Shooting Times & Country 19-May-2021

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it’s about more than the catch

Every time I open a newspaper, I end up reading a quote from someone somewhere about how much they’re looking forward to getting abroad for a bit of sun when we’re truly out of the woods. I sort of get where they’re coming from, but there’s more to life than cocktails on the beach. Last week, I went to North Uist to try to catch some fish. The loch the hotel owner pointed me in the direction of is one of those places, he told me over breakfast, where you either have the best day’s fishing of your life or one of the worst. When I arrived at the loch, I saw, after about three casts, a hind swimming through the water. It was an extraordinary sight. Some hours later, just…

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natural england’s own gull: fragile waders pay the price

The failure of Natural England’s licensing scheme is becoming tragically apparent as the upland breeding sites of waders such as the curlew and lapwing are hit hard by bands of predatory gulls. In a complex series of changes following campaign group Wild Justice’s failed 2019 challenge to the general licences, lesser black-backed and herring gulls were removed from the general licences for England. These changes meant that a specific licence was required to protect nesting species from the large flocks of the birds that come to the uplands in spring. The system introduced by Natural England operates on a quota basis, with licences for a maximum number of gulls issued each year. In a blog written last spring, Dave Slater, Natural England’s director for wildlife licensing, said that the changes had been…

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strong demand for poults

Game farmers have added their voice to those predicting a strong return to shooting this year. Dominic Boulton, who runs Perfect Poults and is a former chairman of the Game Farmers’ Association, told Shooting Times: “Recent progress on bringing the COVID-19 pandemic under control has stimulated a greater degree of confidence than we had reason to expect at the beginning of the year. Many customers are reporting strong demand for shooting this coming season, with many sold out and some considering extra days to cater for demand.” Across the country, game farmers have reported that they are hatching many more chicks this season following a surge in orders early this year and in expectation of more orders coming in as bookings continue to flow. Mr Boulton added: “It is too early to draw…

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cost of lockdown for dogs

A gundog handler and breeder has told Shooting Times about her experience of dealing with lockdown spaniel and labrador puppies. The experienced trainer, who asked not to be named, has found herself dealing with “lots and lots of dogs with serious issues”. The problems she has been forced to tackle include biting, aggression and extreme timidity. She went on: “There is no doubt people who should never have bought puppies did so during lockdown, and there’s also no doubt a lot of dogs were bred from that should never have been.” Spaniel Aid also reported a surge in problem spaniels referred to it. In an appeal for support, the charity said: “We are inundated with biting, guarding cockers. This is turning into a huge issue in this breed and it is so sad.…

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to do this week

Hang out your buzzers on the washing line. The washing line — a high floating dry fly on the point and two or three buzzers on droppers — can be a deadly trout fishing tactic as the weather warms up and hatches get going. The game season is just over four months away, so why not book a couple of lessons to get back into the swing of things — or even put together a team for a simulated game day? Rural businesses will be pleased to get the cash in and it will provide a great chance to catch up with friends after a long and tedious lockdown.…

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trophy import ban ‘for endangered animals only’

Campaigners may have won an important victory in the struggle over the Animals Abroad Bill, which the Government is planning to introduce to limit the import of hunting trophies into the UK. A failure to explicitly mention the bill in the Queen’s Speech led some on both sides of the debate to conclude that the Government had stepped away from the plan. Eduardo Goncalves, the founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, misleadingly claimed that “trophy hunters will be rubbing their hands with glee at this omission”. However, the text of the speech published on the Government’s website made it clear that a reference to legislation to “ensure the United Kingdom has, and promotes, the highest standards of animal welfare” includes the Animals Abroad Bill. A briefing pack released to journalists…