Shooting Times & Country 10-Mar-2021

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Last week I saw something spectacular. I suppose many people wouldn’t ordinarily marvel at a woodpigeon but when you see thousands of them twisting and turning over a field of rape it really is quite mesmerising. While we watched them, the person I was with mentioned that people have suggested to him that we ought to have a season for pigeon, as they are seeing fewer birds around wherever it is they happen to be. His counterpoint was that while populations may have changed in their area, he knows many farmers whose crops would be decimated if they couldn’t control woodies. It’s a complicated subject but it made me think how often we can be guilty of assuming whatever is happening on our patch is the same thing that is happening across the…

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shooting groups defend progress on lead transition

Shooting organisations have defended the progress of the five-year transition away from the use of lead and single-use plastics in shotgun ammunition. The plan to make shooting more sustainable and to head off Government regulation has come under attack for not making enough progress after a study revealed that most birds were still being shot with lead. The study found that out of a sample of 180 birds, 99% showed clear evidence of having been shot with lead ammunition. The study’s authors concluded that the results showed that “the shooting and rural organisations’ joint statement, and their subsequent promotional actions, have not yet had a detectable effect on the ammunition types used by shooters supplying pheasants to the British game market”. “This is a five-year transition — not a one-year solution” The news led…

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guns and ammo theft spate

Police have moved quickly to make arrests and recover stolen goods after more than 300,000 rounds of .22 LR ammunition were stolen from a lorry that was delivering it from the factory. The ammunition was taken from the vehicle while the driver was sleeping, in what is believed to have been a targeted theft intended to supply ammunition for organised criminals. Only days later, police in West Yorkshire made six arrests and recovered a large quantity of ammunition from another vehicle. Detective Superintendent Mark Swift said: “Though our searches remain ongoing and will take some time, I would like to reassure the public that we believe the vast majority, if not all, of the ammunition has now been recovered.” In a separate development, police are appealing for information after a quantity of airguns was…

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sga rural workers’ protest

Scotland’s gamekeepers are preparing for a virtual protest as Covid regulations prevent a physical gathering in the Scottish capital. Explaining why he felt a protest was necessary, Scottish Gamekeepers Association chairman Alex Hogg said: “Since the Scottish parliament was built, few sectors have been scrutinised like ours, not just the grouse sector but deer, low-ground shoots, salmon rivers, everything to do with our way of life. It is relentless and it is affecting people and the health of their loved ones. “Our members will no longer be political low-hanging fruit or a community to be sacrificed because some politicians want to right old wrongs that we had nothing to do with. Our members are living, breathing human beings with hopes and fears like everyone else but they are being treated like a…

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to do this week

STALK Switch your stalking approach. If you have spent the season in a high seat, try some sneaking about on foot. Conversely, if you have spent the season tiptoeing, try using a high seat. Mixing up your approach may let you connect with the deer you have spent the season bumping or simply never finding. FISHING As the air warms up it might be tempting to look for coarse fish in shallow water, but the water will be slower to heat up and fish are still likely to be down deep. Find drop-offs and deep areas and don’t be afraid to get baits low in the water.…

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united front forms to fight for our curlew

Author and campaigner Mary Colwell is to lead a new collaboration to try to save the rapidly vanishing Eurasian curlew. The England Curlew Recovery Partnership — which includes the GWCT, the British Trust for Ornithology, the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust and the RSPB — aims to turn round the decline in the population, which has halved in only 25 years. Habitat changes and ever-increasing predator numbers have pushed the bird to the brink; it’s now almost absent as a breeding species in much of the UK. The partnership is the outcome of curlew recovery summits hosted by HRH the Prince of Wales on Dartmoor in 2018 and at Highgrove in 2020. “The curlew is now almost absent as a breeding species in much of the UK” “The hauntingly evocative cry of the curlew…