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music to my ears

For a holiday that began with forgetting my fishing rod, it really wasn’t too bad in the end. I had a plan at one point to go to France, but I was far from surprised when the flight was cancelled. There was, the airline said, a lack of demand, and instead, I found myself rodless in Orkney. It was a varied trip and I’ll always remember watching two curlew chicks crossing the road as the sun broke through before breakfast. The highlight, though, was chatting to an 82-year-old fish merchant about island life. Standing in his workshop, Billy told me about his family’s musical tradition and his own love of singing and poetry. The conversation turned to shooting, and Billy recalled happy memories of heading out every year on the Glorious…

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conservationists dismiss celebrity stalking ‘outrage’

An attempt to stir up trouble for TV presenter Phil Spencer over his decision to try deerstalking in 2011 has met with stinging rebukes from deer managers and conservation biologists. The 10-year-old video of Mr Spencer saying he was “absolutely chuffed to bits” with a fallow pricket he shot was dug up by animal rights activists. They spread the video across social media, where it was picked up by Dominic Dyer, former chief executive of the Badger Trust, who tweeted: “I expect Phil Spencer will be mobilising his friends in the media to say he is being demonised over shooting deer. The problem, Phil, is not so much the shooting, it’s the pleasure and joy you get from the killing of a wild animal. What next for you, a lion or…

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shoots denied covid support

The Welsh government has classed game shoots with strip clubs and illegal bookmakers as businesses it will not offer Covid recovery support to. After funding was refused to a shooting business in Wales, shooting and countryside organisations questioned how the decision had been made. The issue was raised by Hannah Blythyn MS, who asked for an explanation from Vaughan Gething, the Welsh Minister for the Economy. In a letter explaining the decision to withhold funding, the minister listed a series of activities that would not be supported — these included “gambling, pornography, offering sexual services” and “any kind of illegal activities”. He went on to say that “the Welsh government does not support activity which may lead to animal cruelty as a leisure activity” and that it would not support shoots because doing…

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fox attack on damaged pen

A shoot in Sussex has lost 400 poults to a fox attack after the locks on their pen were forced. James Robinson, who has run the Hundred Acre Shoot for nearly 30 years, told the Facebook group Wivelsfield Life: “I’m sad to report that a member of our community has shown a complete lack of respect, understanding and tolerance for people with different views to their own. Yesterday, the gates to one of our pheasant pens were tampered with and forced open, resulting in the death of 400 young pheasants.” Speaking to Shooting Times, Mr Robinson said it was only the second problem of that type he had experienced in all the time he had been at the shoot. He explained what he thought motivated the attack — “it is the totally…

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to do this week

CHECK Go easy on hot pheasants, as the birds are prone to stress. In very hot weather, avoid disturbing them during the hottest parts of the day and always make sure they have easy access to plenty of clean drinking water. GATHER Organise a shoot social. A summer barbecue or picnic can be a great way to get your team back together before the season starts and to make them aware of any changes. If you missed out on most or all of the past season, it could be particularly important to check up on your beaters, pickers-up and helpers and to make sure they are fit and ready to go when the season starts.…

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basc launches game shooter certificate

BASC has launched a qualification designed to give new entrants a route into game shooting. The Game Shooter Certificate is modelled on the Deer Stalking Certificate and is designed for people coming into game shooting from outside of the sport. Former British Army trainer Nick Lane, who is now BASC’s senior training development officer, explained the idea behind the course. He said: “It is intended for the new sportsman or woman who would like to get into the sport but doesn’t have someone to mentor them in the traditional way, or for the recent entrant who is looking to improve their skills and knowledge.” The course covers safety, firearms law and shotgun shooting, before the day, on the day, end of the day, etiquette, cartridges, taking the shot, gundogs, quarry and the…