Shooting Times & Country 03-Mar-2021

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language matters

Yesterday, I found myself in the midst of an argument. Sadly, it was only a virtual sort of dispute but I’m sure we’ll get back to proper tête-à-têtes in due course. It came about because someone who has worked in shooting, man and boy, asked whether it would be a good idea for gamekeepers to be called conservation managers? After all, they do much more than just keep game and he reckons it might limit some of the harassment our keepers face. Predictably, it all kicked off. Another well-known shooting man couldn’t stand the idea and suggested the poor guy had lost the plot. I sat quietly spectating but it did make me think about a piece on ‘dog breaking’ that I came across in a 1950s issue of Shooting Times. Nowadays,…

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agents ‘will only offer days at bga shoots’ from 2023

A group of the country’s leading sporting agents have pledged to only book days at shoots that have been assured by the British Game Alliance (BGA) from the start of the 2023 game season. The group of 27 agents and shoot managers have signed a statement saying that they are “committed to a goal of offering sporting days exclusively on shoots and estates that are members of the BGA from the start of the 2023 season”. The announcement follows news that the BGA has launched an associate membership for smaller shoots(News, 17 February). “It clearly shows unity is possible if the cause is good” Dylan Williams, of Pressendye, who has been closely involved with the BGA since its foundation, said: “It is with a sense of pride that all the agents have come together…

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defra in licence consultation

Defra has released details of its proposed interim general licences to release gamebirds on and around European protected sites. The licences would allow releases of gamebirds on or within 500m of Special Protection Areas and Special Areas of Conservation, and cap the release density of birds near protected sites at the level recommended in the GWCT’s guidelines. There would also be some controls over the position of feeders and pens. Glynn Evans, BASC’s head of game and gundogs, said: “The focus on shooting on European protected sites is over-precautionary, unnecessary and will potentially set a precedent for other activities undertaken on designated sites. “BASC is currently reviewing the consultation in order to produce a fully comprehensive response and take a decision on the appropriate action to ensure shooting activities on European protected sites…

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‘fake rspca officer’ warning

Police have issued a warning after men used fake RSPCA branding to try to force people to hand over their dogs. The men, who were driving a white van with RSPCA stickers on the side, were reported to police after approaching passers-by and claiming that they had to hand over their dogs, as the animals resembled ones which had been stolen. In one incident in Derbyshire, postman Andrew Hubball was approached by the men, who asked him to put his dog in their van while they ‘verified ownership’. When Andrew asked to see their identification the men fled. An RSPCA spokesman said that if you are approached by someone claiming to be an RSPCA officer you should “always look for the badge and ask to see official identification. All our frontline staff wear…

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muirburn regulations slammed by experts

New muirburn regulations have been met with criticism, particularly over the failure to include an exemption where burning is carried out for scientific purposes. Burning of heather to improve its value as food for sheep, deer and grouse, to create variety in habitat and to manage wildfire risk, is a long-standing element of upland management. However, under pressure to meet climate change targets, the Government has introduced legislation to limit the practice. The Heather and Grass etc Burning (England) Regulations 2021 will restrict the use of muirburn on deep peat soils and on protected sites. Leading wildfire expert G Matt Davies described the regulations as “an idiotically ill-informed and poorly considered piece of legislation that runs this risk of being utterly counterproductive”. Mr Davies, who is assistant professor of ecosystem restoration at…

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ni police ‘pause’ policy on licensing rifle magazines

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has ‘paused’ the implementation of a policy that would have forced firearms owners in Northern Ireland to apply for a variation at a cost of £30 every time they wanted to buy a rifle magazine. The insistence on having each magazine licensed came about from a change in how the force implemented the Firearms (Northern Ireland) Order 2004. Following a meeting with representatives from SACs, BASC Northern Ireland and Country Sports Ireland, the PSNI announced that it will not insist on variations for each magazine purchased while it works out how to take the matter forward. Ronan Gorman, chief executive of Country Sports Ireland, told Shooting Times: “Country Sports Ireland, other representative organisations, and local politicians met with the Police Service of Northern Ireland on 16…