Shooting Times & Country 07-Apr-2021

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poetry pie

Last Monday, for a book I’m working on, I went to visit a poet who lives near Durham. His work over the years has been varied, but he’s probably best known for being one of the originators of the British poetry revival. On the Sunday before I went to see him, I happened to be making rabbit pie and I decided — on realising that I had more rabbit in the freezer than I first thought — that I’d double up my quantities and make him one too. I was there primarily to talk to him about the way birds feature in his work. For four hours we sat in his garden and he told me about the way black grouse and curlew inspire lines and images. His view was that…

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the flag drops as outdoor sports get go-ahead at last

As lockdowns are eased across the country and COVID-19 case rates continue to decline, outdoor shooting activities have begun again. A calendar of shooting events looks set to go ahead. Outdoor shooting — including clay shooting and target rifle — began again in England on 30 March with strict social distancing rules and careful hygiene protocols being put in place at shooting grounds. Among those keen to get out and go again was Shooting Times reader Laura Boswell. “I am booked in for Friday,” she said. “Where I work isn’t far from my local ground and all I can hear is guns going off – it’s not fair!” Maxine Smiles Cooke, manager of the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club, which promotes ladies shooting, was also full of enthusiasm. “There is real excitement brewing;…

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lead-free game from 2022

In what may prove to be a landmark step in the transition away from lead, the National Game Dealers Association (NGDA) has announced that its members will not accept lead-shot game from the beginning of July 2022. In a statement announcing the move, the association said: “At the NGDA annual general meeting, members voted to commit to sourcing all feather and fur game, as well as venison and wild boar, from lead-free supply chains from 1 July 2022.” The association does not represent all the UK’s game dealers and some major players in the game market are not members. However, it does include dealers from Hampshire Game not far from the south coast up to Braehead Foods near Glasgow and Highland Game in Dundee. This latest move follows what appears to have…

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is rat bait killing kestrels?

Rodenticides may be driving declines in kestrels. Scientists from the RSPB Centre for Conservation Science, the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, and Science & Advice for Scottish Agriculture tested the livers of kestrels found dead. Traces of rodent poisons were found in 161 of the 241 kestrels tested. Importantly, the scientists found that older birds had higher levels of the poison in their livers than younger birds, suggesting that the amount of poison in the birds’ bodies increased over time. They also found that areas where large amounts of poison were used had fewer kestrels than areas where less poison was used. Between 1978 and 2018 the number of kestrels in the UK nearly halved. While the study did not provide definitive evidence that rodenticides were driving declines, it did show a link…

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to do this week

With the weather rapidly warming up and most of the country having experienced another mild winter, ticks are a serious and growing threat. Working gundogs are particularly susceptible to picking up ticks so treat your dog now with an appropriate treatment. A vet should be able to advise on the best product for your dog. The Royal Berkshire Shooting School Handicap Challenge is under way and will run for nine weeks, until Saturday, 29 May. The challenge is an open handicapped 100-target English sporting championship with the course built to a ‘par’ score of 94 out of 100. The handicap system gives everyone the opportunity to win. Entry costs £55 if you are shooting one round or £50 if you’re shooting with a friend or two rounds in one day. For full…

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wildfire warning as covid lockdown eases

Gamekeepers and moorland managers have warned of the threat of wildfires as they prepare for an influx of postlockdown visitors. Despite restrictions remaining in place, the first major wildfires of the spring have been reported. One of the areas to have been affected was the National Trust-owned Marsden Moor in Yorkshire. Local firefighters equipped with leaf blowers and a Polaris-mounted fogging unit were able to control and eventually extinguish the blaze. Meanwhile, in an event that brought back memories of the enormous wildfire of February 2019, firefighters were also deployed to tackle a blaze on Saddleworth Moor. That fire took seven fire brigades nearly 10 days to extinguish. In England, the regional moorland groups launched a social media campaign to emphasise the importance of people’s behaviour when visiting the uplands. The use of…