Shooting Times & Country 12-May-2021

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a sporting chance

Last week, I found myself standing in the kitchen and shouting like a delighted child. Down below the orchard wall, two greylag geese were walking their goslings in the sun. They had 10 at that point, but they are now down to three despite the efforts of a few of us in the village — there’s a fox doing the rounds at the moment and for centuries the great number of corvids in this part of Dumfriesshire has been the stuff of legend. I imagine that to people who don’t go in for fieldsports, the idea that those who enjoy shooting geese also delight in seeing them is an odd one. In truth, the line between birdwatcher and wildfowler is a thin one and I’ve met many who are both. I was…

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tense time for fieldsports as election count begins

Scotland’s shooting and gamekeeping organisations are braced for bad news as counting began last week in the Scottish elections. Counting for the elections, which would normally begin as soon as polls close, has been delayed this year due to the Covid pandemic and was continuing as Shooting Times went to press. The exit polls normally conducted by media organisations such as the BBC were also suspended due to the pandemic. There was a massive turnout for the election with lots of tactical voting in play and surprising swings away from the SNP in some areas. “The SGA said an alliance could cost thousands of rural jobs” Over the previous weeks, an increasingly clear picture of the likely result has been emerging and it has been a worrying one for fieldsports and rural organisations…

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accused huntsman cleared

A Borders huntsman has been found not guilty of charges under Scotland’s foxhunting law. David Lee Peters was using a pack of hounds to flush foxes from cover to Guns when he was filmed by a League Against Cruel Sports investigator. The investigator claimed that during the hunt he saw no one with a gun and heard no shots; however, four men came forward to say that they were on hand with shotguns. The Crown’s case rested on two pieces of video, one in which hounds were seen hunting an area of gorse and another where they were seen pursuing a fox across open country. However, advocate Mark Moir successfully argued that Mr Peters was legally using hounds to flush foxes to guns. A Borders hill farmer, who asked not to be named, explained why…

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rspb ni ‘exploits’ wildfire

BASC has accused the RSPB of using a devastating wildfire in Northern Ireland for its own political advantage. The fire, which is believed to have been deliberately and illegally started, spread across the Mourne Mountains, destroying an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It required more than 100 firefighters, supported by helicopters, to bring it under control. The RSPB was quick to use the press coverage around the fire to promote its own anti-burning campaign. It said: “RSPB NI is calling on minister Edwin Poots to implement an immediate end to the burning on peatlands. The call comes following the fire on Slieve Donard, which... caused extensive damage to wildlife and the environment.” Tommy Mayne, BASC NI director, said: “The controlled burning of heather on peatland undertaken by farmers, gamekeepers and conservationists is a…

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to do this week

DOGS Consider a ‘dog cooperative’ for your shoot. With prices for working dogs now sky high, beaters and pickers-up are facing a challenge to get hold of puppies at a reasonable price. One solution is a dog cooperative where an unrelated dog and bitch from the same beating or picking-up team are bred and the puppies sold at a sensible price to other team members. BIRDS Make mud. It is rare in the British countryside to lack mud but, with the persistent dry weather, birds such as swallows and house martins are struggling to find this vital nesting material. A hose turned on a bit of exposed soil, such as a tractor rut, for five minutes could give them a real helping hand.…

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surge in shoot sales as demand for days rises

Domestic demand for shooting may well outstrip supply by the time the 2021-22 season starts. However, worries over travel arrangements and the possibility of quarantine is putting overseas shooters off travelling to the UK. Growing optimism about an approaching end to the COVID-19 pandemic, and a desire to get out and about again, drove strong demand for shooting early this year which translated into a surge in sales in the first few months of the year. Digby Taylor, shoot account manager at Guns on Pegs’ ShootHub, told Shooting Times how he saw the domestic market. “Every week things are getting closer to normal, but we are still feeling the impact of Covid,” he said. “Around 12% of shoots that are members of ShootHub, our information service for shoots, are not shooting at…