Shooting Times & Country 13-Jan-2021

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ducks in a row

It was all a bit predictable. A few days after Christmas, I posted a picture online of a plucked wild mallard I’d shot. It was a lovely looking bird with a good amount of fat on it. The caption I posted alongside noted that over the festive period, I’d been offered all sorts of things, from chipolatas, to turkey, to a few slices of salmon. The only animal, the caption admitted, that I could be sure had led a happy life and had been sustainably harvested was the duck I’d shot myself. The responses were almost all positive with the exception of a man in Lincoln, one of my favourite small cities, who suggested there would be no duck left if everyone did what I’d done. I couldn’t be bothered to…

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brexit frees britain from eu environmental rules

The free trade agreement between the UK and the EU will not bind the UK to European laws that limit the use of lead on and around wetlands. And in more good news, environmental regulations that have been used to attack shooting will come under the full control of the UK Parliament. Under the terms of the free trade agreement, the UK will not be obliged to use the EU REACH framework to regulate the trade in and use of chemicals. Defra has already published its own much more limited set of regulations. If the UK had adopted the EU version, use of lead shot within 100m of any body of water would have been prohibited, effectively ending its use across the UK. “We don’t need to keep law that has no use…

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freeze could end fowling

A wildfowling suspension seems likely for at least parts of the UK as a hard freeze continues to affect large parts of the country. High pressure over the UK and Scandinavia, combined with low pressure over southern Europe, has driven easterly winds and pushed the temperature as low as -10°C in the western Highlands. The east coast of England has remained significantly warmer with temperatures in Hull staying just above freezing. However, the overall effect has been described by meteorologists as similar to that which preceded the intense period of cold weather in the late winter of 2018 known as the ‘Beast from the East’ and colder weather seems very likely. If more than half of the weather stations in England and Wales or Scotland have recorded freezing temperatures for seven consecutive days,…

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project to beat peat erosion

More than 3,340 acres of North Pennine peatland is being restored as part of the fight against climate change. Nine privately owned estates with land managed for grouse shooting will make up the bulk of the area being restored under the PeatLIFE project, part-funded by the EU, water companies and the Environment Agency. On Langdon Fell and Valance Lodge — owned by Raby Estates — old agricultural drains, known as ‘grips’, have been blocked to ensure the peat remains wet. Steep-sided gullies have also been reprofiled to prevent erosion and to help re-establish vegetation. Sphagnum moss has been planted and heather brash spread over bare peat to provide a seed source and to prevent weathering. Joe Robinson, Raby Estates’ land agent, said: “The early indications are that the project is delivering. We’re seeing…

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to do this week

STAY AT HOME Stay at home, save lives and protect the NHS. With a more infectious variant of the coronavirus rapidly spreading, the Government advice is to stay at home. Why not bring out the old game books and sporting diaries and enjoy some reading? Or dust off the fly-tying vice and prepare some mayfly patterns for the end of lockdown in the spring. DOG CARE Cold weather often needs a change in kennel routine. Feeding dogs hot, wet food will reduce the need for water and help to keep dogs warm. Ensuring kennels are thoroughly brushed dry after cleaning will help prevent ice build-up.…

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walked-up days get a lockdown green light

Wildfowling, rough shooting and deerstalking can continue in England after the Government provided greater clarity on the new, stricter lockdown measures introduced in response to surging cases of COVID-19. The emergence of a more contagious strain of the coronavirus forced a third lockdown across England and mainland Scotland, and it was feared that this would mean the season was over for shooters in England. Scottish Guns would be able to continue wildfowling, rough shooting and stalking as long as Covid measures in the country were followed. However, the Government has now clarified that if the conditions around travel and social distancing are met, fowling, walked-up shooting and stalking can continue in England as well. BASC spokesman Garry Doolan commented: “It is to be welcomed that people can now get out to shoot in…