Shooting Times & Country 28-Apr-2021

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bits of tranquility

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been having a varied and fascinating time. At the start of the month, I was on the outskirts of Manchester, watching lapwings display, and last week I was in Norfolk hearing bitterns boom. These two places are different in all sorts of ways, but they do have something in common. At one point — the bittern habitat more recently and the lapwing fields long ago — both were sporting estates. I’m not sure how you would come to any conclusions about the full extent of the matter, but all across the country there are countless vital habitats that only still exist as habitats at all because of their sporting past. All over Norfolk, for instance, there are woodlands that have escaped being grubbed up for agriculture…

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certificate holders faced with ‘postcode lottery’, says basc

Cambridgeshire Police has emerged as the country’s best-performing firearms licensing team, while Durham Police is at the bottom of the league table, according to new figures from BASC. The three top-performing forces — Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire — all took well under a month to issue a new shotgun certificate, to renew firearm and shotgun certificates or to process a variation. These three forces operate a joint firearms licensing service. Warwickshire, City of London, Essex and Lincolnshire were also good performers, all processing new firearm certificate applications in an average of fewer than 50 days and new shotgun certificate applications in under 40 days. “It took over a year for renewal — it was absolutely dreadful” At the other end of the spectrum, Greater Manchester Police took 164 days to grant a shotgun certificate,…

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grant to help save the curlew

Money raised from the shooting community is going to help the battle to save the curlew. The Wildlife Habitat Charitable Trust (WHCT), which was set up by BASC and funds its operations through the sale of stamps and prints commissioned from leading wildlife artists, has agreed a £75,000 grant to help restore the breeding curlew population in southern England. The grant is going to the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust’s (WWT) Combating the Curlew Crisis Project, which aims to increase the curlew’s breeding population in the Severn and Avon Vales to 50 pairs by 2026. The grant will fund a project officer who will work with local land managers. Paul Williamson, secretary of the WHCT, said: “The plight of the curlew in southern England is well documented; without the necessary help they could easily become…

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is it game over for ni shooters?

Transporting game meat from Great Britain to Northern Ireland has become ‘practically impossible’ since Brexit, according to BASC. New rules mean that a Northern Ireland resident who crosses the Irish Sea to shoot must have any game they want to bring back inspected in Great Britain by an official veterinarian who, when satisfied, will issue an export health certificate (EHC). In order to issue an EHC, the meat has to be processed in an approved game-handling establishment that is listed on the European Commission website. The EHC must be with the meat when it reaches the border control post in Northern Ireland, and the post must be notified at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to declare the consignment could be a criminal offence. The rules apply even for a single p…

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to do this week

CROPS We are now in the core planting season for many game crops, but it is a good idea to make sure that the soil is warm enough for speedy germination before sowing. Planting at the right time is better than planting early. CORVIDS Keep on the corvids. Spring is late in many parts of the country this year, with winter frosts having persisted well into April. This will have knocked back nesting for many vulnerable ground-nesters, leaving them vulnerable to predation later in the year than usual. Well-conducted corvid control is a proven strategy to boost their breeding success.…

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wildlife will pay high price for criminal acts

The relaxation of lockdown has brought the predicted wave of fires, litter and antisocial behaviour, with vandals targeting traps at a number of locations across the UK. Problems in the Yorkshire Dales began with illegal off-roading, with vegetation damaged, tracks ruined and gates smashed. In the Peak District, keepers were forced to tackle yet more fires. The gamekeeping team at Moscar Estate — who have been the subject of a campaign of harassment by animal rights activists — joined four fire crews in handling a blaze on land owned by Sheffield Council. The fire was believed to have been started by a disposable barbecue. “These people contributed to the death of a newborn lamb that had its eyes pecked out” Some of the most harmful incidents concerned damage to legally operated traps. In…