Shooting Times & Country 24-Mar-2021

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chewing the fat

Last week while counting grey partridges, a keeper said to me he can’t understand why Brits are so keen on falling out. I was scanning the horizon for little Englishmen, so I nodded in vague agreement. But on the drive home, I gave it more thought. It can hardly have escaped anyone’s notice that arguments in the countryside, over the past year, have raged about everything from corvid control, to numbers of gamebirds put down, to the correct way to wear breeks. Regarding the first two topics, I’ve had conversations recently with people on all sides of the debate. While predator control and shooting can be chewy topics, I always come away with the feeling that the vast majority believe deeply in conservation and providing jobs for those who truly protect wildlife…

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shoots face higher feed costs as grain price rise continues

Wheat and barley prices have continued to climb, threatening shoots with high feed costs, as international demand for grains remains strong and supply of wheat and maize stays relatively weak. A mixture of international and domestic factors has pushed UK feed wheat prices to £204 a ton at the farm gate, up nearly £50 a ton on the same time last year. Feed barley has also risen, hitting £161 a ton — up £35 a ton on 2020. The UK wheat harvest in 2020 was exceptionally poor, with the lowest tonnage of wheat harvested in 40 years. The squeeze on wheat has also pushed the price of barley up as manufacturers use barley in place of wheat in compound feeds. “Shoots dodged the bullet on wheat prices last year” Meanwhile, low Argentinian and Brazilian…

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buzzard killings condemned

The Countryside Alliance has condemned the illegal shooting of two buzzards in the Yorkshire Dales. The alliance said: “As one of the signatories to last year’s joint statement condemning all forms of raptor persecution, the Countryside Alliance was appalled to see the footage showing two buzzards being illegally lured, and then shot, on a grouse moor in the Yorkshire Dales in April 2020.” The shooting of the two buzzards, which were lured with the use of a tethered eagle owl, was filmed by RSPB investigators. A police raid and interview followed; however, no individual suspect could be identified. In an uncompromising statement, Inspector Matt Hagen of North Yorkshire Police, said: “The facts are that a gamekeeper, on a grouse moor in North Yorkshire, has been shooting buzzards.” Veteran rural issues campaigner Bert Burnett joined…

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dedicated dog theft officer

Nottinghamshire Police has appointed the country’s first dedicated dog theft officer as thieves continue to snatch pet and working dogs around the country. The job of leading the force’s work on dog theft will be taken by newly promoted chief inspector Amy Styles-Jones. Chief Inspector Styles-Jones is an experienced detective who worked formerly in the force’s public protection unit. Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Emma Foody said: “I’m delighted that Nottinghamshire has become the first force in the country to appoint a dog theft lead. There is growing alarm —both locally and nationally — over the threat of dog theft. This has been fuelled by a number of distressing incidents, which haveeroded publicconfidence. “As a dog owner myself, I know just how worrying this issue is, and I’m determined to fight for tougher…

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to do this week

CROPS Talk to the seed companies about cover crops. While it may be tempting to stick with maize or kale, there may be other crops that could add diversity, colour and food for wild birds and insects. Get in touch with seed suppliers now and see what they think will work for your shoot. FOXES Hit foxes hard. Spring is probably the most important time for fox control. Not only is lambing in full swing, but ground-nesters will soon be sitting on eggs. Sustained and serious efforts to reduce fox numbers in the spring have proven beneficial effects for wildlife.…

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snp likely to win, but will fieldsports lose?

For Scotland’s fieldsports community, the outcome of the May election looks likely to leave several key questions unanswered. An Ipsos Mori poll in February gave the SNP a majority at Holyrood, with the current governing party expected to take 72 of the parliament’s 129 seats. According to the poll, the Conservatives would remain the official opposition party with 26 seats and Labour would drop to 17. The Greens are expected to double their seat count to nine, well ahead of the Liberal Democrats on five. Most commentators agree that, despite the recent party infighting, a new SNP administration is highly likely. While the current SNP government has introduced a number of measures, such as a ban on mountain hare culling and a bill to license grouse shooting — which are seen as…