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nothing wasted

It’s the sort of story that I might not believe if someone relayed it to me down the pub. Last Saturday, while driving back from an unsuccessful morning of stalking in -12°C conditions, I rounded a corner to find an injured young buck lying on the road, dying in the cold winter sun. Someone had hit him hard before driving off towards Dumfries. My friend, whose ground we’d been stalking over, got out of the car behind me and did the right thing by despatching the poor animal with a sharp knife to the carotid artery. By this point, a small gathering had collected, including a DHL delivery driver smoking a Benson & Hedges and an old farmer’s wife who had a look on her face that suggested she’d seen it…

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atlas reveals stark decline in europe’s grey partridges

Europe’s grey partridge population has declined to a mere 6% of its 1980 levels, according to newly released data. The European Breeding Bird Atlas 2, one of the largest and most ambitious biodiversity surveys ever undertaken, has laid bare the scale of the crisis of our cherished wild gamebird. Dr Francis Buner, senior conservation scientist at the GWCT, who helped compile the data, said: “The dramatic decline of the grey partridge across its entire western European range should act as a wake-up call to us all. Europe’s farmland biodiversity is under severe threat with unprecedented declines and even complete losses to wildlife in all corners of the EU and the UK.” “Land managed by gamekeepers remains vital for their survival” Changes in agricultural practices, particularly a shift to winter sowing of crops, a…

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fsa clarifies game guidance

Rumours that the law will be changed to stop the local supply of freshly shot game to pubs and restaurants have been denied by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). The supply of small quantities of game from shoots and individuals direct to end users has been a longstanding feature of rural areas and is protected by special exemptions to the normal food hygiene regulations. However, it has come under fire in recent years, with larger game dealers attacking what they describe as ‘Fred in a shed’ operations, which they say are out of date and unprofessional. The FSA is updating the food hygiene advice for wild game and speculation was rife that the local supply exemption would be removed. But in a statement the agency has denied that this is the case. A spokesman…

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muted start for salmon season

Scotland’s salmon season has opened, but it has been a muted start as winter weather prevails and COVID-19 restrictions keep the crowds away. As usual the first line of the season was cast on the Helmsdale in Sutherland. However, the Helmsdale has not produced a fresh fish before the start of March for several years and the Tay would normally yield the first ‘bar of silver’.The pandemic has led to the cancellation of the opening ceremonies on both rivers. On the Tay many of the bigger beats remain closed, with a small number opening to anglers who can reach them without breaking the travel restrictions. Fishing on the Tay traditionally depends on the use of boats, which are too small to meet social distancing requirements. This raises the unusual prospect that a…

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to do this week

PLAN Make spring corvid control plans. Spring is the best time of year to control corvids. Make sure you are ready by working out trap and hide locations and doing any necessary repairs. Also ensure your corvid control is compliant with any changes to the general licences. Shooting and gamekeeping organisations should be able to advise. CONTROL Lowland lambing will be under way very soon. Fox control is a vital element of a productive lambing for many farmers, so phone any you help out and discuss how you can continue to manage foxes while observing the COVID-19 regulations.…

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dumped birds a threat to our ‘fragile’ sport

An ecologist and wildlife guide has found a bin bag containing whole pheasants, partridges and duck in the Devon countryside. Matt Collis, who is not involved with shooting, told Shooting Timeshe understands sustainable hunting for food but has some concerns over the ethics of the sport. He said that discovering a bag of birds discarded in this way “only reinforces my feeling that there are people involved in shooting who don’t have an understanding, appreciation or respect for nature and what it provides for us”. Restaurateur and game Shot James Chiavarini was not surprised to hear how Mr Collis’s view of shooting had been shaped by finding the birds. “It gives such a terrible impression of shooting,” he said. “It is so disrespectful to people who don’t have enough food, families who can’t…