Shooting Times & Country 31-Mar-2021

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bad optics?

By the time you read this, I’ll have participated in a roundtable discussion with a number of very non-shooting naturalists on the so-called “ethics of optics”. The nub of the issue is that some people feel they don’t want to buy things like binoculars from brands that also make products for the sporting market. If that’s their view, then fair enough, but in truth the issue lies with what we believe to be ethical. Certainly, many Shooting Times readers are utterly opposed to canned hunting, but the notion that there is an ethical issue with muntjac management or a wild bird keeper controlling foxes is simply nutty. The problem comes down to a lack of knowledge. It’s great that people want to go and look at curlew on wetland reserves, but it…

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government takes first step towards a ban on lead shot

Defra has made its first move towards a ban on the use of lead shot. In a press release announcing that the Government was launching a two-year-long review into the use of lead in ammunition, environment minister Rebecca Pow said: “Addressing the impacts of lead ammunition will mark a significant step forward in helping to protect wildlife, people and the environment. “This is a welcome development for our new chemicals framework and will help ensure a sustainable relationship between shooting and conservation.” The statement went on to say that “the Environment Agency, together with the Health and Safety Executive, will now start a two-year process to review the evidence, conduct a public consultation and propose options for restrictions.” “If a change is coming, then we need to make the best of it” The announcement has…

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scottish deerstalking update

A campaign by the Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) to head off a change in the seasons for female deer has been successful. However, the abolition of the close season for male deer looks likely. The deer working group convened by the Scottish government had recommended significant extensions to both ends of the open seasons for female deer. However, gamekeepers and deer managers warned of the welfare implications for orphaned calves and of the harm to the mental health of deerstalkers who were forced to gralloch heavily pregnant deer and remove well-grown foetuses. In its response to the working group’s report, the government said that it would not make the change yet but would keep the situation under review. The close season for male deer now looks likely to be abolished entirely after the…

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to do this week

SHOOT Try the Holland 100, a challenging sporting course over 12 stands. Designed by Holland & Holland head instructors Chris and Nathan, this layout will be a fun way to ease yourself back into shooting. The entry fee is £45, with the option for additional rounds at £40. A member of the Holland & Holland team will guide and score for groups of up to five (minimum three). There will be a High Gun prize and a weekly draw. For further details, call 01923 825349 or email TRY STEEL Go big. With spring corvid and pigeon shooting in full swing, many people are trying steel shot for the first time. Don’t be scared to go up two shot sizes if you aren’t getting the results you expect.…

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man dies after clothes catch fire in muirburn

A 54-year-old man has been killed in an accident in the Lammermuir Hills. The man is understood to have been undertaking muirburn, the rotational burning of grass and heather, when his clothes caught alight. Another person was also hurt in the incident Burning of upland vegetation is used to reduce the amount of fuel available to wildfires, to create a variety of habitat types and to improve the food available to sheep, deer and grouse. A police spokesman said: “Around 4.20pm on Monday, 22 March 2021, a 54-year-old man was working on an estate in the Lammermuir Hills, Cranshaws, Scottish Borders, when his clothing caught fire. Emergency services attended and he was taken by air ambulance to Glasgow Royal Infirmary where he died on Tuesday, 23 March 2021. “His family are aware and…

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basc boosts crucial study with £300,000 package

BASC has pledged to donate a £300,000 package to the GWCT to fund important research into shooting and the wider environment. The trust has struggled to attract enough funding after COVID-19 hit its usual programme of events and has been forced to cut costs and furlough staff. Teresa Dent, chief executive of the GWCT, said: “BASC’s decision to support us in this way is the strongest possible endorsement for our model of using science to influence policy, practitioners and the public. “On behalf of all at GWCT, I offer my sincere thanks to BASC’s council, staff and all their members. “Their support could scarcely have come at a more helpful time,” she added. The precise research areas to be studied have not yet been decided, but sustainable game management — which is already a focus…