to it. On a 150-bird day you can remember everything; you’re shooting two, three or four birds per drive and at the end…

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new virus rules hit shoots

Londoners will be unable to travel to shoot, as Tier 3 restrictions were introduced in London and the Home Counties last week. The emergence of a new variant of the coronavirus appears to have driven a rapid increase in infections in the south-east, which in turn has led the Government to introduce new restrictions in Greater London, the south and west of Essex and the south of Hertfordshire. While people cannot travel out of or into Tier 3 areas to shoot, for those who live in the affected areas shooting can go ahead. BASC advises that “in all tier areas, organised outdoor sport and physical activity can continue. This includes all recreational shooting activities such as target shooting, deerstalking, wildfowling, rough shooting and driven game shooting.” The move is likely to be a serious…

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join bds, president urges

The British Deer Society (BDS) has made a ‘crisis appeal’ for funds as COVID-19 hits its funding streams hard. In a video appeal, BDS president Lord Andrew Hay said: “At the beginning of this year everything seemed fine.” However, the effects of the pandemic rapidly became apparent and Lord Hay explained: “We immediately approached the Government for some COVID-19 funding, but sadly this was not forthcoming.” The BDS lost income as training courses were stopped and events cancelled. While no figures were offered to illustrate the depth of the society’s problems, Lord Hay said: “A donation, however small, would be enormously powerful and helpful for us.” He encouraged anyone with an interest in deer to join the society. The BDS, which promotes best practice in deer management, and campaigns on issues related to…

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to do this week

SHOOT Stake out splashes and flooded ground for ad-hoc duck shooting. With plenty of standing water about, flooded fields and hollows can attract a few duck. Without all the usual paraphernalia of the flightpond, getting a shot will be a tricky but ultimately rewarding challenge. TEACH Spend time teaching someone how to dress a bird. Plucking and drawing are skills that are becoming rarer, but many people would like to learn. Take some time to identify someone who would like to acquire your skills and teach them to prepare a whole bird for the oven.…

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boost for our raptors

Shooting groups are taking a lead in protecting the country’s birds of prey. Hen harriers in England are the subject of a plan to boost their numbers and to end the conflict between the raptors and grouse shooting interests in the uplands. BASC is putting £10,000 of its legacy fund into supporting Natural England field workers in their efforts to monitor hen harriers. Caroline Bedell, BASC executive director of conservation, said: “The funding is great news for the continued recovery of the hen harrier. This year 60 hen harriers successfully fledged in England, the highest number for decades, the majority of which were on moors managed for grouse shooting, which reflects great credit on the owners and keepers involved. “With continued partnerships, a favourable conservation status for hen harriers in England is in sight,”…