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essential restraint

A couple of months ago, for a chapter I’m working on about the battle to save the grey partridge, I went to see a retired keeper in Norfolk, who had been at the helm of one of the country’s finest partridge shoots for 30 years. “Of course,” he said as we sat out in his garden, “we only shot the greys about one year in five.” The number shocked me. Even with a very good team and an owner who was willing to pull out all the stops, they only had sufficient birds to shoot four times, in total, over a decade. “That’s just the way it is,” he added. “If you shoot your wild stock when you don’t have the numbers you’ll do damage in the long run.” Over the past month…

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songbirds to suffer as ne changes licensing policy

Shooting may be preparing to launch a legal offensive of its own after Natural England announced it would refuse to allow common predators such as crows and magpies to be controlled to protect songbirds. In a letter to stakeholders, the agency announced that it would refuse all licence applications to control pest birds for the conservation of common songbirds such as blackbirds and chaffinches. The protection of red-listed birds remains covered by the general licences. “It is a catastrophic mistake that will harm vulnerable species” The decision, which is not based on any change in the law nor court decision, creates a few paradoxes. No licences will be issued to protect the green-listed blackbird, but culling predators that threaten the closely related song thrush will be allowed. There will be no licences for…

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harrier-saving plan ‘unlawful’

Endangered hen harriers have been found hunting or nesting on half of the grouse moors in England; however, a legal challenge places the bird’s future in doubt. The hen harrier is one of the UK’s most critically endangered birds of prey and has been a long-running source of conflict between moorland managers and activists. An action plan, which includes removing chicks from areas where harrier numbers are particularly high and rearing them in captivity, has helped the bird thrive. Sixty chicks fledged from 19 nests across northern England in summer 2020. Twelve of these nests were on land managed for grouse shooting, fledging 40 chicks. Now, of more than 100 moorland managers surveyed, in excess of half reported the birds on their land. Mark Cunliffe-Lister, chairman of the Moorland Association, said: “This…

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covid blow for shooting shows

The Northern Shooting Show 2021 has been cancelled as COVID-19-related disruption continues to hit the shooting calendar. The organisers stated: “It is with great regret we have to announce that under the current circumstances the show planned for 8-9 May 2021 will be cancelled. Any tickets that have been purchased will automatically be valid for 2022.” The larger British Shooting Show, which was scheduled to take place in February, has also confirmed that it will not be taking place this year and instead has announced new dates in February 2022. Among the events that are currently expected to take place is the largest of the shooting and country sports events, the Game Fair. Postponed and then cancelled in 2020, the fair is set to take place at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire between 23…

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to do this week

Inspect water lines for frost and ice damage. Water lines supplying drinkers, outside taps and hoses are all prime candidates for breaking in the cold. As soon as they thaw out, check them for leaks and bulges. It may be possible to cut out broken sections and replace them with proprietary connectors. Take advantage of the below the high-water mark season. If you are fortunate enough to live near an area of foreshore, you can continue to go wildfowling until 20 February. The shooting is likely to be challenging, but with record numbers of geese about it could also be rewarding.…

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clothing firm supports group linked to convict

A row has broken out among anti-shooting campaigners as a radical group attempts to hang on to a grant from outdoor clothing maker Patagonia. The US-based company came under fire after donating £1,000 to the group Moorland Monitors, which campaigns against shooting. As well as repeatedly alleging criminality and bad practice by gamekeepers, Moorland Monitors claimed that “wildlife and habitat, already threatened by global climate change, are pushed into even greater danger by local persecution and destruction for shooting”. Country sports enthusiasts claimed there was a link between Moorland Monitors and convicted animal rights extremist Luke Steele. He was sentenced to 14 months in prison in 2012 for threatening animal lab workers. When questioned by Patagonia over this alleged link, Moorland Monitors denied having any connection to Steele, saying his “actions, values and…