Shooting Times & Country 17-Mar-2021

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kids are all right

I’ve always been proud of what a varied lot Shooting Times readers are. Only last week, I found myself talking wildfowling with a reader who lives on the Holkham estate and not long after I put the phone down, I had another call from a keen Shooting Times- reading wildfowler who lives in Iraq. Two days after the long-distance call, I was walking around Burgess Park, which lies between Bermondsey and Peckham. There’s a coffee place nearby that my girlfriend likes, but in truth I only ever want to go to see the fishing. It sounds an unlikely spot, set against the backdrop of flats and London buses, but those who know it well will tell you that as far as carp and roach go, it’s the best place in town. The…

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brexit challenges causing chaos for uk gun trade

Brexit has thrown the gun trade into chaos, according to a survey by Gun Trade News and the Gun Trade Association. The survey found that seven out of 10 businesses operating in the industry were finding trading difficult, with four in 10 saying they were very difficult. Import and export regulations were cited as the main problems that businesses were facing. In their survey return, one ammunition manufacturer described the overall picture as: “Shipments delayed, reduced availability of transport, much more expensive transport because haulage companies include additional costs to compensate for expected delays, extra paperwork and it now takes, on average, 40 days to obtain a permit from the Spanish authorities to ship goods to the UK.” Spain is an important country for manufacturing ammunition components. “Exporters were not told the truth…

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strong year for scots rivers

Scotland enjoyed a stronger-than-expected fishing season last year, with the summer providing exceptional catches on some rivers. Over the past two months, the country’s major salmon rivers have published their annual reports. The general picture is that, despite very significant disruption, catches were up. The Spey recorded 5,622 salmon and grilse caught, which is a 10% increase on the 5,090 caught in 2019. The Dee did less well but, despite the effect of the lockdowns and travel restrictions, it finished the season just 500 fish short of its five-year average. Approximately 5,500 fish were landed on the Tay, with the Covid disruption believed to have reduced catches by 500 to 1,000 fish. This was the third consecutive year of improvement for the river since an all-time low in 2018. The Tweed was the…

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concern over beaver return

An alliance of fish conservation organisations, including the GWCT, the Angling Trust and Salmon & Trout Conservation, has called for more research before beaver reintroductions become more widespread. Concerns have been expressed over the effect of beaver dams on the ability of salmon and trout to migrate through river systems to spawn. In a joint position statement, the groups said: “Without a funded science-based management strategy, with a clear focus on mitigating impacts for salmon and trout, there is a real risk that beaver dams will cause harm to these vulnerable protected populations.” Meanwhile, confusion has reigned over Defra’s views on rewilding. An article in the Telegraphclaimed that the department was setting up a rewilding task force to look into a range of reintroductions because “the Prime Minister and a powerful group…

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to do this week

If you plan to shoot this year, now is the time to book. Deposits coming into shoots at this time of year are vital to their cash flow, allowing them to buy birds for the season ahead. Holding off on making bookings until the season is under way is likely to leave shoots and game farms in a very perilous situation. Spring is the optimum time to use Larsen traps to reduce corvid numbers and give struggling groundnesters a chance. The laws on using Larsen traps have changed over the past few years and you should check with your shooting or gamekeeping organisation if you are at all unclear over legal issues.…

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muirburn is ‘essential’

A Scottish government minister has given his full backing to muirburn as a habitat management tool, as his colleagues seek to introduce a licensing system for the practice. Speaking at the Scottish Gamekeepers Association’s (SGA) rural hustings, Inverness and Nairn MSP Fergus Ewing said: “It’s essential that we carry on with muirburn. We might come to that later. It’s absolutely essential to protect peatland. I’ve seen the Mars Bar film. I get it.” Fergus Ewing, who is Scotland’s rural economy secretary, is generally seen as on the right of the SNP and is one of its leading supporters of fieldsports. He is also the son of Winnie Ewing, whose 1967 by-election win marked the beginning of the rise of the SNP in Scottish politics. The “Mars Bar film” referred to by Mr Ewing…